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The used material handling equipment market has been very slow. This is for several reasons.

Slow “new product” deliveries make the availability of used product attractive. But so attractive it is seldom available. 

And when it does it can be hard to sell because of current labor costs. Anything used takes more time to install than new. In addition it needs to be dismantled, loaded to trucks, moved, redelivered and installed again. Add these costs and new often just makes more sense. 

10 reasons why used material handling equipment could be a bad idea?

1. Unreliable Equipment: Used material handling equipment comes with no guarantee that it isn’t defective in some way, which can lead to unexpected downtime and inefficiency.

2. Poor Quality and Safety: Used equipment can be dangerous, have severe wear and tear, and not meet the necessary safety standards as equipment used in a production line should.

3. Parts and Service Availability: Used material handling equipment is more likely to require frequent service or require parts not readily available.

4. Incompatibility: Used equipment can have parts that are not compatible with newer equipment, making it more difficult to replace worn parts.

5. Maintenance Cost: Being older, used material handling is likely to require more maintenance and service than newer equipment, costing more in the long run.

6. Technology Compatibility: Older equipment is likely to not be updated with the latest technology and may require costly software updates to stay compatible with newer equipment.

7. Durability: Many years of use can wear on the structural integrity of used material handling equipment, making it less durable and able to take on heavier loads.

8. Compliance: Used material handling equipment may not meet the same requirements of newer pieces of equipment, such as environmental or health and safety standards, amongst others.

9. Warranty: Used equipment usually does not have a warranty from the manufacturer, meaning any problems are the responsibility of the owner.

10. Chemical Residue: Used equipment that hasn’t been properly cleaned may have toxic chemicals or other hazardous materials on it, making it dangerous to use or handle.