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Metro High Density Track Shelving

Metro Shelving

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How much weight can each Metro Shelf hold?

  • MetroMax 4: 800lbs – 362kg
  • MetroMax i: 1000lbs – 453kg
  • MetroMax Q: 800lbs – 362kg
  • Super Erecta Pro: 800lbs – 362kg
  • Super Adjustable Super Erecta – 800lbs – 362kg
  • Super Erecta: 800lbs – 362kg

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The company that started the wire shelf revolution!
Yeah Metro. They thought it up and patented it. Its the little wave in the front of the shelf that gives it so much strength. It really has not been improved upon except by themselves.

Many have copied…
Since the original patent expired. But who is still on top? Yeah Metro! They just keep innovating. Did you just blink? Yep, they came up with another product! It seems every time the medical or laboratory community needs a new kind of shelving. Well they release it! Its like they invent it before anyone even knows they need it. Then when they realize the need it. metro releases it!

Nobody innovates the shelving industry over and over again like Metro Shelving Products. 

As an example. have you seen Metro’s new 2022 Cannabis Brochure? 
Metro 2022 Cannabis Brochure

Check it out! Metro 2022 Cannabis Brochure

In Fact – Check Out All Metro Shelving Brochures >


Check out this beautiful cannabis facility in Arkansas filled with Shelving And Carts

Metroseal Mobile Shelving in a Clone Room

Clone Room:

Metroseal Mobile Shelving. Choose the right shelving for the application. Where ever there is water, there is a chance you will get rust and corrosion. Eliminate that worry and add in the benefit of an antimicrobial finish by choosing Metroseal Green or Gray.

Metro SE Pro Shelving In Hand Dry Room

Hang Dry Application:

Metro SE Pro Shelving paired with a Metro custom cannabis hanger. This 12′ high space was designed for maximum product, including around large air returns.  The hanger is only available under special request and with minimum order quantities.

Metro Chrome Shelving For Totes in a Cannabis Storage Vault


Chrome shelving spaced for the size of totes. The 12′ high space is filled to the top with shelving! Working around obstacles is our specialty.

Wire Shelving for DFCM

6 Sections Of Metro Shelving On Wall

6 Sections Of Shelving On Wall

Corner Ideas For Wire ShelvingCorner Ideas For Wire Shelving

Corner Section of Metro Wire ShelvingCorner Section of Wire Shelving

Easy To Adjust Metro Wire ShelvingEasy To Adjust Wire Shelving

Inventory To Stock Metro ShelvingInventory To Stock Shelving

Metro Adjustable Wire Shelving State Of Utah

Metro Adjustable Wire Shelving State Of Utah

Single Section of Metro ShelvingSingle Section of Shelving

Metro Shelving PackagingMetro Shelving Packaging

Metro Wire Shelving At State of Utah BuildingWire Shelving At State of Utah Building

Metro Wire Shelving ServersWire Shelving Servers

Metro Shelving On a Building Blueprint

Metro Shelving On a Building Blueprint

Solid Shelves For Wire Shelving PostsSolid Shelves For Wire Shelving Posts

Stainless Steel Wire ShelvingStainless Steel Wire Shelving

U Shape Configuration Of ShelvingU Shape Configuration Of Shelving

Who Invented Wire Shelving?

Louis Maslow of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. invented the original wire shelf referred to as the Erecta shelf in 1969. The team at Metro has continued to improve upon his original vision with our selection of wire shelving.

Why choose Metro shelving over other brands?

Metro shelving is the industry standard for storage in foodservice, healthcare, and commercial businesses. From the time they invented the wire shelf, the Metro team has worked tirelessly to improve the shelving. Over time, Metro Industry Experts have created multiple shelving brands to fit your institution’s exact needs.

About Metro Shelving

Metro is located in the city of Cuauhtémoc Chihuahua, near the US border. A dynamic city with important education centers and a transportation network allowing for easy transfer of raw material and finished products. Within the plant, every area is a reflection of constant innovation and development with state of the art, technology and automated equipment integrated for efficient lean manufacturing. The production processes allows Metro to obtain optimal results in our cutting, welding, finishing and plastic injection processes.

Shelving Cutting and Welding Equipment

Metro cuts, prepare and pre fabricate one by one the parts forming the shelving units. Then during the manufacturing process, Metro performs subassemblies and welds the collars that will join the trays.

