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This is a high level overview of Datum products and various storage applications within the military and law enforcement market. Datums is a family owned company founded by Frank Potter back in nineteen sixty eight filing systems was the product focus during those early years. Today’s product mix has expanded to include office furniture, lockers, weapon racks, high density mobile systems, computer storage solutions and weapons storage products and cabinets.

Datum has over forty thousand storage installations in the US and abroad standing behind their products with a lifetime warranty.

Material Handling USA provides a design team in-house that can provide you the necessary support documentation to guide you through the complete weapons storage project lifecycle. Datum weapon storage solutions, specialty cabinets and shelving are produced in Datum’s one hundred twenty thousand square foot facility located in York, Pennsylvania. Manufacturing to todays standards includes a high level of automation and ninety five percent of Datums products are manufactured at this plant.  Material Handling USA is your front line military and law enforcement sales support team. We have significant experience related to the storage of weapons and tactical gear and the products to do it. Datum offers more sizes and options for weapons storage than any manufacturer we know, and their products are completely customizable. 


Datum Weapons Storage Solutions

This slide shows various storage options for law enforcement and military weapons in Datum’s weapons storage solutions. these weapons storage solutions have the flexibility to accommodate all of these weapons, as well as any attachments that they may have. All we need from your Armorer is a list of weapons and quantities of each type with a tracing. 


Datum Weapons Storage Solutions

Material Handling USA will then take that list to determine the appropriate number of cabinets and configurations to secure your weapons inventory. You can see door options in the images for weapon cabinets. A standard hinge door configuration, which has a single or double door and a bifold door that retract into the cabinet, and the bifold option is ideal for areas with limited space and for installation on high density mobile shelving systems. there are also open configurations as well as Pistol lockers with individual locking compartment. Check out the armored bench which accommodates all the weapon cabinet components.

Long Gun Lockers

Datum lockers are customizable, fully welded, 16 and 18 gauge steel with door options in solid, louvered and ventilated. There are 10 heights, 8 widths and multiple base options to choose from. And there are plenty of component options to accommodate gear, equipment and weapons. Other locker options include stack lockers and the TA 50 Locker, which is a common configuration for the US military.

For technology, we have laptop stations, laptop carts and device locks.

We had shelving options for uniforms, evidence files and general supplies. And we also have high density storage solutions.

Datum Weapons Storage Solutions

Fairly new to our product mix, our desk and workstations, as well as barracks and dorm furniture. There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding law enforcement for the past four to five months, and in some metropolitan areas, law enforcement budgets will be cut. Others will not. That being said, there are new pressures on departments which are generating storage requirements. Departments are purchasing their purchasing riot gear, tactical gear, training gear and PPE supplies to address covid concerns. Some departments are using Keres Grant money to address their need for equipment and supplies. 

This list for supplies is a requirement for a county police department. The supplies represent a lot of pallets and most departments have limited storage space. And the influx of additional supplies highlight this problem. The supply list from the previous slide led to this store’s design, in addition to the supplies, the department needed additional stores for their new riot gear. 

There are two hundred and ten pallet spaces at the top of the drawing for PPY supplies. And there’s a mobile system with shelving in the middle of the drawing for the stores of supplies that have to have been organized for distribution. And the mobile configuration in the bottom right will store and secure the department’s new riot gear and equipment. 

Datum Weapons Storage Solutions

Another development that is impacting stores and police departments is red flag legislation. At least 17 states have approved some version of a red flag law and other states have legislation in the works. These risk based gun removal laws have created a significant storage challenge for departments. Technically, these weapons are not considered evidence, but they must be stored and secured by the department as long as the court order is in effect.In Pennsylvania, for example, those individuals who have been ordered to turn in their weapons typically take them to the sheriff department or the local state police barracks. 

And yes, some departments are hiring, the Houston Police Department is hiring up to 400 new police officers and they are aggressively recruiting from those areas where budgets and staff are being cut. 

So there are many stories, requirements and storage needs within police departments, weapons are the obvious requirement, but gear, tactical equipment, locker rooms and evidence tend to be much larger applications. We’ve worked a lot with the Pennsylvania State Police and we’ve learned a lot, and to date we have installed datum product.

Datum Weapons Storage Solutions

In 70 percent of the piece of the Pennsylvania State Police barracks. The Pennsylvania State Police began buying Datum Products over 15 years ago, we started with shelving and high density applications and we moved into locker room requirements, then progressed into weapons storage and more recently, workstations. The next few slides will show these products installed in various barracks locations around the state. This mobile system was installed under a mezzanine, it’s being used to store gear and duty bags. The shelving within these images of storing uniforms and just general supplies. 

And this is a evidence storage application on the right, the weapons are actually stored in boxes, and on the left they’re stored loosely. 

