Nexel Wire Shelving

Nexcel was established in 1989 and then acquired by the Global Industrial Corporate structure at that point, It was established earlier, but as Nextel Industries under Global in 1989. . So over 30 plus years as working under Global Corporate structure in the markets. We know we’ve serviced for that time a big part about our shelving. Again, like a lot of other folks that do shelving, there’s some similarities. So Nextel brand likes to really call out some of the diversity in sizes and finishes that are available. 40 standard sizes product seven in main finishes. Nextel Wire Shelving has been used in food service, health care, the industrial market, retail market, education office and in general, consumer applications. So a very diverse product line with a very diverse customer base. Nextel is based out of New York and Port Washington, New York with five distribution centers throughout the US.  Those fulfillment in Vegas, Texas, Wisconsin, New Jersey and Georgia really kind of canvas the country to insure quick and reliable delivery to NationWide Shelving’s customers. With over two million square feet of storage, we’ve got a lot of product on on hand.


Here’s a quick view of Nextel Shelving  finishes.


Standard finishes: chrome, epoxy coated from black and silver into our poly coats, poly green, bright stainless steel and Nextel’s name brand, called Nixonland.


So what you’re seeing here is basically good, better, best from, you know, application, durability and warranty. So left to right, krumping, pretty standard in industrial for dry storage and kind of your kind of light applications. Epoxy coating comes with some additional benefits and warranties. And then obviously the poly and stainless Nexon will grow with some other applications as well. And we’ll get into this a little bit more. Our next garden finish is one of the things we like to call out a lot because it’s an antimicrobial protection. So that does help to, you know, fight off bacteria, mold and mildew that might build up in any of those residues and and also help with, you know, any kind of stink, so much stain resistant, odor resistant to to a degree you see there, the NSF logo. That’s a big food service thing. I don’t know if you guys deal that much in food service or if you have any, you know, products that that might be on, you know, with commercial kitchens or anything in that regard. But NSF is a certification for food grade storage, and all our product is marked as such and it is certified for that.


food service just kind of give you a quick shot to some of the products from our shelving to our Dunner drags, tray carts, plastic mat shelving as well, not just our wire shelving and just some of the the work centers that we’ve created and using some of the components of all our products to reimagine beyond just wire shelving, using wood tops to create workbenches, work centers and such.


As we look more into our industrial market between industrial storage bins, racking, shelving, seating, much more so we carry everything from our standard wire shelving to our rivet lock shelving, steel shelving, whether closed or open shelving material handling equipment.


So it’s got to be moved from Dollis pilot projects, sheet and cart movers, everything like that. We also have a big, big, big category that we found most of the dealers from Excel have been successful with is our lockers as well. And then into seating, whether it’s industrial or office seating, it is all covered here to. 


The health care market:

Nextel Wire Shelving has a lot of products that were also marketed and created to to touch in that area, again, from carts and using the you know, obviously using the imagery to kind of put it into place from cards, multipurpose cards, utility cards, security cards, suture card, as you see here, called out. But we’ve we’ve tailored a couple of products to speak to that market. So if you do have opportunities in the past you’ve walked away from because it hadn’t really you really hadn’t had a product to offer there. This is a good new niche market you can look into, especially what’s going on right now. Right. A lot of health care companies and market I’m sorry, and hospitals and such are just in high demand and growing and overtaxed. And they’ve got to work. They’ve got to build centers for all the things that we’re trying to do as a country in health care, from vaccinations to hospitalization. So we do see we did see an increase, unfortunately, in the need for products in that market. And we were here to certainly.


Price has been  afforded to nextel us the ability to be considered, even though we’re not on contract like metro and our fulfillment abilities have also put us in a position to be considered all the time. So we do find we’re competitive, very competitive. We don’t want them all, but we can certainly win a lot. And our product assortment is diverse enough, as I’ve been saying, to pique interest there and give yourselves an opportunity to present it to your customers and see if you can pull HomeAway. But if you’re going up someone who really has to be on contract and they’re just committed to it because of all the things that come with that, you know, it’s difficult to get them out of that and it’s hard for them to rationalize it when they’ve got the incentives of the of the program, whether it comes with rebates or other perks. But there will be some you’re going to win because we can just price it a little better, a little more flexible, and we’re not as tied in to certain rigidity because of that.


 the on hand inventory is usually pretty high because of all the square footage we’ve got. And it’s you know, we our team has done a great job because, listen, as part of global footprint is pretty enormous.  that’s involved on that end of the business to really ensure that products are in place when they need to be and they’re spread out through the country for availability. , we’ve  rarely run up against any hiccups with with being depleted on stock for a long time.


