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Guard Houses in Florida or Anywhere Near Me or Near You! 

Designed by Material Handling USA this guard shack has all the features of a luxury home and why not! Located in  at The ISLEWORTH COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION, 6100 Payne Stewart Drive, Windermere, Florida 34786 this guard shack is the gateway to luxury homes and a luxury lifestyle. But you can guard anything you want with a guard house. A luxury community is one place and look at this beautiful guard house! This Guard House  matches the community perfectly. We visited and got samples so roofs, paint colors, and textures made this Guard House fit right in and look wonderful while still providing the functionality required of Guard Houses.

We can actually go out there and take samples so you see what you are getting!

Guard House in Florida


Guard House Applications

Guard Houses find application in many places! Communities, Associations, Military including Air Force Bases, Naval Bases, Guard Units, Army Bases, and even the new  United States Space Force and NASA.

Guard House Options

Air Conditioning, choose your roof, choose your paint finish, hurricane proof, ballistic / bullet proof, and heat. You dream it and we can built it. 

What kind of features would you need for a guard house in Florida.

For a guard house in Florida, there are certain design and construction features that should be considered to ensure a well-protected residence. Firstly, the structure should be constructed from high-grade materials like concrete and cinder block, which provides excellent weather protection and is more durable than standard wood framing. Secondly, utilizing hurricane resistant windows and doors to further protect the property will help to keep the occupants safe and secure. Furthermore, it is important to fit the guard house with a robust security system to protect the property from potential theft and break-ins, with options such as CCTV surveillance and alarm systems. An intercom system is also a great option for audio communication between people inside and outside the property.

What options are popular in Florida.

In terms of its aesthetic design, there are different options to accommodate the unique beauty of Florida’s landscape. For example, wooden frames can be fitted to the walls to create a more rustic, cabin-like look. Tinted glass accents can also be added to the exterior of the guard house to create a more contemporary style while still allowing the structure to maintain its purpose of protection.

What applications are there for guard houses in Florida?

There are multiple applications for guard houses in Florida. These include the protection of residential properties, commercial properties, recreational properties, industrial properties, and agricultural properties. For example, a guard house can be used to control access to a property, enforce security policies, monitor for suspicious activity, and provide additional security for entrances or exits. In addition to these applications, a guard house can also be used as a communication hub for emergency personnel, or even as an additional living space for property owners.

Finally, the application of Florida’s laws and regulations must be taken into account when constructing a guard house.

These include building codes, zoning laws, and permits that may need to be obtained. All of these items will need to be discussed with a local contractor that is experienced in the construction of guard houses, ensuring that the structure is built correctly and compliantly for the area.