And this is another example of an evidence storage room with shelving that’s been installed on a mobile system. The state police also developed a standard configuration for the locker rooms, which is reflected in this image and drawing. This is a recent locker room installation. And here are a couple of more images of locker room installations. I do want to point out that datum also manufactures the locker room benches that you see in these photographs. The state police utilizes either the hinge door weapon cabinet or the open weapon rack for their armouries. 

They utilize custom rack configurations for riot shields, ballistic shields and soft weapon bags. 

For weapon maintenance, Armor’s choose between a butcher block work surface or a stainless steel work surface for the armored bench. This small army required enormous bench with the stainless steel work surface and an open weapon rack configuration. In the same army, there’s a storage rack for riot and ballistic shields and there’s a hinged door on top of that cabinet. 

They’re going to utilize for ammo storage. 

In twenty eighteen, the state police approached Dayton with a request to produce a discontinued furniture line that they had standardized on the previous line had an open back, which allowed easy access to the wall panels, and we began to produce that for them. The images of Datum desks were taken during installation. This installation image was taken at a recent install in the Philadelphia area. And this is the same Philadelphia barracks.


Datum Weapons Storage Solutions

So in these images, you’ll see what we refer to as the Pennsylvania State Police Locker. We’ve been doing business with the Pennsylvania State Police for over 15 years. They’ve standardized on this locker configuration. And to date, we’ve done about 75 percent of their barracks across the state of Pennsylvania.

Datum Weapons Storage Solutions

Like law enforcement facilities, military bases have many requirements for storage and they’re well suited for your product mix, but on a much larger scale.Bases are like small cities, besides the armories, there are hospitals, schools, training areas, warehouses, motor pools and airfields which have storage requirements. These bases are active with training and deployment equipment, gets used and abused and will need to be replaced. And there’s a steady flow of new soldiers, new weapons, gear and equipment that needs to be secure. 

Most military army project would require a weapons rack or weapons rack, I should say racks, 

I should say shelving, and a mobile system just outside the armory. You’ll find more storage opportunities for shelving mobile systems and lockers, and you’ll also find opportunities for storage desk and workstations within the office areas and training rooms. The military project example that I’m going to discuss is a National Guard training center. The weapons for this project are unique because they’ve been modified to interact with battlefield simulation software. They are virtual training weapons. 

These training weapons are required to be stored and secured like any other military grade weapon, because someone with the right skill set could reverse the modification and make it capable of firing again. 

There’s several things I want to emphasize about this project and the National Guard in general. The weapons have a non traditional form factor and we were able to accommodate those weapons with our standard weapon cabinet.And it’s another example of a project with multiple storage applications. Every National Guard or I should say every state National Guard will have these types of training facilities.National Guard bases are generally easier to access to, say, a Fort Bragg or Fort Benning. 

And National Guard bases do not experience the turnover that you can experience on a military base, you will be developing long term context. 

And finally, many men and women in the guard are also first responders, which can lead to business opportunities with police and fire departments. The training weapons are interface with a very sophisticated software package, which allows the trainers to evaluate the troops response to engagements, the software provides key measurements like the number of rounds fired, who fired them and the accuracy of the shots. Each weapon has a tether that delivers compressed air when the triggers pulled to simulate the kick of the weapon. 

We installed four different heights of bifold retractable weapon cabinets in this armory, 24 inches high. Forty five inches high, sixty four inches high tide high and 80 percent high options were used. 

Our mobile system was installed in a classroom located next to the armory to store training aid such as foreign military model tanks, vehicles, airplanes and weapons. This new facility is actually too small to accommodate everything and there’s going to be a phase two to this project and phase two will add another mobile system to better utilize some of the warehouse space. 

The training aides located in this warehouse are referred to as Smalls in the bins pictured, you’ll see AK 47 RPGs and land mines.

These are Rezende weapons. They’re fake, of course, but they’re B, they they are used in training exercises. Pictured here, ammunition training aides. The final phase of this installation will include a high density configuration that will replace sections of the pallet racking the high density system will achieve better space utilization, item distribution, and it will support an easier inventory process, as well as any storage opportunity to identify the pain. 

The monthly inventory process is a significant pain for these soldiers. 

Each one of these training aides has to be counted during the inevitable process. It’s a long process and anything that you can do with your design to make that an easier process is greatly appreciated. Again, military Air National Guard base is rich with storage opportunities. I would encourage you to register your business with the Small Business Office on base if you haven’t already done so. 

The Small Business Office is there to support your efforts to do business on base periodically.

 Each base will have small tabletop vendors shows which will allow you to meet some of the commands and establish contact. These events are relatively inexpensive and I would welcome the opportunity to set your table and support you. 

So why Datum?