 Nestle as a brand is owned by Global. So it’s one of their kind of their house brands. So they do they have a lot invested in ensuring that the next brand stays strong and is viable as a brand. There’s no plans to take the brand of next sale and move off of that. IAnd there’s just, you know, decades of branding. 


Yeah, sir, to touch quickly on the shelving types, y we do carry some of the same stuff from our standard wire shelving solid steel, whether it’s galvanized or stainless easy, it just shelves which have the ability to be adjusted up and down more quickly than a standard shelf shelving, wire basket shelving. And then what we call our next slide shelving, which is a plastic removable shelf that serves a lot of industries as well. So there’s a sort of snapshot of the types of shelves we provide and offer. 


Standard kind of just to education on how the product works, basically shelves and posts, pretty straightforward, the same bullet points on some of the, you know, the specs to in some of the, you know, kind of selling points here. But for the most part, you’ve got a shelf. You got a post. In addition to that, we add at Caster’s if you want to make it mobile. But, you know, pretty, pretty certain fisherfolk shelving is not too difficult and too complicated. 


just sort of overview on the chrome finish, essentially, it’s a it’s a bright chrome finish over the Unicco. Nicole electroplated steel. So you get that high gloss finish that people kind of come to be accustomed to with wire shelving. Again, we do like it’s durable enough for storage applications and also could be used as a display. So we’ve tried to make some efforts to push into creating some other uses for something to kind of reimagine it beyond just as an industrial product, but make it somewhat of a display instead of a pleasing product as well. Although, you know, we do all those things are all pluses. The one year warranty is really the lowest warranty we offer. So that does come into play a little bit in spending on the application you’re going to use and want to make sure that you got a product that holds up.


Our EP finishes, this is our Silvertip we’re focusing on, is just it’s an epoxy powder coat over over the product itself, so it does create a little bit of a rust inhibitor.


It’s a little little more used in wet environment or colder environment.


We see this cell a lot on our foodservice side and in some cases health care side, where it might be exposed to more refrigerated applications and colder storage and might be exposed to more liquids than that than standard chrome shelving. But certainly that doesn’t only mean it’s going to be used in food services, a lot of industrial applications of commercial applications that also do have, you know, maybe a higher humidity environment or liquid storage or chemical storage in some cases. And that’s where we’ll get into some of the other coatings and finishes as well. 

That’s a seven year warranty. So you really take a big jump up and warranty from one to seven with this with this change and the price point, as is actually a little bit more affordable than the chrome. So it has become a more popular product in recent years because of that.


Stainless steel finish listening when it’s over her stainless steel products, the more expensive, they’ve got their applications, but there’s a reason for it in addition to looking nice, right?


It’s got that smooth, attractive finish. It is designed to handle more extreme cold, more extreme wet environments. The rust and corrosion resistance is much higher than our chrome and our EP.


And then this also comes with a much longer warranty, a limited lifetime warranty, effectively assuming it’s used in the right way and it’s not being used a stepladder, you’re going to get basically a lifetime warranty on that product.


But lots of applicants for stainless steel. I don’t know how much you guys have come across it in the past, but I don’t know if you carry do you carry any stainless steel product at the moment?


Meterology. Yeah, yeah, I guess we do. Yeah, OK, so I don’t know how much opportunity you get for it.


We you know, we see some we don’t see a lot personally in I a couple of years here on this side, you know, with the group, don’t see a ton of requests for it. But we do have some dealers that have, you know, a steady stainless steel business.


And we certainly have brought that product up to snuff to to kind of match the needs in the market to right.


Where where do you place that product? What’s good application?


Well, I think you’d see it in how sorry I got to go back, won some clean if you got an environment, obviously that’s got some, like I said, with the with the with the moisture levels that you want to keep down, but also cleaner environments. And this is similar to an excellent product where you might see it more in health care for sure. Stainless steel is often used a lot in health care, laboratory environments, service to a degree as well. Hospitality in some regards. A lot of government spec work might also come with the need for some stainless steel products for wherever the application is.


So it is again a higher end product that’s going to be. There’s a niche market for it. We just don’t see a lot of it. But those are the typical environments for an applications.


