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No doubt we all looking forward to golfing in the spring each year, as are the many golfers throughout the country. Many facilities, however, have less than adequate storage areas to store the bags. High Density Mobile Shelving Storage allows staff to get the bag to the member quicker!

Spacefile Mobile Shelving for Golf Club Storage

The Problem Storing Golf Clubs

Know of any Clubs that have experienced difficulties in efficiently storing golf bags and having quick access to them? Some facilities are too small, while some are using static shelving that can’t handle the volume that is required. With storage rooms filled to overflowing, staff find it challenging to locate and produce the appropriate bag in a timely enough manner to keep the member pleased.

Spacefile Mobile Shelving for Golf Club Storage

The Solution to Store Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs are turning to high density mobile shelving for storage to solve their issues. Spacefile International works closely with these Clubs in the early stages of design to formulate a comprehensive storage solution that meets their requirements. Given the diversity of the storage rooms, multiple approaches are required.

Spacefile International is able to craft superior storage designs based on the individual Club’s requirements. We can utilize static, mobile and custom components to maximize every square foot available. Each solution is made-to-order, so they can count on having a great solution.  

Each solution is designed for the specific room for which they are intended.

Spacefile Mobile Shelving for Golf Club Storage

The Result

Each solution stores more golf bags per cubic foot, maximizing the storage efficiency. Storage rooms are more organized, with less clutter. It means these rooms are safer, and provide the benefit of getting the bag to the member faster. With more efficient storage, Clubs have room to add more members’ bags too.

All this bodes well for spring! FORE!

Spacefile International is a world leader in high-density storage, providing insights into how to successfully integrate Mobile, Static and Customized modules into comprehensive storage solutions. Our designs showcase ways to increase storage up to four-fold, with North American-built products of uncompromising quality, attention to detail and best-in-class value.