Is Pallet Rack Strong Enough For Rolls of Carpet?

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Well yes – A Pallet Rack is Strong Enough for Rolls of Carpet!! 

The total weight of the Neyland carpet per square yard is 51 ounces per their website. So a 16 by 70 foot carpet should weigh just under 400 pounds (396.66lbs).?

Typical rack can hold about 2,000 pounds per beam. since every level has two beams, about 4,000 pounds per level. 

Long row Of Pallet Rack for Carpet

Pallet Rack Beams For Heavy Storage


Beams are one component of how much weight pallet rack can hold. There are so many ways to put together components. Today in 2023 the best way to figure it out is still to call and talk with an expert. We are working on many automated tools including a tool to let customers put together sections of rack themselves based on required weight capacities and keeping cost as low as possible.

Pallet Rack Uprights for Heavy Storage


The second main component for making sure pallet rack can hold the weight you need it to is the uprights. 
Make it as strong as possible everything is still held up by the uprights. If an upright is damaged then it needs to be replaced. Not a huge deal but the rack will typically need to be emptied so the upright can be replaced. 
Upright Guards can prevent damage and increase safety.