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Guard Shack by PortaFab

Guard Shacks by PortaFab 800-326-4403

Guard shacks are doing all kinds of jobs! Whether you require a guard shack parking both for your corporate facility or a guard shack for perimeter security, Guard shacks preassembled buildings offer both the durability and speedy delivery that are required by industries nationwide. 19 standard buth sizes with a variety of options, providing a fast and economical solution to a wide range of applications. These heavy duty guard shacks features several advantages  manufactured for long lasting performance and dependability. Some are built with a pop Revit design port, a port a nd  other like Fab rugged booths feature an all welded aluminum framework for added strength and durability. manufacturing speeds are unmatched with a modualr guard shack ,  booths and structures can typically be completed within weeks of production approval, providing a fast solution to your business needs combined with other advantages, including  Porta Fab’s booths are an ideal solution for businesses that need a durable, long lasting building. In a short amount of time, all booths and shelters are shipped, fully assembled and ready for instant use.  Customizable guard shacks are also available and can include a variety of s Based on your specific application, ordering a new gaurd shack has never been easier. Standard sizes and options can be quoted online using a  booth configurator or our sales representatives will be happy to discuss our selections with you over the phone.  call 800-326-4403 to get started today.

Guard Shack by Panel Built

Guard Shacks by Panel Built 800-326-4403 

Panel Built prides themselves on outstanding customer service, and it’s been the foundation of Panel Built continued success from getting a live voice on the phone to turning around the fastest free proposals to engineering design of our structures, to shipping the final building. Because of this, Panel Built introduced the fastest shipping and delivery of modular in plant buildings in the industry. The two day quick ship. With the success of that program, coupled with the growing need of security across the country, Panel Built now offers a five day Quick Ship Guard Shacks. This five day preassembled Quick Ship Guard Shack is available in five different sizes with diamond plate steel floors, stucco embossed steel walls and roof and 18 gauge steel doors with dozens of floor plans to choose from. This is sure to meet your Guard Shack Design needs with the quick time frame you demand Call 800-326-4403 today.


Guard Shack Mounted on Trailer

Guard Shack Mounted on a Trailer 

It is a very common application to have a guard shack mounted on a trailer.
Guard Shack Made From Stainless Steel

Guard Shack Made From Stainless Steel 

Just look at it! What a beautiful super clean look! 
Popular for wind ratings, bullet proofing applications and where a super clean look is required like a pharmaceutical manufacturer! 
Guard Shack Built with Ballistic Rating

Guard Shack Built with Ballistic Rating

Get them how you want them!

Guard Shack for a Single Person with a Ballistic Rating
Guard Shack Mounted on Trailer with Ballistic Ratings
Guard Shacks with Ballistic Rating for a Gate House
Guard Shack Ballistic Booths with Brick Siding

Guard Shack Rated for Hurricane

Guard Shack Rated for Hurricane

Guard Shacks Built for Wind Load Ratings up to 180 mph category 5 hurricanes.
Weather the storm!
Plan upfront.
Be Safe!
Guard Shack with a Bathroom

Guard Shack with a Bathroom

Yeah When Nature Calls It Sure Nice To Not Have To Leave The Post.
Guard Comfortably! 

Guard Shacks Welded Construction

Guard Shacks Welded Construction

 Guard Shacks with Welded Construction in custom colors
Guard Shacks in Welded Construction  for ballistic ratings
Guard Shack with NIJ and UL Bullet Resistance Ratings

Guard Shack with NIJ and UL Bullet Resistance Ratings

Well the military has been buying these forever but now, more and more private companies, schools, neighborhoods and even golf clubs are moving towards protecting their staff with Bullet Resistant Guard Shacks.
Guard Shacks for Government Agencies

Guard Shacks for Government Agencies

Guard Shacks are available on GSA Contract!
Guard Shacks for Airports

Guard Shacks for Airports

Secure the perimeter, parking and access to sensitive areas such as tarmac and runways with Guard Shacks specially designed for Airport Applications. 
Guard Shacks for Fueling Stations

Guard Shacks for Fueling Stations

Guard Shacks for LPOE Booths

Guard Shacks for Border Crossings – LPOE Booths

While most border crossing are run of the mill Guard shacks for border crossing still require many specific features for safety and for comfort of those in the guard post!  there are currently 167 LPOE Border Crossing stations in the US and certainly more to come. 

Guard Shacks allow the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and other federal inspection agencies responsible for the enforcement of federal laws pertaining to such activities to do their jobs safely and comfortably.
Guard Shacks for Manufacturing Facilities

Guard Shacks for Manufacturing Facilities

Guard Shacks for Stadiums

Guard Shacks for Stadiums

You name the sport and we have supplied a guard shack. Some provide security so that only authorized personnel can access certain parts of a station or sports complex and other are simply for taking tickets and let the spectators in through an orderly system. These large gathering are drawing more concerns for safety of the operators and some are adding more and more features such a bullet proofing.
Guard Shacks for Theme Parks

Guard Shacks for Theme Parks

Every time we get a new super hero we get a new theme park! Yeah!!! Pretty fun but with the fun comes the need to secure access to the park and safety is just a s important as letting everyone into the theme parks  in an organized fashion. Air conditioning, safety glass, and bathrooms become more common every year as we continue to expand our customer base. 

Guard Shacks on “Quick Ship” 

Because sometime you need a Guard Shack right now!  800-326-4403
Guard Shack on GSA Contract

Guard Shacks on GSA Contract

Want a Guard Shack on GSA Contract? Easy! 800-326-4403

Every Option You Can Think of For The Exterior of a Guard Shack!

Exterior Walls:

     Aluminum Siding
     Brick Siding
     Wood Siding



Exterior Doors:

     Heavy Duty Steel Doors

Exterior Windows:

     Tempered Safety Glass Windows
     Vinyl Insulated Windows




     Exterior GIFS Electrical Receptacles

Locking Systems:

     Key Locks
     These are GUARD SHACKS! There are so many locks available!

Just ask about the unique exterior features you would like in a guard shack.

Every Option You Can Think of For The Interior of a Guard Shack!



A Restroom!

     Exhaust Fan for the Bathroom.
     Bathroom Heater 
hut off Switch for your Bathroom Heater,
     Instantaneous Water Heater
aper Towel Dispenser / Holder
Bathroom Cabinet and Mirror
Soap Dispenser


     Aluminum Diamond Plate Flooring


     Led Lighting

Interior Doors:

     Heavy Duty Door Closers


     Electrical Receptacles

Just ask about the unique interior features you would like in a guard shack.

Guard Shacks can be delivered and installed quickly in a variety of settings and can also be easily relocated if future needs change.