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Eagle’s manufacturing facility is in Delaware on 14 acres. The manufacturing facility, customer service, engineering, and sales are under one roof  in Delaware. There’s value in that. Eagle material handling is  a privately held company. 

EMH we refer to as Eagle Material Handling, Health Care, Clean Room. There’s some overlap with some of the products  especially when you’re getting into labs and clean rooms because they’re so specialized. A table for a clean room is going to be built differently than a table going in the kitchen. At Eagle they take those changes in consideration as to how they manufacture products, using different materials and ways of manufacturing, and packaging for the different applications.

The Eagle group is one of the few players in the Wire Shelving market who seems to really have an understanding in the laboratory market, which we like to marry together through our sister companies Material Handling USA and Labs USA!

We offer Eagle Stainless Steel Sinks and Eagle Stainless Steel Tables.

The Laboratory Business has brought us into all kinds of lab products ranging from dishwashers, to sinks. 

clean your Medlab when I’ve got a case and I’ve got an health care specific one.

ey, I’ve got the ability to sell casework if if I find myself in the lab, also the sinks and maybe the countertops, that sort of thing.

If you got a set of plans and specs we can do a take off, if you got a napkin sketch, well we  play with a lot of those as well. Funny uh! But we do.

Some of Eagles Best Selling Products, either for Material Handling or Laboratory.

On the laboratory side it is really the Eagle Lab Casework Line. Eagle has the SIFA. Scientific Equipment Furniture Association, approval.
 SIFA is kind of the buzz word within the lab market, a lot of specifications from architects are written based on CFA certification. Eagle paid a a third party tester to open our door so many times and put weight on and that sort of thing. So we have that test data to share, but that’s a big buzzword within the lab community. All of Eagle casework is CFA certified. So that might be a big buzzword to whether you throw it on the site or kind of tie that with potential products of ours that you might throw on the lab side. But, you know, you know, stainless steel cabinetry just like your home. Just like your kitchen at home. But that’s really the biggest seller over the last probably three or four years since we’ve come out with it. We work on a custom level, but this is more true of modular designs, that sort of thing, which would lend itself to a true lab industry. So going back probably four years ago, we redeveloped the line, got the CFA certification, and it’s a true model for. Base candidates draw draw combinations, things of that nature, and then it shares a common stainless steel top or an epoxy resin top or something along those lines, but within that, you’ve got tall cabinets, right? Standard tall cabinets that you’re going to find in various industries with and without glass doors.

And then the same thing with wall cabinets, solid doors, glass doors, that sort of thing. So those are really the popular things. And I can share that whole brochure, but it’s probably 20 pages of just different derivatives, variations of kind of all the different things we can offer on the casework side of things. Now, when you’re talking tables and sinks, our line of Eagle Cleanroom Tables is probably one of the most popular products. Again, built a little different than our storm. Normal everyday use table. That would probably be more, you know, inside of a material handling application where you just need to hold stuff. You’re not that worried about the material or the cleaners and that sort of thing. When you get into the labs and clean rooms and health care, you know, they’re worried about disinfecting and sterilizing and all that fun stuff. So I need to build my tables out of a higher grade material that’s going to hold up to to some of those more critical environments, I’ll call it.

So the clean side of things and then something as simple as I don’t know how much you get into clean rooms, but Clean Room Gowning Benches, and Clean Room Gowning Racks are very popular items. And I could send you a kind of a list of, you know, like I said, five thousand products. Right. You know, if you’re looking to put some stuff online, you’re not looking to put twenty five thousand products.  in gowning benches. Let’s pick the top five sellers. Let’s pick the top five sellers of gowning racks and we can even do that. Some of that with the casework stuff as well. J. But the basic cabinet, that’s thirty six inches left or right and has two hedge doors is probably going to be more popular. the lab ceisler case where the cleanroom tables, gowning benches, gowning racks

And countertops

Lab Countertops is another big one, whether it’s somebody else’s base. And we’re just putting our stainless work surface on top of that, integrating Sync’s. Eagle offers with the tables and the sinks and some of our other products as kind of a good, better, best type scenario. There’s always going to be somebody that, like I said, just needs a table to hold stuff. But there always need to be somebody that might need created three 16 stainless steel because of the type environment it’s in. So we kind of offer things between the tables and things on the very low end and also the very high end, depending on customers, budgets, applications and things of that nature.  On your laboratory website. I came across it now for your stainless steel case where a metal sort of. And that’s just, you know, inlets, the architecture, you know, that you’re building a quality product, more or less, you know, you’re using five knuckleheaded is 100 pounds, drawer slides. You know, it’s an industry standard.

Eagle has a surgical case, car video for his car, health care product. 

Eagle equipment is engineered to meet “good-better-best” class requirements in critical environments. Custom options are also available and a large part of Eagle’s business to meet specific requirements.

Eagle’s catalog includes twenty five thousand standard products,. If they’re not in stock already, a three business day lead time to a 15 business day. Standard tables, generally three business days. The sink category is generally seven to ten business days. And then the wire shelving. Obviously, we have some finishes already in stock, but should we have to make something the order that’s 12 to 15 business days. So that’s kind of how things enter product category. But 40 percent of this today is custom fabrication. That could be changing table sizes, integrating a sink in a countertop, or that could be full on custom using type three, sixteen stainless steel Metropol, stainless steel. So there’s various things Eagle can do. And Eagle considers them self as a one stop shop.  Anything within the product categories, Eagle offers between six and cabinets and countertops and tables and glass shelving. We can get it all from one place. We do offer a freight program, which is beneficial to clients on the West Coast. For any order over thirty five hundred dollars the max you’re going to pay is four hundred twenty five dollars  per truckload. So you order 40 grand worth of products. Could be wire sinks and tables and mats. You’re going to pay four hundred twenty five bucks. So there’s some real value in that!