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Aurora Museum Shelving by Material Handling USA

Aurora Museum Shelving by Material Handling USA

Aurora Shelving has been on the State of Utah Shelving Contract forever! Or it seems that way =) A long time! Call us today for information at 800-326-4403. Our Sister company NationWide Shelving holds the contract but you can use this phone number to reach us for information about the State of Utah shelving contract! As a matter of fact one of the first “Material Handling” projects we ever did was for the Utah Arts Council. As we were providing Mobile Art Shelving there was a need for some cantilever rack. Well…we were in the shelving business but to that point had really lived in the office type of world. it turns out a material handling company is much more suited for museum storage but many times the call still goes out to more of a traditional style office shelving office furniture company. 

Well it turns out that there are some heavy items in a museum and as a material handling dealer we can do a much better job and finding the right solution for everything you find in a museum. As we combine art racks with heavy duty cantilever rack we find there can be solutions for the auto parts for smaller bins and so many attractive storage options we can draw from our lines of retail shelving that fit both back room and display art and museum artifacts, paintings and sculptures. Dinosaur bones? Yeah we got heavy duty shelving and rack for them as well.

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Utah Museum ShelvingUtah Museum Shelving