Metro Accessories Production

In the accessories area, we weld pre-fabricated metallic components for every product and adherence to engineering drawings and specifications. In the post area, we groove one inch steel posts and cut them to the customer’s required length. Thus, once we have made the shelf posts and metallic accessories, we send them to the finishing area and there we apply the final finish. It is a versatile process with multiple capabilities.

Metro products receive either powder coating, electro polishing, nickel and chrome plating zinc process in olive drab or bright.


Another important process area at Inter Metro Mexico is the injection molding area by using modern presses with capacities ranging from 280 to 1000 tons. The plastic subcomponents that are added to the metal shelving units we manufacture are molded, giving our products the versatility required by the customer.

Once the manufacturing work is finished, the products are sent to the packaging area. 

They are packed in cardboard boxes with their components and assembly instructions. Then they are placed on wood pallets and moved to the shipping area and are placed in trailer containers that will be shipped to their corresponding distribution center. We ship approximately 24,800 pieces daily. The City of Acuna is located in the Mexican state of Coahuila. It stands next to the Rio Grande River, which separates it from the city of Del Rio, Texas. 

Blow molding is a process where the material is accumulated in the heads of the machine and then it’s expelled inside the machine for the blowing process. And then pressed by two cavities, the conveyor arm enters the blowing process to hold the pieces. Once the blowing cycle is finished, the conveyor arm removes the parts from the machine and delivers them to the operator. The operator removes the plastic surplus and inspects the part. Debris is it and then packs it in the container. 

Metro Max Shelf Assembly Process

This consists of a continuous line flow through our frame assembly machine. Once the ends are inserted, it is then placed onto the conveyor until it reaches an automatic screwdriver for the placement of stainless steel screws and continues with the assembly of the central beams, grids or solid shelves according to the preference of our customers. Our Med and lifeline cart assembly lines are very efficient assembly lines where our employees, through the performance excellence process, have made significant improvements in quality and productivity.

The main structure of the car is formed with the frames from which four sizes are derived and the tires are added. 

The corners and the car closing system are added to the unit, followed by the assembly of the plastic side panels. Once fastened the drawer, slides and drawers are installed, meeting the customer’s specific configuration. Here the cart is cleaned off and then the respective manuals and labels are added according to the car model. All the accessories that the customer requested are placed onto the cart. Each cart is validated such that it is built according to the work order and that it contains all the accessories requested by the customer to finally pass it to the packing area. In Acuna, we have 13 injection molding presses ranging from 100 to 2000 tons. The raw material is raised by vacuum to fill the hopper. 

The pieces then formed by injecting material at high temperatures. 

Finally, the piece is cooled through the chiller system for a few seconds. Protrusion is a continuous automated and close mold process. The materials are impregnated by a resin bath located at the entrance of the mold. The product is then pulled by a hydraulic system until it is cut into sections through a system of saws which are programmed to cut the profiles to the desired length. 

In northeastern Pennsylvania resides the Wilkes-Barre manufacturing facility. 

This is home to all sheet metal based products, including the Manufacturing and Assembly of the Food Service Cabinet line and the Starship’s Assembly Lines. The Wilkes-Barre facility contains a wide array of sheet metal fabrication processes in order to meet the wide array of customer requirements and expectations. Those processes include state of the art fiber, laser cutting capabilities to meet the individual profiles and requirements of thousands of different parts. Integrated numerical control technology that combines mechanical punching with laser profiling.

Metro also has made a substantial investment in plating and powder coating equipment in order to epoxy coat hundreds of different parts in over 20 different colors. 

This process is utilized for products and cabinetry stars, as well as hundreds of stand alone components. Inter metro Wilkes-Barre is also proud to be the sole supplier to an ever growing sheet metal based product offering that includes stainless steel, welded assembly, surgical case cards for the health care industry, banquet cabinets for the food service industry, food service cabinets both in the non insulated series one line and the Insulation Armor Series three line. Highly configurable, high performance lines such as Series four, six, eight and nine, as well as DT and R series transport cabinets. 

Where is Metro Shelving Manufactured?

Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania USA is the manufacturing home. The full line Metro Shelving is manufactured there. This includes Starsys Product offerings for both health care and commercial markets. Both the USA as well as across the world