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Borroughs Corporation Contract #: FS-28F-1043C 

Mobile Shelving & Shelving
White Aisle Saver High Density
Movable Filing Systems.
Contract #: FS-28F-1043C
FSC Class: 7125; Group 71, Part I
High Density Movable Filing Systems

Tennsco Corporation Contract #: GS-29F-0224G
Tennsco GSA Contract GS -27F – 017GA

Shelving; All Tennsco Products
Contract #: GS-29F-0224G
FSC Class: 7110; Group 71; Part I
Work Surfaces; Workstations;
Computer Furniture and Accessories;
Filing & Storage Cabinets; Shelves;
Mobile Carts, Dollies;


Mayline Group
Contract #: GS-29F-0112G – Filing Cabinets
Contract #: GS-28F-1048C – Storage Systems

Furniture and Computer Systems

Mayline Group
Contract #: GS-29F-0129G – Office Furniture
Contract #: GS-29F-0212G – Office Furniture

Mail Room Furniture

Mayline Group
Contract #: GS-27F-5006C – Mailroom Furniture

Datum Federal Contract # GS-28F-1040C

This schedule helps federal customers find products and services such as document storage solutions, binder storage, office filing, Desktop filing systems are not included High-Density, Movable Filing Systems (ThinStak®, TrakSliderT and MobileTrak5®) Filing and Storage Cabinets, Shelves, Mobile Carts, Dollies, Racks & Accessories – Includes items such as vertical & lateral filing cabinets, multimedia storage cabinets, storage & shelving systems, wardrobes, overfiles, combination storage & wardrobe units, hybrid type storage units, open cabinet shells, open shelves, shelf files, bookcases, map & plan files, racks for hanging files or tape seals, mobile carts & dollies for the transportation of printouts/tapes/cassettes. Furniture Systems (Cluster Furniture), Computer Furniture (Technical Furniture)

Richards Wilcox
1) GSA# GS-25F-0084M


2180 South Constitution Blvd.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84119

PHONE: 801-328-8788 / 800-236-4403
FAX 801-886-2530

3) FEDERAL ID: 36-4069924
4) CAGE CODE: 50798
5) DUNNS #: 938853769

Richard Wilcox, Inc – Times Two
Contract #: GS-25F-0084M
FSC: 7460, Group 36; Part 1
Multimedia Filing (Rotary Files)

Richard Wilcox, Inc. – Mobile Shelving
Contract #: GS-25F-0084M
FSC Class 7460; Group 36; Part IV
Office, Imaging, & Document Solutions
(Mobile Storage & Shelving)

Lyons GSA  Contract GS27F035DA

Penco Products’  GSA Contract, GS-27F-001GA

The easiest way for a Federal Agency to buy!

In this paragraph let discuss why GSA is so easy. Pre price checked to be sure the best price. These GSA Contracts have allowed Material Handling USA to work with the finest customers that could be dreamed of. Some applications such as readiness bag storage come up over and over. That is because we have the right products and at the right price! Others like storage of silo missile keys to launch offer us a rare opportunity into our us defense systems.

One mission is always the same because it is important! Be certain we offer the best solution to government we can find. With 100’s of Brands and years and years of experience supplying to 1000’s of application we can marry the right product to the right application. This keeps our customers at the leading edge of productivity. So many factors can play part of these decision. Security, price speed of delivery because they are always important in a buying decision.

Agencies on GSA Contract

Firstly, Imagine the long list of agencies we have worked with! That is the reason we have so much experience with GSA Contract. We ran into an interesting and comical situation installing at the FBI Office in Salt Lake City! Security is import at the FBI right? Well we needed to be escorted for the entire install. A female purchasing agent was in charge for a period of time. Well the need to use the restroom came up. Yes she was required to go everywhere with me! The situation offered some comedy in conversation. Yes – she found a male counterpart to assist. Secondly, we have worked on so many GSA contract projects because we get invited back!

Who would buy shelving off a GSA Contract?

The General Services Administration (GSA), a federal agency, oversees the use of GSA contracts to purchase products and services. Depending on the nature of the product or service, any government agency, federally funded research and development centers, and approved private sector organizations can purchase items through a GSA contract.

What federal agencies buy the most off GSA contracts?

The Department of Defense is the largest user of GSA contracts, followed by the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Health and Human Services. Other federal agencies also use GSA contracts to purchase a wide range of items.

In Conclusion,

our experience working with federal agencies has been amazing. And has offered many situations making good memories. In fact federal purchasing agents have had me to their retirement parties and some have remained friends after retirement. So here is to the past, the present and the future of our federal employee relationships. business and personal!

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