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Best Shelving for Growing Weed

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We made a living for many years providing mobile shelving to store court records and medical records. When paper files starting going electronic we had no idea there were “greener pastures” for the mobile shelving industry, but here we are. And the old phrase, greener pastures, could not be more appropriate for the evolution of mobile shelving as it has become the go to for vertical farming for everything from weed to microgreens. Today medical marijuana needs can be very specific so control of water and light and air quality can be critical to supply just the right type of “weed” for the job. 

Best Shelving for Growing Weed

Water Treatment for Cannabis Grows.

Let’s start with two major water quality misconceptions. Misconception one, all water is the same. This could not be further from the truth. Water quality varies tremendously from location to location, and all of these variations in water quality have different effects on your plants. Misconception number two, potable water or the water that you drink from your faucet is also adequate for plants. This is also not true. Plants and humans have different water quality needs to thrive.

For cultivation facilities

incoming water, regardless of whether it’s from a well or from a local municipality, should be tested by a trusted analytical lab. Once you have tested the water and gotten the results, you can begin to assess how the contaminants in your water might affect the plant’s. Contaminants will commonly be measured in parts per million or ppm for short, which is equivalent to one milligram of contaminant per liter of liquid. Important measurements can be categorized into general parameters, inorganic, organic and biological contaminants. P.H. is used to measure the acidity and alkalinity of a fluid and is measured on a scale from zero acidic to 14 basic essy or electrical conductivity is the ability of water to conduct an electrical current. Salinity and total dissolved solids or teats are used to calculate the sea of water, which helps indicate the water purity.  All of this can be built into our shelving systems to grow weed. Thus, the best shelving for growing weed.

GDP is measured of total dissolved solids.

And as an indication of water hardness level, which is measurement of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the water.The main concern with high levels of hardness is the scaling that will occur on the exposed infrastructure. It is also important to consider these concentrations of minerals in the development of your nutrient recipe. Chemicals, which are often found in municipal water for disinfection purposes, can build up in the soil and create browning yellowing or short looking leaves that will eventually fall off completely. Disinfection byproducts, pesticides, solvents and volatile organic carbons are all organic contaminants that exist in our waterways that can have unknown effects on plant health and microbiology. 

They’re not only dangerous for human consumption,

they can have disastrous effects on plants in the form of disease such as Rugrat. Groundwater and surface water sources often contain a range of biological contaminants like bacteria and viruses. Now that you have a better idea of what unwanted contaminants you have in your water, you can begin to evaluate your water treatment options. There are many water treatment technologies that could be considered, some in combination, to create the optimal growth system. The two main water treatment options found in the cannabis industry include reverse osmosis or R.O. and ozone treatment. Labs USA offers systems popular for cannabis cultivators. These systems work by pushing water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane, filtering out most contaminants. Ozone is an unstable gas comprising of three oxygen atoms and is readily used in domestic and industrial water treatment. But has recently been used to benefit many grow operations, ozone is generated when energy is added to oxygen, breaking apart the CO2 molecules into unstable oxygen atoms. These oxygen atoms combine to form three molecules which destroy the unwanted contaminants. Here’s a sample of what you’ll commonly find for a water treatment system in the commercial cannabis facility, incoming water will go through some sort of sand or carbon filter, water softening to reduce the hardness and R.O. to remove all of their constituents for storage.

Best Shelving for Growing Weed

The purified water will then be dosed with nutrients, according to the specific recipes, before going to cultivation.

Additionally, the stream will be highly concentrated with salts, nutrients, metals and other inorganic materials, municipalities often consider the stream of toxic liquid. Because of this, discharge of the stream can be very difficult. For example, discharging may require permits, further treatment or additional infrastructure requiring a lot of space, all of which come at a high cost. Additionally, this can wreak havoc on the local environment and disposal infrastructure. In addition to these burdens, our systems have a very high operational energy demand. In comparison to R.O., Ozanne does not have the brine disposal requirements, has a much lower operational energy and has the added benefit of increasing the dissolved oxygen in fertigation water. 

