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SpaceFile International is a world Leader in High Density Storage and Mobile Shelving providing insights in how to successfully Integrate static shelving on mobile carriages and adding custom components to built comprehensive Storage Solutions. After 51 years in business SpaceFile has a pretty good story to tell! The SpaceFile product is world class, both in design and manufacturing, and they are known in the industry as the custom shop, SpaceFile really can do some great things in engineering and in space design. 

SpaceFile’s extensive Mobile Shelving Product Line showcases the commitment to mobile shelving for every application.

SpaceFile can boast of 50 years of large project experience including a GSA contract and that’s important because that talks to SpaceFile’s credibility.  SpaceFile received an installed some very, very large GSA Projects. And it’s a matter of fact, most recently, The U.S. attorney’s office from the US Department of Justice asked SpaceFile to be their trusted advisor in designing a new building they’re doing in DC with six floors. That kind of horsepower means your project will be perfect.

SpaceFile is made in North America with pride. Its North American steel. 

It is not Chinese steel. It’s not from Offshore Anywhere. The steel comes for  North America.

SpaceFile Products:

SpaceFile SDS Mechanical Assist High Density Mobile Shelving

SpaceFile SDS Mechanical Assist High Density Mobile Shelving

SpaceFile SDSe Electric High Density Mobile Shelving

SpaceFile SDSe Electric High Density Mobile Shelving

SpaceFile SDS Manual high Density Mobile Shelving

SpaceFile SDSm Manual High Density Mobile Shelving

SpaceFiles  quality management plan drives manufacturing, maintains the highest quality standard and the company culture is one of learning, training and development.

SpaceFile has placed High Density Mobile Shelving at Davis Monthan Air Force Base. The, Department of Homeland Security was a big project, about two million dollar storage project! SpaceFile has supplied mobile shelving products for Hugo Boss, The Marine Corps and the FBI. SpaceFile High Desnity Mobile Shelving is in a recent episode of 911. Fox Studios ordered Mobile Shelving and it’s in an episode for the current 2021 season. Last but not least and among many customers SpaceFile has done work with Geico. 

SpaceFile can answer the big four questions customers ask about mobile shelving: 

They offer extremely competitive pricing, the best delivery times, great products and excellent support. Are you asking what makes SpaceFile different? Did we talk about custom work? SpaceFile can and will do custom things that others high density mobile shelving manufactures can’t or won’t. But the key thing about it is not that just that SpaceFile can do odd things and different things,  is that they can be done within the project timeline. So you’re getting custom work without it taking longer and the quality is best in class. 

Safety is a key factor. SpaceFile High Density Mobile Shelving is the safest mobile, high density system In the world. 

Nobody builds them safer  and in terms of great designs, we have both Engineers and space designers and their staff members in has four great solution design. NationWide Shelving will do the designs and layout with 3D  plan view and elevation’s. 

SpaceFile offers an epically fast Shipping program. 

In as Fast as two weeks on many projects if not most projects at no additional charge. Now, not every Project is going to be two weeks,. but we did do a project for a bank in Buffalo, New York. Over half a million dollars and we shipped in three weeks, so that’s pretty Good, ravaging three to four on every Project And across the board. So being small with some Custom work, et cetera, and that’s our average. That’s the fastest around. OK, now with this epically Fast Shipping program, this Is a direct, quote, request that is applicable, then we’re going to put it on the layered pages so you can say qualifies For epic fast shipping program. Also going to provide you with a sheet Of paper, a PDF that says It qualifies.

And if you give Us an order by this time, delivery be two Weeks from today. 

We’ll see In these many weeks after another form Says two weeks, two to four or four to six. Now you can o to your end-user and Say, give me a Call and I can have it delivered When you want. Oh, and by the way, we haven’t lost sight of the Fact that even though Qualifies for Doing shipping in the U.s. might not be ready for it, Then that’s no issue. You just tell us when to ship it. We’ll ship it Then. 

We’re not going to force it, but this is what differentiates from a quick SCHIP program, Schip program is quick. Schip is you’re pulling from Inventory, which means  It’s all stock sizes and stock of. We design and make to order. So that’s why it’s an epically fellowshipping. Any questions about that? Very clear. Good. Now let’s take Ethically clear topic quickly here. I love it. So we also have Another Epic program here. We’ve called Designer Live, and that’s  Where we can provide live Time with a storage design Screen sharing.