And that not that’s not I don’t think because of anything more than I think a lot of the partners we have right now and a lot of our dealers aren’t working with that kind of customer base that might have that necessitate stainless steel. And our sales groups and our sales reps that are out in the field have have also not really kind of uncovered a lot of those opportunities at this point. But we’re always looking for. OK, you know, just to kind of quick, quickly give you an idea of starter units would effectively we most of our product can be bought into all of our product, rather, can be bought as components, other shelves or posts.


But we do have a lot of standard sized products and start units and add on units that can just be purchased with the model number that includes everything. It’s you know, if you’ve ever put any of this stuff together, you know how how easy it is to assemble. Not much required. Maybe a mallet, but really no other hard tool needed the poster numbered in one inch increments. So you have an idea where to adjust the shelves, shelf clips, snap right onto the post and you leave the shelf right on top of it.


And we also include levelers for the post so that you can make sure you got no uneven shelving if the floors don’t want to cooperate with you.


Just pretty straightforward there and on units, again, just to help compliment those, a little less materialist used just to add on, and they are fixed with what we call our hooks, kind of hold the shelves together without needing, you know, one of an extra set of posts that would normally be there.


Our solid shelving, just again, to give you an idea, a lot of people know next sell for wire shelving, but we do carry a lot of other shelves, obviously, as we mentioned. But solid steel is another one that we really like to call out to, you know, a little more durable with. It’s an 18 gauge steel, certainly more heavy duty. There are little raised edges around this shelf that also helps to prevent spills.


You can’t see it here in the callout, but they are just a bit to kind of, you know, keep in anything that might roll or spill out.


So you also offer it like I said, this is we have a galvanized steel, but also a stainless steel as well in the solid shell.


Utility cuts are a big, big project that we move through to our partners and it fits every application. So, you know, you’re basically taking the same shelves in cash as we would use for any mobile units. We’ve got a lot of different handles and a lot of different configurations we’ve put together for this for either steel shelving, wire shelving, plastic shelving, utility carts. You know, they’re everywhere and they can be used everywhere.


So we see a lot of these move, especially in, you know, especially in locations that have like stockpicking or replenishment or even in distribution where, you know, you’ve got your storying most your stuff that’s going to be stationary for a long time. But once it’s got to be moved into production line or even into distribution, into the shipping and receiving years, you know, you got it. You got to use some material handling. Sometimes it’s heavy duty and use pallet jack or forklift, but sometimes it’s more light duty. You can get away with this also great in stores and retail and stuff like that.


Hospitals, because you see that shot there on the top, left you in the medical field, especially if you’ve dealt with Metcher in the past. You’ve probably sold a lot of these from Métro standpoint into into there, into the health care market to. And any questions on the at this point, I don’t want to keep. I know sometimes I tend to move a little fast.


I don’t know any questions.


If I could, then I feel like I’m really doing a great job. So I want to shout now just just just let me know.




Again, along the lines of the mobility, like I said, every one of our products, we can add classes to the post or we can add a daily basis to increase capacity in some cases, you know, create a more rugged product for the environment it’s in. But any any any story in any shelving, you know, we have can be made into a truck just in the car, the casters. And then you might want to add some push handles and some ledges and stuff around the the the outside to maintain the product and keep it keep it intact, keep it on the shelves, make sure it doesn’t roll or spill over. It is also a big seller for us to in some cases, you know, they go, you know, maybe some of our top selling products or mobile units.


What’s the top three markets for their.


For the shop truck, yeah, honestly, James, everything the top three, I would say for us, if we’re including sort of the the commercial industrial market as one huge, their health care is obviously a very big one. Education and food service are up there, too, I’d say industrial health care and food service are the top three markets for our.


Thanks. Yeah.


Our close Wireshark trucks, we’ve seen a big uptick in needs for this lately, especially as a lot of companies are looking to secure. You know, Faceman, a lot of the PPE that’s that’s being purchased out there. Know there was, you know, a lot of locations, companies or, you know, factories, warehouses. These production centers got to keep their folks not just with face masks, but also just general safety equipment. A lot of the stuff has got to got to be signed out. It’s got to be secure because you get a lot of sticky fingers and some in some places. So these are great for that, but also great in health care to keep, you know, the medical products locked up or secure. Some places, you know, especially in hospitality and food service, you see a lot of liquor that has to get locked up. Right. So you see a lot of these use it for security in that regard. So you have many, many applications we just happened to show here in health care. But there’s no shortage of product that needs or things that need to be secured and locked and kept either mobile or stationary, because we can offer them both, you know, both ways.


