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Bus Rooftop Maintenance Scaffold PlatformServices Scaffold Bus Rooftop
Maintenance Scaffold Platform Specifications

Finish: Durable powder coated steel in Owner’s choice of manufacturer’s standard colors.

PLATFORM, WORK, ROOF, PORTABLE (SET OF TWO) Equipment Identifier: 1396


1. Overall dimension, per platform (set of 2):
228 30 115

2. Maximum capacity: 500 pounds

3. Platform dimensions:
a. Width: 24 inches
b. Length: 14 feet


1. Each platform shall be designed to access rooftops without the use of fall protection system.
2. Each platform shall have a battery electrically operated elevator on the side. 
3. Guardrails shall be included on three sides of each platform. 
4. Each platform shall be designed to connect together across the rooftop with gates creating a safety approved area. 
5. Each platform shall include toe plates on three sides.
6. Each platform shall include stairway with handrails on both sides.
7. All stair treads shall include traction gripping.
8. Each platform shall have continuous rubber protective bumpers to prevent from damaging the vehicle in service.

1. Battery electrically operated elevator.

Utility Requirements:
Voltage 120
Phase 1
Amps 1

Finish: Durable enamel in manufacturer’s standard color

Bus Rooftop Maintenance Scaffold Platform Top ViewService Scaffold Bus Roof Work
Platform SSC Model #13H-LH

13 step walk-thru with platform height of 9’-7”

6” Platform extension on walk-thru side

Platform extension includes 2.5” rubber pads @ 12” centers to allow unit to rest against bus

Platform length is 12’-6”

Safety chains, s hooks and snap hooks heavy duty 1/8”

(2) adjustable outriggers with screw down jacks for stability

Platform rolls on (4) 8”x2” laminated phenolic swivel lockable casters

(2) swing gates with latches to connect to opposite unit

Bus Roof Work Platform With Elevator SSC Model #13H-ESL-RHBus Roof Work Platform With Elevator SSC Model #13H-ESL-RH

All of the SSC Model #13H-LH and right side will be configured with:

(1) multi-purpose electric shelf lift 30” deep x 30” wide with a 300lb capacity
12 volt low maintenance dry cell battery with onboard charger
Unit requires 110 duplex power outlet to charge battery

Bus Maintenance PlatformBusses are meant to be “in service” on the road,

not in a shop. But routine maintenance is a part of keeping the fleet on the road and safe! 

When busses do come in for repair or routine maintenance they need to in and out of the shop fast. You don’t get fast and safe without the correct equipment for your staff. A Bus Rooftop Maintenance Scaffold Platform allows your workers the safety needed to get up there and preform the required tasks quickly and safely. 

Salt Lake City UTA uses rooftop scaffold to maintain city busses and keep them on the road.

USA Authorized dealer Material Handling USA  can provide these work platforms to work can be done quickly and safely on the bus tops. 

How can you get to the top of a bus for repairs?

The best way to get to the top of a bus for repairs is to use a lift or scaffolding. You must make sure that the lift or scaffolding is set up properly for safety. You should also wear safety gear when working at the top of a bus.

What equipment might need repair on a bus top?

Common equipment that may need repair on a bus top includes the air conditioning system, the roof seals, the roof vents, the roof trims, and the roof panels. Other components that may need to be checked and repaired include the engine access doors, the side and rear ladder, the awnings, the lighting system, and the antennae.