Best Shelving for Growing Weed

Most growers understand the vital importance of dough in the root zone of plants. Beneficial levels of diesel started around eight milligrams per liter. The saturation point of oxygen water depends on the temperature and salinity of the water, but mostly does not exceed 15 milligrams per liter. Ozone and water allows us to exceed this level by supersaturated the water with oxygen, because ozone or 003 is 13 times more soluble in water than O2, we are able to pump much greater levels of oxygen into the water in the form of ozone, which quickly reverts back to O2. But it a supersaturated level. In addition to the higher diesel levels, ozone systems can be used to clean the lines, which will heavily reduce maintenance costs and replacement rates of components. Here at Ceres, we believe a water treatment system should be designed to produce optimal water quality for your plants while also reducing costs and environmental impacts. Here is a sample flow diagram of one of our innovative solutions, this system not only treats incoming water, but also treats and reuses the nutrient waste in condensate water from the facility in a zero or minimal waste solution.

 Best Shelving for Growing Weed 

]Best Shelving to Grow Weed


For some weed growers Metro Wire Shelves are the perfect solution:

Metro Wire Shelving to Grow Weed
Metro Wire Shelving to Grow Weed 

For Many weed growers Metro Drying Racks are perfect solution:

Metro WaveDri Trays
 Metro WaveDri Trays
Metro WaveDri Trays
Metro WaveDri Trays
Metro WaveDri Trays

Metro WaveDri Trays 
Metro WaveDri Trays
Fume Hood for Cannabis

A Modern Medical Cannabis Plant.

Today a Cannabis Grow operation can fifty five thousand square foot production facilities with labs, flowering bays, drying rooms that support the life of a modern medical cannabis plant from a start to shipping.


Let’s Explore a Cannabis Lab


Back in the day, a plant used to start with a seed, a pot and some soil.  Today plant tissue culture is the beginning of the production batches.  At laminar flow hoods, like in the picture,  technicians take plant tissue, clean it, cut it and place it into a sterile petri dish where it grows roots and shoots before heading into the next room. Our sister company, Labs USA is a leader in providing Fume Hoods, laminar flow hoods, for the cannabis industry.

Best Shelving For Weed Labs

Cannabis Labs Typically also many wire shelving units. Common is whells to make the mobile shelving carts.
Need Wire Shelving for your Cannabis Grow Operation? Please Phone 800-326-4403 

Best Shelving for Growing Weed

Cannabis Grow Rooms

Follow me.Because the cannabis plant has several stages of life, we need several stages of rooms that support every stage of life. Each room we’re growing in we’re going into has different humidity and temperature and lighting requirements.

You’ll see, instead of a plant being in a container with soil, it’s actually in an agha’s solution. Or seaweed with certain plant hormones and nutrients, which stimulates the plant into growth. Behind me, you’ll see the old way of cultivating plants with a mother from whom little cuttings are taken and germinated into pots just like this. And the next stage is following.

Let’s Look at a Flowering Room in a Cannabis Grow Operation.

Strains are named for marketing like a strain called grape . Flowering rooms can have several hundred plants and the room sizes range from several hundred to several thousand plants. Sometimes every room has its own recycled air. No fresh air is brought in from outside. All of this is to ensure the integrity of the product clients get. 

Another variety of medical cannabis is , Corkle. 

 After the cannabis  is bottled up or packaged, it comes in to a fulfilment team who boxes it up, applies some beautiful stickers and product information and then sends it off to a dispensary or in some cases direct to your doorstep

Cannabis Drying Racks

 After the cannabis is harvested it goes to a dry dry room. Sometimes after the cannabis reaches a perfect humidity it is placed in bags protecting medical grade cannabis from white heat and temperature.


Wire Partitions

Security Cage

The key thing about the security cage or a vault in a licensed producers facility is it’s meant to deter theft.  You’re not getting into this unless somebody lets us in. Security Cages Can Even be used as tool cribs to house valuable tools used in cultivation so one person can check them in and out to keep inventory under control. Read more about security cages >

Vertical Farming Racks

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