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Aurora Museum Shelving by Material Handling USA

Aurora Museum Shelving by Material Handling USA

Aurora Shelving has been on the State of Utah Shelving Contract forever! Or it seems that way =) A long time! Call us today for information at 800-326-4403. Our Sister company NationWide Shelving holds the contract but you can use this phone number to reach us for information about the State of Utah shelving contract! As a matter of fact one of the first “Material Handling” projects we ever did was for the Utah Arts Council. As we were providing Mobile Art Shelving there was also need for some cantilever rack. Well…we were in the shelving business but to that point had really lived in the office type of world. It turns out a material handling company is much more suited for museum storage. 

Well it turns out that there are some heavy items in a museum. As a material handling dealer we can also do a much better job and finding the right solution for everything you find in a museum. As we combine art racks with heavy duty cantilever rack we find there can be solutions for the museum world. Smaller bins and so many attractive storage options we can draw from our lines of retail shelving that fit both back room and display art and museum artifacts, paintings and sculptures. Dinosaur bones? Yeah we got heavy duty shelving and rack for them as well.

Utah Museum ShelvingUtah Museum Shelving

Utah Museum Shelving

All the things the museum at the University of Utah Museum Shelving houses when not on display!

The University of Utah Museum of Natural History stores a vast variety of specimens, artifacts and information related to the science of natural history. The museum also curates a collection of fossils, minerals and geological specimens from Utah, the US and other parts of the world. They specialize in paleontology and geology, as well as Native American artifacts and Utah’s unique wildlife, plants and landscapes. These and other collections provide researchers, students and other visitors the opportunity to explore. Explore the natural environment and significance of local habitats and ecosystems. Additionally, the museum also stores a permanent collection of photographs, documents, animal remains and geology specimens from locations across the US, from the Great Basin to the Colorado Plateau. They don’t just store these on shelving. Some are stored in specialized cabinets with roll out drawers for easy and safe access to the specimens.

Solid Shelving End PanelsSolid Shelving End Panels

The museum also contains a vast collection of educational resources, including books and pamphlets relating to natural history topics, mineralogies and paleontological studies obtained from universities, laboratories, field sites and research institutions around the world.

These materials offer a wealth of information, providing insights into the development and evolution of local ecosystems, plants and animals. 

The museum’s avian collection holds thousands of specimens obtained through its bird banding program, which is one of the largest in the world.

Bird banding involves measuring and recording biometric data of individual birds to study their migration patterns and movements over time. At the museum, educational tools such as informational posters, videos and detailed specimens are used to introduce children and adults to the world of avian science.

The museum also houses an incredibly diverse array of cultural artifacts from various locations, including baskets, tools, weapons and adornment from the Great Salt Lake area and the surrounding urban areas.

These objects offer insight into the cultures, beliefs and lifestyles of various Native American tribes throughout Utah and the west.

Finally, the museum contains an extensive botanical collection, representing nearly 3,000 vascular plant species found in Utah, as well as a collection of rare native plants and rare species of cactus, grasses and trees.

This collection plays an important role in research, conservation and seed dispersal. It also acts as a valuable educational resource containing detailed specimens and photographs. for each item there is a specific type of Utah Museum Shelving On State Contract.



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