This one has endless markets in my mind.


As you can see here, taking those from just in a close wire shop, truck, three side, it’s now more what we call a security unit. We had the front doors to it as well.


And these are great. They really are.


Lots of different things you could do here. Lots of things you could speak to, I feel like you guys probably you have any use on your site at the moment. I think I thought I might have saw something quick when I looked.


Not that I can recall, but but in all likelihood, we do. We’ve been building that site since before Google was around. So there’s a few things on there that we may have forgot about.


Gotcha. Well, I think this is a good one to focus on, too, for us with you, if that’s something that’s missing, you know, in the line. This is a good product to fill some gaps for you.


Yeah, it’s kind of a nice alternative in some instances to a security cage where they might get a handful of these. Yeah. And give different departments or different people access rather than buying a whole security cage and trying to monitor that.


Yeah, right. And also, you know, if you build the cage and you’re going to build up effectively a room, you know, you’re you’re kind of putting that in place and it’s going to kind of be there. Right. So you’re making a commitment to that, to to be a you know. Kind of kind of be there for a while. This is less of an issue, the ability to say, hey, you know, we want to do that, we don’t need.


To kind of dedicate the space just to the security kids, we can keep that open and we can have a bunch of these, they’re moving around as needed and have had them throughout the facility that they need to access it.


So it provides a little more flexibility, to your point, against something like a cage. Sure, some of our accessories for cards, these are cart covers these. Pretty standard with a lot of folks that do what we do with the West shopping, and once they make them to carts big and medical, big, big and health care and, you know, whether it’s for linens or food delivery or even for medical delivery and, you know, medication delivery, but also for in some cases in hospitality, we see a bunch of it for linens as well, short term health care. We see a lot of it to. These are basically customizable to a degree, but we offer like some standard stuff where it’s the clear red, blue and white, so really great, a little add on to to get a little little value, add a little accessory for it.


Wirb in storage.


Essentially, what we’re taking is a wire product concept and created wire beans from it. These are nice, easy access or modular storage system helps to increase the efficiency of time and space when you got to and you’ve got to move things quickly, store things quickly, but also be able to grab it and kind of itemise it, categorize it and sort it in a way that’s not dedicating yourself to something, but giving you the ability to have better control of inventory.


We do have dividers isn’t as another accessory here. So you can kind of split these up even more, create some more sub compartments with that. And again, just kind of call out that the wire construction does come in handy because it is it is strong, it is rigid, and it’s not a flimsy wire basket.


Ahmadu box carriers now this is a nice product, too, I always like to call these out because I think there’s a lot of opportunity for people to imagine kind of organization, you know, how things are going to be stored without necessarily using just shelf space, you know, taking some imagination, using the bins to being able to divide stuff up adjustable slides on them so they pull out pretty easily.


These are great for any really any application from stock picking replenishment for even again in the health care market for storage, different applications in health care, whether it’s medicine itself, syringes, needles or even for discarding stuff. And all these boxes, the divider boxes are also available. So it’s not just the unit and the slides. We have the containers in the bins. Those are part of the product as well.


That kind of sort of brings us to the bin storage solutions you guys currently carry any specific bins or any sports, anyone specifically?


I guess Cristen doesn’t have audio on here, or maybe I got audio, but there he goes. Can you answer that question, Chris?


What is the question again? Sorry.


My question was, who do you guys currently work with for any of these types of solutions from the bean counters and such?


Oh, for plastic bins, we would typically use Quantong. OK, but I have no like, you know. Strong relationships there. OK. I would have no problem. Switching mainly, it’s the ease of getting pricing from them.


So if you would be just as easily for us to get prices, I’d be happy to call you guys. Absolutely. I just email my wrap over there and say this is what I’m looking for. And she usually gets back to me same day. So OK. Yeah, well, that same process will be here. You know, we’ll we’ll definitely get back to you same day. OK, and do you know how you guys compare to Quantum’s pricing?


Yeah, I mean we’re pretty par in some cases. What? Yeah. Well I’ll say this.


When we were just operating as an example before the merger with Global, we the access to the bins we would focus on which were the global house brand bins and then some of the other manufacturer partners they had. Quantum is actually one of the partners too. So in some cases, we what we have, we get it from some beans from Quantum also. So if you wanted to compare your price from quantum to your price for Quantum through us, we can do that as well. But we’d probably also provide other options from the global label. Like I said, Lewis Bend’s Acra Beans, some of the other partners that we work with.