So the project is going to be designed in real time. 

So whether it’s your End user or Whether it’s an architect or a designer. We compare them up and now our Designer is going to be asking those naturally serious Questions, we’re going to get Closer to the Customer and understand Their needs better. But you’re going to present the quote. And you’re going to control the narrative and communicate The benefits, finally, Something that differentiates You and Us from competition. There’s no charge for this. We just schedule It and we Can work with.

Now, so what’s happening these Days, we’re finding A lot in cantilever, I’m not sure whether you guys are finding That as well, But with cantilevers shoveling, it’s getting more widespread uses, police forces. 

It’s very popular, by The way, because they Have lots of inventory of CDs and DVDs. Recording security and that sort of Thing, right, and variety Of deaths of shells As well, so Museums are  Looking at it, too. Now, we know that in the marketplace, If the fire is declining, it’s Not a storage of stuff. And even office design is migrating to have A more home like view. And they’re calling it commercial. I’m sure if you’ve Heard that term or not. But we’re seeing so. We’re seeing new Needs, which means we need to have new solutions, 

so Here we Are, here’s a museum, two shots from the same museum. 

The big picture On the right. How about you? Did you know that we could start Bears’? That’s that’s a handy piece of information there When you go To a party Saturday night. That’s a great trivia question right now, but a smaller picture there is rold textiles stories. And we designed all those Brackets and and made those Tools, Etc. So It Really opens a book on what we can store, whether It’s holiday Decorations, athletic equipment, samples, Bedding, et cetera. 

And here’s a Couple of other Examples, that photo is a local University for storage of their athletic equipment. 

So can You see that Perforated Panels of perforated canopy Clots in Circulation because it is An athletic jersey. And then the picture. On the right is Is actually a men’s wear Store. Its front of Hosting the customers can actually turn the Handles as Kind of a custom In the photograph on. But we Certainly can Position solutions to solve customer pain Points after Overcrowded Room or  Offsite storage, And it is Is critical and they want to reduce it. And the qualities are passion, but 

 Safety is our number one Priority, and there’s two types, Active and passive. 

So from an active standpoint, we Actually have to do something. We have the safety. Hublot. So right Now, the Green Zone, that Hublot Could be Turned Right, the handles could be turned and the carriers could be moved, Some pushing them. Now it’s more about the safety. Here’s where we so It’s we Don’t have to do anything. It’s just built right in a.. Tip. We have a.. Tip built into all our carriages and tracks. 

So if it Moves from us, It has a.. Tip. It’s not a Ratio that Says it’s this high in this call. It needs to tip this line this fall. It doesn’t. It’s just on everything. But we also have something That The industry calls a Safety sweep, carried Safety breaks, What we Call it is sure stock technology. It’s a mechanical safety sweep. There’s no wires under tension like some of them in the marketplace. It just works and there’s No charge to the dealer, I think a fraud charges 40 dollars Linear foot for their safety. Sweet. And that’s next, and ours is Zero dollars Net or money or for. 

So let’s have a look at how it Works and make Sure you can hear this, you’re that that very well It works in the private sector itself. 

You saw it in action there as little as three pounds. Pressure touches that red bar mechanically locks that handle. It has to be Backed up half a Turn and Then the carriage can again be Moved. I mentioned It’s mechanical, So there’s no one, is there? There is nothing to install from the installer standpoint. All they do have To do is take it, not the bolt on that red actuator, But They don’t have to install wires or anything like that. It’s dead simple, but you have To do those. 

You have to Specify it when You Are Home or at the time that Got messed up Because we can’t retrofit the carriage in The field. So as long As you specify it Will be Included. And once again, it’s don’t charge. And with our first customer that Had it has had it For six and a half years and it’s been working great. Not sure if you ever heard of The Library of Congress project in B.c. where It had a safety slip on it from a Competitor on a Large system. And in the first year, they had over 50 callbacks,  

Five Old safety sweet. 

And our First one ever installed, it’s also a very large System. You saw a Picture of it at the Start of our first slide. It’s been six and a half years, zero callbacks for Anything, let alone the safety Slip. So we’re finding a lot of requests for Custom and Can find new thinking to answer these new Needs. And in order to do that, we came up With our lifestyle collection and it fits right in. There’s no Brookshaw Or country To catalog. 

