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Powered Carts No One Knows About

NewCastle pioneered the powered cart industry, continually innovating and creating mobile productivity solutions. They have pwer so you can keep your devises charged on the go. No need to head back to a charging station. The carts provide everything workers need for maximum productivity, from adaptable ergonomics to advanced mobile power systems. These carts increase job satisfaction and double workers’ output, leading to happier, more productive employees. The carts come in various sizes and customizations to fit specific industry needs, such as manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. The company offers the most advanced portable power solutions for commercial settings, perfect for standalone applications or their carts. They are suitable for industrial and retail settings and have saved companies time and money.

Newcastle Powered Industrial Carts

NewCastle is the leader in powered carts and portable power solutions.

NewCastle continues to create easy ways for customers to become more productive.  These carts with power to charge your devises serve as a platform for maximizing productivity by providing workers with easy access to all the tools they need. Regardless of the industry, our carts offer great performance with adaptable ergonomics and a vast range of options, ensuring that workers can complete tasks with ease anywhere they may be working.

NewCastle provides the most advanced mobile power systems in the market compared to any other provider.

Our power systems are available in both fixed or swappable, lead or lithium options, suitable for full shifts or round-the-clock operation.


NewCastle carts have been shown to double worker output from day one, resulting in up to 2x more work done.

These powered carts help keep workers focused and on-task, thereby dramatically increasing productivity in businesses of all kinds.

Powered carts are designed to serve multiple purposes, providing a versatile and adaptable solution for optimizing productivity in a range of settings.

Newcastle LT 2

The Newcastle LT Series is a powered laptop cart system 

It is designed to improve mobility and productivity for workers requiring mobile computing and light printing applications in industrial environments.

With our LT Series, workers can increase productivity by up to 50% by eliminating the need for costly trips back and forth to static hardware. Our lightweight but rugged cart provides mobile power to laptops, small thermal printers and scanners for over eight hours of continuous use.

The LT Series offers an exceptional price to performance ratio, with an average ROI of approximately 90 days. Our solution also enhances worker safety by providing personal computing and printing stations that promote safe work distances. The cart’s industrial design makes it highly durable, while seamless AC power eliminates the need for sourcing DC-specific hardware. Moreover, our power systems are adaptable to meet your specific needs, with swappable, lightweight lithium batteries for 24/7 operation, or SLA batteries for eight hours of use.

The NewCastle EcoCart Series is an entry-level mobile powered workstation designed for basic tasks and small equipment profiles.

It is lightweight, compact and ideal for powering a laptop, barcode printer and scanner for over eight hours at a time.

Our EcoCart provides an outstanding price to performance ratio, reducing labor costs by as much as $10,000 per station annually. At the same time, it reduces labeling errors by over 90%, which can result in drastic improvements to product quality and customer satisfaction. With an ROI in less than three months, our EcoCart solution is an ideal solution for businesses looking to improve productivity and efficiency while keeping costs low.

The NB Series powered workstations are the workhorse carts in the product line-up.

Available in two widths of 24″ and 18″, these carts combine rugged design for rough floor conditions with mobility and flexible configurations that allow businesses to transform legacy processes for greater efficiencies.

With the largest range of available accessories, the NB Series can accommodate almost any workstation profile, including those with scales, testing equipment, large monitors, printers and more. Our carts also feature an integrated power system that provides seamless rechargeable power, allowing up to four devices to run simultaneously for 8-12 hours of normal use.

The compact footprint and 5″ locking swivel casters of the NB Series make it highly mobile, enabling deployment in any area as required. Our carts also feature an adjustable slotted upright system, which allows for quick adjustment of shelves and accessories to suit the needs of each operator.

Moreover, our NB Series carts are modular, and a vast selection of optional accessories are available, which can be integrated within seconds to create a highly versatile workstation configured to suit any application, including up to three shelves. Our carts are also available with lightweight lithium or SLA battery options.