Oh, I see. So so you have a lot of I got a quote from you. It’s either going to be Achara Lewis or Quantum.


Yeah. Or an actual next cell.


No, there’s not a next step in, but the next cell, the house brand would be it’d be global, it’d be global spin, global industrial spin. So global is the is the kind of the label of the pin, but that’s also the next bin.


So being that we’re part of that as part of the corporate structure, that is what the the bin that would be our bin would be. So I will give you four or five options for Bin.


Ok, great.


So, yeah, and we do everything from the plastic bins to the containers to the shipping containers to standard tote, to the bin storage systems, as you see there on the right, from storage cabinets to the mobile bin racks as well.


So we’ve got it all. We can cover that entire spectrum.


We’ll move past that real quick now just to touch upon next guard in the beginning, and I just wanted to come back to it again here because that that antimicrobial agent does come into play for a lot of customers now. So it’s a good talking point, a good point to bring up that that coating does ensure that you’re helping to protect. Now, it’s not 100 percent going to say you can’t have you’re never going to have any mold buildup or bacteria buildup, but it will offset what would normally occur with other products. So anything from our open storage to our security units to our next Salom or Poly’s Ebright, these are all sort of the preeminent products that we have with that coating on at that next garden finish. And it’s basically, like I said, it’s antimicrobial, but it’s it’s built into the manufacturing process.


So when it’s coated, it’s built into the coating. And then once that’s applied to the post and shelves, it becomes part of the finished.


Ok, so now just a couple of other options, we wanted to show some of the other things that we can do with our product and kind of just give you an idea. Government storage, taking that and basically making the contracts really don’t need to dive too deep into this is not necessarily something that’s going to light up eyes and get you salivating to sell. But it’s just, again, to show you the diversity and who we can speak to and who we can talk to from the markets, from the customer and from the application.


So just to give you a little idea of the product there. This one, I think, is is a big winner to the stainless steel work tables. You got an 18 Estill to four 30 series top lower shelf is adjustable, galvanized, really good looking product. Lots of applications, again, for service, health care, health care, anything from from long term and even acute health care laboratories or places where there might be more cleaner environments, cleanroom construction, R&D labs, electronic manufacturing, anyone that’s, you know, really, really got to keep some stuff clean. This is a great, great product to offer into those markets lockers. Like I said, we we see a ton of success with our dealer partners here.


This is one of the ones that these are branded products. They’re not a Nixa label product or global product also.


But they they come to any domestic manufacturer that anybody in your customer base might have heard of.


So in addition to having access to the Hollowell lockers, Pankow lockers, we also have our own brand. That’s a global price. Points are going to be very competitive. The assortment is really diverse from a single tier to a double tier part of me down to triple tier six tier and 16 person lockers, single wide, three wides. We’ve got a lot of different options here.


Three different series that we carry for this as well. So again, it’s a good, better, best, but I think you’ll be really happy to to be able to quote these items to your customers and promote these items to your customers. I think you will find a lot of success here. We can offer these unassembled or assembled. So we do the assembly at the DC level that usually adds a couple of days to the shipping time, but assemble lockers, stock item ship, same day, ships all flat. And if the customer has got the resources to put it together, they’ll save a couple of dollars on the price. But if not.


Then the value add is that we will assemble it for them and we’ll ship it to him, assemble. Great product, I think. I hope that you guys will see a lot of value in this one and be able to take off with it.


Yeah, that’s fun. When you say good, better, best is is a three different brands or three different manufacturers or you’re saying good, better, best from the same manufacturer.


Correct. Good, better, best for the global brand.


It’s the we have a Capital Series, Paramount series and the Infinity series. So those three series are all from the same manufacturer. Just a couple more bells and whistles within each. And, you know, we could always do a deep dive specifically into lockers one day if you want, where we can call out all the all the little differences from the handles to the henges to, you know, some of the metals. But for the most part, it’s just a couple of different price points.


You’ll get there mostly look the same as the global brand, somebody that we know, like it would be a common name.


It’s a growing common name as a brand, I think. I think some of your customers will.


Yeah, but maybe not yet. What what is the brand?


It’s just called global, it’s just global industrial names, so you’d see it as global industrial would be the brand, the product brand name.