That’s your Imagination. And here the system is not Static and mobile fits right in with That environment Right there. It really looks great so we can do things Like colors And wraps and handles of different Colors. You want a bright red will match The system on the right with the Rest of the Environment. In this case, it’s a brushed nickel handle instead of an aluminum loop handle. A couple of things about custom Costs, more or more margins, and it Differentiates because other people can’t do it. So now you’re competitive. 

Threats are reduced or eliminated. 

We also have Premer handles. We have The red, white, blue or Black. So once Again, if you don’t specify the coming Black, if You specify, then you can have the Others Similar to the other items we have. These are no extra charge. Here’s an example of a custom in panel ESADE moving a minute ago. Here is a photograph. But we can do acrylic or aluminum or signage. Logos make it a white board. Just anything custom to fit in with The Asmir Environment. One custom, there is a closer view of the Textiles or the golf clubs, wine millwork, et cetera, and you’ll see that also As the red actuator bar, that’s a Short stop installation There at that museum. Here’s a university hospital operating Room where they’re Storing their pharmaceuticals. 

They want To be able to see the inventory, but of course, they have to Be locked. 

So in this case, we put Plexiglas inserts. Now bring you up to date on our Product line, I mentioned we have static mobile and custom Components. We have a host Esslin Industrial, The Supreme cantilever Shelving. We also have storage space carts and cabinets. So let’s have a better view. So here’s our LTE Or for great. And you can see that it has dividers. This is set up for filing. 

This actually is from a hospital where we want to tender. And the Reason they put this out to tender is So much Iron Mountain. So Iron Mountain is very cheap to Store a bank in spots, but it’s Very expensive to ask for that storage wants to be Shipped back. So the hospital decided for these medical records that they would Bring them back into the hospital and dedicate Some space to It. 

So the First part of the tender that the bid that we Won was installing One hundred and fifty thousand dollars. 

Of this type of shelter in the First six months, they saved one hundred and eighty thousand In fees from Iron Mountain, so they had An ROIC of less Than six months. Pretty good Story there. And in terms of options, Doors draws from shelves Devinder. Here’s our Esslin industrial shelving. So what this does is it bridges The gap between A four post, like a corporate Shelving solution and it’s right in the middle. 

As to personalities, the inset Picture is a Retailer that’s actually back of house at Saks Fifth Avenue where they’re Using it with hanging rugs And Perforated shelves and canopy tops. That’s a mobile system there. And the top picture Is where it can get really robust. So soon there will particleboard showing and see channel support. 

So that’s where we can make It whole a thirty six Inch wide check for twenty two hundred and Fifty pounds. 

You can really Make it robust. Also known as White’s Ban or was In the cantilever I’ve Mentioned, adjustable different With some Debts And we designed it, we make it. It’s welded frames. It’s not bolted together, it’s not a starter at her situation. Storage racks, These Seem to be very popular These days, storage of Art, mass Sample boards, et cetera, and we can make them move in Two Directions. These are Pull-out racks, so they would pull Towards you. So make Them move from side to side, right To left. We also have space cards, so here’s where we can put wheels on storage, so Wide Variety, top one is open. 

That’s from a local hospital. 

Or we can put lockable doors on them or Tamarrod doors and make our own Tambra Doors. And there’s Options like laminate tops of buildings, Billboards, well. Good for margins, those products. We also do cabinets, so take the wheels off the cabinet. So there’s a couple of examples there. There’s one with a A barn door situation, a locking His door with a key lock, the one On the right. That’s actually for Education. Interviewed down in Houston, Texas, where they wanted to be Told, Llorca, that’s a custom Green color. So various Heights, winds, dimensions, things like That, and you can See they have adjustable shelves and. 

 You guys in the vertical farming. 

Yeah, yeah, so We have certainly have solutions for vertical farming as well, So Great Table, but we have Train wrecks. Most have. Charges for road tables And make them Make them high Density, so typically with three high to 60 feet. Or we have lower heights, of course, than depending on the grower and what They’re needing to deal with it. Paul, if you partnered with somebody for the lighting and the water, Funnily enough, we Have partnered with somebody For lighting. But what we’re finding more and more Is that the growers Tend to have Their own preferences As to who they like To deal with. 

