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Products to meet your Welding, Fume, Vehicle Exhaust, Downdraft, and Dust Collection needs. We are the largest stocking fume arm supplier in the U.S. with over 2000 fume arms and other products in stock.
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As science studies new and existing products and ways to make these products more and more information comes out with what needs to be extracted from the air. 

How to either filter it or move it outside, getting it away from your breathing area. There’s there’s so much to learn. And now with covid there’s so much more information coming out! We had no idea that aerosol extraction was that important in the dental field. 

Lot of air cleaners to schools and municipalities for air handler units that need something not not a fixed system. We sold a lot of those last year. It’s kind of been in the air air handler realm. There is current lot of funding for that. We sold those products as a complimentary to a few moms and fans. I know a lot about human arms and the fans that go with it, but the air cleaners and there’s a lot more to it based on how it’s going to be mounted in the cleaning area. So unless somebody knows exactly what they need, I let the design happen elsewhere and they kind of plug and play as the information comes in. But we were really busy with those last year.

We do laboratories and we have labs, USA. We also do a lot of warehouse applications, which would include schools and we do a lot with government agencies, courthouses, recorder’s offices. they really specialize in the warehouse, libraries, schools, government buildings and so forth.  really dives deeper into the laboratory market with the dentist and what’s required there for our extraction. We do a lot in the automotive industry.

 mainly want to emphasize few Maugham’s, the direct Mountbatten’s and possibly the air cleaners with with obviously the stainless steel units as well. 

IAP for industrial air purification,

We’ll just go straight into this is offices, the main landing page, we offer this page for two reasons. One, to research us and we are specked on a lot of projects throughout the US.

Dallas, a school district there, wants to put in one hundred arms. And I know the architect picked us for, 

We have such a large assortment and in stock levels of stainless product and stainless is very niche when it comes to fume extraction. It needs to be involved if any FDA, chemical or pharmaceutical finding folks that are specifically looking for that can be tough. 

Just to preface with the stainless, we have probably six hundred stainless arms in stock. We are realizing now we didn’t do any price increases in the last six months. So we anticipate once that catches on with all the intervals of of metal surcharges going on, if our prices are staying the same. We’re going to be getting more business that way,

The great thing about stainless arms is it covers three industries, FDA, Chemical Pharmaceuticals. We first started selling these arms with pharmaceutical applications. There is a hotbed of vitamin and basically medicinal manufacturers in Chicago and in Florida. I don’t really know why those are two hotbeds. The reason being is they can be cleaned and washed down and nothing has to be disassembled. Basically, you can run soapy water through this machine. You can wipe it with wipes however you want to do it, three or four great stainless steel and it can be cleaned thoroughly for the next application as well as the the copper helix hose with the anodised joints do not break down and chemical situations either. So not only can it be clean, but it holds up to corrosive properties, not always explosive or combustible. We do have an alternative for that, especially with our grounding applications. But they hold up well to environments where our standard arms that are painted or basically powder coated don’t hold up as well. So we have a great alternative to another industry that we didn’t always have. And the best part is they’re all in stock. Something these days you don’t really see a whole lot. Most manufacturers lead time six to 10 to 12 weeks because they have to be produced and shipped. These are all produced and assembled. And basically we have them in stock ready to ship in Sparta, Tennessee. So we’re only about three to four day transit away from any any place in the US to ship these two. So the most you’re going to have to wait for is basically the transit time to get it to you. Again, we have probably 600 in stock, ranging from three inches all the way up to eight inches in diameter and various lengths. So that is really, in a nutshell, the applications for stainless arms, and we offer two types of stainless arms as far as functionality, we offer a hanging arm which basically can hang from the wall bracket provided with a collar or we offer a standing option. So the standing option, you’ve got hanging a few more options. All of our drawings and specs and sizes are right there. And a little farther down, all of our standing options, so hanging meaning itself, supporting the will hang on the wall with the provided bracket, we offer stanchions.

So if you don’t have a wall to attach to or install, too, we do wall ceiling or floor mount. And those also can be stainless steel. And if a workbench. So kind of what you guys would get into if you’re routing any dirt through a table or a lab setting, the standing few moms are your best option and they can range from obviously three inch diameter to three feet. Up to eight inch by seven is our standard in stock. We do custom options, but there are lead times right now, especially with the shortage of steel. So right now, it could be eight weeks, it can be 16 weeks. We have a large assortment in stock, but there are some weird we had Arizona tea company reach out to us and they wanted 10 inch diameter, about 14 foot long. That’s just not a run of the mill, that’s a completely custom, it probably took about twenty four weeks from design to delivery to to produce that item. They’re very happy with it. But it is something that it takes a little time, if it’s custom will work with you on that as well. And that’s that’s basically all there is with these famous arms. 

I’m so used to plant inspector industrial markets that whenever I inspect on a job where I’m trying to do a quote on a job, there’s some things that are kind of expected from me, datasheet cut sheets or submittals or whatever they call them, whatever industry brochures and any installation pictures. We have all of that on file. So if you have any questions for and we have a four by five stainless arm, what does it look like installed? What comes with it? Were the drawings. we can send all that. A lot of it’s available here on the website, but some of it we want to keep proprietary. So we’ll provide that, you know, on a case by case basis. 

We love selling stainless to your Cadillac version of the few more. Very rarely do I hear anything back except it’s a beautiful arm and it stays clean and we love it. There are occasions where somebody can install an improper or are rough with it, or maybe the arm is too small for the application or too large, and they want to make some adjustments and we’ll work with those on a case by case basis as well.

we can focus with  in stock program, and not only do you have an end stock program

the submittals, things like that.

 deals with filters and ductwork as well.