Ok, so it’s not like next be a global wire shelving, but bread, but it was next. The lockers are Pancha lockers, but now they’re global. Right, right.


So next cell is right. So next house is on brand owned by global. And then Global has its own branded lying, just literally called global industrial. It’s the same thing as the company. So it’s really one like one branded thing, global industrial, the company and the global industrial branded products, which range from, like I said, some of the stuff we’ve talked already about and many, many more products that you’ll come to see in the next couple of slides. But you will basically the name will be Global Industrial as the product brand name for these products that aren’t the next product.


And the next product is primarily the wire shelving and a few other pieces here and there. But you’ll you’ll basically be referring to it as global, industrial or XL. Like, for example, here, the cabinets, you guys would be you guys would be talking this up as a global industrial cabinet, so it’s pretty, pretty good storage cabinet line. We’ve got our standard kind of standard storage, garment storage, janitorial, or, you know, we have this one here on the right called like the clear view storage cabinets offer them in 10 Ingrey also like the lockers they’re off. They’re offered as assembled or unassembled. So those, you know, come come with that value to tan and gray. They’re all lockable. We offer padlocks as well, but they’re all key locks. They all come with the key lock. And really, again, here, showing you as you kind of come to the conclusion of the slide, the presentation, you know, just all the other types of products that are global branded products, that stat that you would you know, that you would see from fans to office furniture, HBC additional storage cabinets, file cabinets, material handling. You know, lift trucks to Dollis and, you know, lots of different things that we have in our line trucks, you know, utility carts, so so there’s a lot that comes to to you through us even moving into some of the janitorial stuff here, too, you name it. It’s it’s covered and it’s carried by us. This is a huge emerging market to obviously people going above and beyond to clean that, keep their places clean, keep their environments, you know, as sterile as they can. So these are some of the products you’d see in use. These are huge, too. I mean, literally, these are functional equivalent to Rubbermaid. If someone’s looking for Rubbermaid, you can pivot to this and say, I can save you 30 percent, get you something that’s essentially the same, performs the same function.


You know, there’s no minimums on it. I can get it right out of one of the dishes. Either you close you guys out nutile, right. So you’re close to Nevada or Texas, if needed, to keep that kind of more Western distribution. And I think that’s a real win and a real value add to the customer. You’ve got this other option for you, and that’s the big, big play on with us and our private label of products is that now they they are functionally equivalent to the name brands people use, but there are a fraction of the cost. Availability is is great and there’s no minimums like some of the other factories require. Outdoor furniture, again, more products that are under the Global House brand, a big emerging market, too, as people are looking for ways to get their folks outside, keep them in some fresh air. Right now, obviously, the season for it. But as we get into spring and summer, you see the market pick up for this and tons of requests come in for this. So this is another great little product for you to think about. And again, as we discussed, here’s our distribution. And fulfillment abilities. So we did we do a good job of really spreading it out. It does. You know, this the side of the market, does the West Coast still. We still are considering adding something else out there. But right now, we just opened up the facility in Texas. That’s in DeSoto, Texas. So that’s the new one that just got on board to kind of help lend some additional support to the West Coast distribution.


But again, it’s really comprehensive from a distribution fulfillment standpoint, and that helps out especially customers of ours that are not just a regionally based company.


All our products. We find our house brand products are going to be as affordable as any out there and perform at a very high level for the shelving.


Again, we offer one of the most Dentsu varieties of finished through the seven different finishes in this product group and again keeping that superior quality in household brands for for our customers. Because of that price point, people tend to think, you know what, if it’s less expensive, it’s probably cheaply made. And that’s not what we do. We have a superior quality product and we do maintain great price points for you, but we don’t really sacrifice the quality at all on the stocking position.


 but we hear such great, great things from our customers and our partners and how great our team is handled their requests for quotes and orders and any service issues that have to order. We take a lot of pride in that. We take a lot of pride in being very connected to our customers. And our team has done an exceptional job over the years. . Quotes, inventory checks or processing. Everything that comes into us is typically handled that day unless it’s something that needs some special recorded on it. Or is this some kind of a little out of the ordinary issue there? Everything that comes to us is the same day processed or same day reply to you. We do have free shipping program too, for our products. So there are within within our programs. If the orders over two thousand dollars for wire product, anything, it’s covered in our freight program, it should we pick up the freight there. It’s one of the, I think, more competitive programs for what we do for this type of product. Heavy product. We do find it.