This is where our expertise is, particularly given them the custom nature of our business. 

We can work With the back Irrigation and lighting Suppliers to make Sure that their needs are Accommodated in the storage system. So we did partner with it with a firm called Emerson Wrote, and they Have some Really great Recipes and they know what The The life temperature has to be for growing which particular crop and that sort of thing. They even Have an app that Utilizes artificial Intelligence. So they’re particularly good. But we can work with any and all. Of those others, we do have an exact person. He’s based in Oklahoma. And particularly Particularly Experienced In in vertical farming. 

We also have weapons storage. 

And here’s A summary of some of the typical Uses, including For retail inventory, sports Storage, art Storage and vertical farming. Now, I Want to spend a few minutes on the track systems, and this Is An important thing, you have the widest Rate in the industry. And if you start With Emily, That’s for new Construction, putting it right in the Concrete. That’s great, but Not easy to be compliant because there’s no rise to it. The most widely used in the industry is a groden track system with a Plywood deck, And we also have the option Of going seismic

 For our seismic grouted track has Been approved By seismic engineers in the state of California. 

So the. Doesn’t get any more complimentary than that. We also have two aluminum track systems, a one piece and a three piece. One piece is cheap and cheerful. Retailers really like it at some Level, ramps on it. They’re not ADA compliant. The only tax system that isn’t. But not Every installation requires it, of course, Is not A three piece aluminum Track system. 

Now, the Aluminum tracks that go on any floor, they’re particularly good to Raise or Access for. But waiting For the three Piece Has a universal Quality In a minute if universal Demountable track system. That’s our premier track system. It looks similar to the right Track in terms of the Rail, but It does not attach to The floor and it Has steel decking between the rails. 

And it’s great in situations Where Customers are going to move and need to reconfigure it or just move, 

That easily has to take It up, there’s no leaseholds repairs To do. Also, in situations where there might be a flood in Basements because you can Still get pieces easily come Out, vacuum up the water and the next morning Put the pieces Back on. So to see them on The right is the universe of the mountable track System. So you can see the bright chrome there. That’s one of the levelers. 

Every seven Inches, the ramp on the right side is A compliant and the steel Decking is on the left Piece of that Rail there. Notice that it’s a.. Tip flanges. We had it. We have a large installation in Buffalo, New York, one of the banks there. And they have A boat, I’m going to say 40 carriages. It’s all this type of Flooring, a very old Building market Built and shifted. So we Went back there about a year and a Half ago and We were able to re Level all of the area perfectly, Put that in the plywood process. 

And you’d be in a world of. 

So great event there you can see the three piece aluminum tracks, low Profile Stands about half inch above the floor, and the ACA compliant ramps are on universal hinges. They will adjust. Depending on if you have to Shiman, let’s let’s Compare our track Systems. Oh, by the way, Here’s our seismic to Drill and our seismic Three track. Let’s compare the tracks because they’re not all equal. 

Here’s a competitive Track like Substances Schimming material. It’s 90 Euron. And we use it for Schimming are aluminum tracks and. I notice a couple of things since you’ve got to go empty. Same thing on another competitor’s track here. I don’t know if you recognize Any of these tracks, But some of Them now have a different Problem. And having No entity is something 

That we don’t we don’t Agree with. 

So here’s our three piece aluminum track. So the universal inch made sure there was no tripping hazard. ADA compliant ramps, and there’s a. typical Way that we think that’s A better way to go. Now, some other alternatives. We have some lateral pollos, This is in A high school, by the way. It’s a. We make Them pull up, that’s a universal Demountable track, hasn’t Attached To the floor and of Course is Movable storage of Sports equipment. That university Again. Police have lockable door. 

Now, let’s have another look where we can look for. 

Business, here’s the Sheraton Hotel, We were brought Down to the housekeeping Department, of all places, so the deal brought us in. The Red ross is asking departments, so they did all the cubicles and offices and furniture and things like that, and they all of A sudden see what we could do down in this area. The blue cage is locked. It’s 90 days of Locked, lost And found storage. 

Then there’s Housekeeping uniforms. And on the right, we have the other things Like blankets And duvets and shower curtains and Jackets. And they asked Us for a Solution and they Were interested in it. Being very quickly implemented, which we did for them, and this is what It looks like today. And that’s 90 days of locked storage unit, farm storage and some extra storage leftover. 