We are single source for multiple products, we have an experienced military and law enforcement staff and we will support you from start to finish if anyone wants to take a deeper dive into military law enforcement applications. I’ll be happy to schedule some time to discuss the weapons, the gear and the storage challenges that you will see in the space. As I mentioned previously, we are here to support you from the beginning of the sales process to the installation. Please give us a call for support on your next project. 800-326-4403

Datum Weapons Storage Solutions

We’ve seen a real increase in new law enforcement buildings going up, police and municipal court, which is pretty unusual all of a sudden we’ve worked three recent projects with several more opportunities. I don’t know where the money’s coming from, but not so much weapons towards. But really evidence and records. Right. OK, and they can be large applications at the police security expo. Last year we had this was in Atlantic City, New Jersey. We had quite a few departments come through saying that they were getting completely new facilities or that they were going to have renovations.  

So I think tax revenues were up. 

And that may be one of the motivations. But it’s good to hear that you’re you’re seeing what we’re seeing and hearing and and that you’re making the efforts to get after those applications. In some cases, I think people get a little concerned or intimidated by the weapons. And and we’re here to help support that process and kind of take that anxiety out of the mix if it’s there. But with law enforcement, you may have just a handful of weapon cabinets. But as you mentioned, you know, the larger applications are going to be the evidence storage. 

There was one department in North Jersey that had three floors of shelving just for the evidence storage. 

So these applications can can be very large and we can help you with all those applications, and then you’ll be able to also include your palate racking and some of your workbenches and the other things that you have in the in your product mix. So I believe they’re an excellent target for prospect. And so it’s good to hear that you’re you’re out there and you’re engaged in the space.

 trade show plans for next year. 

Obviously, covid threw a big monkey wrench in these shows. Some of the shows have gone virtual, but we do anticipate that by the summer of next year that many of these shows, if not most of them, will be back online. We’re not we haven’t decided on which shows we are attending. But by all means, if if there are some tactical shows or police department shows that may be happening in your area, you know, let us know and we’ll take a look at it and see if there’s something that that we might be interested in and working with you on. 

But at this point, we haven’t talked what we’ve targeted a handful of shows, but we’re just not sure how that’s going to evolve, you know, with what we’re going through right now.

 But I think one thing I would suggest to you is. If you have a well, you tell your sheriff departments are pretty accessible and the sheriff is usually an elected official, you might want to just simply reach out to the sheriff and and let let him know what kind of product you have available. What I’ve seen some reps do is engage their sheriff. And once a month, most sheriff departments will have a county wide law enforcement meeting and you’ll have your your local university police departments there, your VA police departments there, and any other police department or township police department, including state police, will be in attendance at this meeting. And in some cases, they will give you the opportunity or give vendors the opportunity to show up to this breakfast meeting. And and they’ll give you 10 minutes or so to introduce yourself and leave behind some literature. So that might be one simple and inexpensive way for you to kind of get the word out and your your territory. Here there is a national law enforcement show, if you would.

 IACP.  International Association of Chiefs of Police

 So they were actually in Birmingham one year. the twenty twenty one event is going to be in New Orleans. September of twenty twenty one. in San Diego. And I think we did it once here. I was in Philadelphia and very well attended. 

and recently with the protest in various areas, our police have learned that their equipment, some of their equipment and some of their tactics aren’t as effective as they used to be. And and as a result, they’re changing their tactics and they’re developing new gear because rioters are very organized and it can get very violent. And in some of these municipalities, the police are pretty restricted as far as what they can do. 

 you get a first glimpse of the new technology and the new equipment. it creates an opportunity to, in some cases, develop a certain way to store or secure that gear. 

And you’ll also find that in some departments for weapons, you may have multiple weapon applications because you your your active weapons or your your lethal weapons will be stored and stored at one cabinet or less than later will be in another cabinet. And typically they want it as a different color. And then you also have simulation weapons which are training weapons that most departments are investing in now. And there’s a lot of equipment associated with that, too. So the equipment and the training gear just flooding into these departments, 

The virtual show is actually I believe it’s November 6th. We usually participate in the show at Joint Base, McGuire Dicks and Lakers, the National .

Datum has a TA 50 Locker option, which the military tends to favor on the left there you see a configuration of stacked lockers. 

These are The Utah Military Applications that require weapons storage solutions as of 2021:

Camp Williams – National Guard training site operated by the Utah National Guard.

Dugway Proving Ground – Allied biological and chemical weapon defense systems testing.

Michael Army Airfield – Airport at Dugway Proving Ground.

Hill Air Force Base – A major U.S. Air Force Base.

Ogden Air Logistics Complex – Provides support and maintenance for weapon systems at Hill Air Force Base.

Roland R. Wright Air National Guard Base – Utah Air National Guard base located on the east side of the Salt Lake City International Airport.

Tooele Army Depot – A U.S. Army war reserve and training ammunition storage facility.

Utah Test and Training Range – Military testing and training area.

Utah National Guard Army Aviation Support Facility (AASF) – A U.S. Army helicopter refueling and training facility at South Valley Regional Airpor