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Thanks to the clip together construction of industrial pallet rack, customization, and expansions quick and easy. Pallet rack is used with forklifts to store pallets or bulk hand stacking. Pallet Racking shelving systems will pay for itself by making use of vertical space!

Industrial Pallet Rack is a form of shelving that uses heavy-duty steel cross beams to store inventory or pallets. There are various kinds of pallet racks, although, commonly used for palletized loads. Industrial pallet rack is not limited to pallets; it stores furniture, carpets, boxes, and bulk.

Vertical CarouselsWe can help you create storage solutions that boost employee productivity, reduce workplace injuries and improve inventory accuracy.

Not using existing vertical space negatively affects your facility’s potential – our vertical carousels and high-density storage systems dramatically improve your facilities’ overhead space utilization.
We offer a wide variety of storage products and systems to help companies save time and space.

A Vertical Pan Carousel can increase your available storage capacity by up to 70% by increasing storage density and utilizing previously inaccessible vertical space. Implementation of the item-to-person principle eliminates wasteful and harmful steps for stocking and retrieving research and testing supplies.

Vertical carousels are very similar to vertical lifts because both storage systems use the same kind of advanced robotic technology. The difference between vertical carousels and vertical lifts is this: vertical carousels move all the items when retrieving, while the vertical lift module only retrieves the desired item, which does not affect the rest of the stored items. 

Our Industrial Storage Solutions are flexible and adapt to your needs as they change.

Revit Shelving is industrial grade shelves which can hold 750 lbs or more per shelf level. To hold more weight, Rivet Shelving comes in heavy-duty double rivet beams and allow more applications including wide span. Single rivet is for standard weight volume and is the cheapest option, although, double rivet only costs just a small fraction more.

It shelving is easy to assemble because it doesn’t require nuts, bolts, or shelf clips. It’s a unique design which allows for different set-up configurations, sizes, and decking. Shelves are accessible from all four sides and can be adjusted every 1.5 inches.


Bulk Storage Shelving is a popular Industrial Storage Solution

Bulk Storage Shelving

If your storage and organization needs go beyond the typical industrial storage solutions, our high-density warehouse storage is just what you need. Our team can find the perfect high-capacity storage solution for you and your business, from solutions to increase capacity to mobile aisles that maximize your limited floor space.

Carton flow is a wheel-surface, shelving system that can be free-standing or incorporated into a pallet rack or pick module storage system. It is famous for its self-replenishment feature, as cartons advance down the pitched shelving wheel bed, delivering a product to the pick face end of each shelf lane. It promotes “first-in-first-out” (F.I.F.O.) stock rotation by gravity advancing sloped shelf design and low friction, densely packed wheels.

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Industrial Storage Solutions

Industrial storage solutions are becoming increasingly important to businesses in a variety of industries. As companies continue to search for ways to reduce costs, streamline operations and establish an efficient workflow, storage solutions play a vital role. It’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every industry, as each company’s needs are unique and require a tailored approach. Some might prefer standardized options, while others need a customized approach.

Common industrial storage solutions

One of the most common industrial storage solutions is the use of bulk racking or pallet racking. This is the go-to option for many businesses due to its cost-effectiveness and overall convenience. This type of racking is ideal for storing large items, such as crates, boxes, and skids. As the name implies, pallet racking is designed to store products using multiple levels. Depending on the size and scope of the operation, pallet racking can be either single-level or multi-level, both of which offer various benefits for different storage requirements. For example, single-level racking is often more suitable for heavy-duty items, while multi-level racking is better suited for lighter items that are regularly moved around on racks.

In addition to pallet racking, other common storage solutions include hazardous material handling equipment, such as chemical shelving and cabinets. Such solutions are particularly important for industries dealing with hazardous material, such as hazardous waste disposal sites, chemical plants, and medical office areas. These storage solutions offer a safe way to store hazardous material, separating them from other sensitive items. Furthermore, hazardous material storage solutions also help to reduce the risk of fire, contamination, and theft. Visitors to such locations are also provided with visual cues of the materials in storage, helping to reduce the chance of accidental exposure to dangerous material.

New industrial storage solutions

In recent years, the market for industrial storage solutions has been revolutionized by the introduction of automated storage systems. These solutions are rapidly replacing manual-intensive operations, allowing businesses to maximize space and optimize workflow. Automated storage systems typically consist of robotic arms that move the storage items from one location to another within a warehouse. Such solutions are ideal for businesses with inventory that requires frequent restocking and retrieval. Automated storage solutions are also capable of storing items in any configuration, saving employers time and money in the long run.

Moreover, there has been an increasing demand for cloud-based storage solutions. By leveraging cloud technology, businesses are able to store their data, documents, and records in the cloud, eliminating the need for costly hardware solutions. Cloud-based storage solutions come with several advantages, such as increased data security, scalability and flexibility, and a faster setup time. Additionally, cloud-based solutions are capable of providing real-time access to vital information stored in the cloud, allowing businesses to make informed decisions in a timely manner.

Industrial storage trends

As technology continues to evolve and businesses become more data-driven, more companies are turning to automated storage solutions. Companies are finding that implementing automated storage systems significantly reduces labor costs and delivers greater efficiency, accuracy, and availability when dealing with inventory. Automated solutions also help to reduce errors and optimize the storage and retrieval process.

Furthermore, businesses are increasingly turning to cloud-based storage solutions to store and manage their data. The scalability and flexibility of cloud-based storage makes it the ideal option for businesses of any size. Such solutions also come with several security benefits, as they allow businesses to store their data in a remote location while still being able to access it whenever they need it.

Industrial storage solutions are important for businesses in a variety of industries.

Common solutions include pallet racking and material handling equipment, such as chemical shelving and cabinets. Automated storage systems and cloud-based solutions are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a wide range of benefits, such as increased efficiency, scalability, flexibility, and security. Companies should carefully consider their storage needs before selecting a solution that is right for their business.