That’s how efficient it was. So the lady There ordered another system in the same room. 

Then she went from The Sheraton To the Westin, where she’s ordered three Systems and There’s another one coming in twenty Twenty one, Because their CapEx budget renews On Jan one. So these are local decisions. And you don’t have to go to head office. So it’s an unusual look, And they’re not Storing any paper is all storage of stuff. And you can influence It local and There’s my cheesy, happy Customer picture, you know, I’d have to work 

That hard, Right? Justin? Marketing support, Marty, on this with us as well. Right person to help you with some support so we Can do webinars And videos, and I share that Because perhaps there Might be a design for our architectural firm. Want to do a Luncheon where we could do that with you? 

We have photographs, we put out a newsletter And we have social Media assets, if you’d like to involve us on Your website And or your Internet, if you have One. 

And so it Helps us if we know the current Lineup of reps and locations, we want to  And we’re Going to also fold in quality And excellence, ourHigh quality North American steel. We have welded carriages not bolted together Or put together with Popular Let’s use low Voc powder cocaine. And he Tips on everything Safety. So stay with us. And we consistently Empower our Team to help Improve our processes and objectives and things like that.So we think we provide The four most important factors to you show clear Differentiation, our Quarantine is is extensive And We can support your neck, your Network, and we are nimble To react quickly to market shifts. Any questions?

Fairly easy to roll out. So it’s a series Of Images and Drawings and other support Materials to let you launch that. 

We could do that same thing with space parks, for example. Most of our projects, as you know, are made to order. They’re designed and manufactured to order. But some things like the space cart could be Just ordered as a product. You know, you want To with or without Doors, and If you want the doors, which Kind of You know, in other words, that we could make them into Skewes. Perfect. Yeah, so so that’s open to Us as well, and we’re open To Other solutions, but Because we do so much Ourselves, we’re controlling it all here. We’re taking Advantage of the Canadian dollar because 

That’s what we Buy our materials in. 

And we’re able to be very Price competitive, but the The quality Is As good as any that you’re going to find and we like to think our Designs make it just that Little bit better. You’re making me a believer. OK, well, we appreciate all of you taking the time today to go through this. And if You get off the line and you figured, oh, I’ve got some more questions, well, l And it’s important that we provide the level of support that you’re

APPLICATIONS for SpaceFile Products

Spacefile Mobile Shelving for Golf Club Storage

SpaceFile Mobile Shelving for the Storage of Golf Clubs.

No doubt we all looking forward to golfing in the spring each year, as are the many golfers throughout the country. Many facilities, however, have less than adequate storage areas to store the bags. High Density Mobile Shelving Storage allows staff to get the bag to the member quicker!

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SpaceFile Athletic Gear Storage

SpaceFile Mobile Shelving for an Athletic Department Storage:

Professional Teams will have High Density Mobile Shelving designed just for their particular Sport. For instance,  If we were fortunate enough to get a call to design the Utah Jazz Locker Room we would design it exclusively for basketball equipment storage. From uniforms to the basketballs. 

At large universities it is the same. The High Density Mobile Shelving would be designed for their particular sport. At smaller schools equipment storage rooms can be designed to place everything from lacrosse equipment to soccer equipment. 

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 This is an University Athletic Department where the teams required their equipment locked so those units are keyed differently, of course. Each team has their own unit. And you can tell this is painted in the team’s color. That’s a lockable doors with hanging file and in the flex. Make them lock and Slide out freezy file Storage, we have Rollaway systems. This is on the left as a rule with three. 

We also have a role to play to available and For certain situations, It can be A very Interesting storage Solution. Use the black metal on the top. That’s the anti Chip built Right in. And the track at the bottom is universally so it’s not attached to that floor. 

SpaceFile Mobile Shelving for Athletic Equipment

Space File Mobile Shelving for Athletic Equipment – Locker Rooms

SpaceFile Mobile Shelving for Museums

Space File Mobile Shelving for Museums

SpaceFile Mobile Shelving for Military and Law Enforcement

SpaceFile Mobile Shelving for Military and Law Enforcement

SpaceFile Mobile Shelving For Retail Stockrooms

Space File Mobile Shelving for Retail Stores Stockrooms

The Space file color chart was updated in March of 2021. 

Click Here to View the Spacefile Color Chart!