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From The Most Common Wire Shelving Units to Complex Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Shelving Units. We Have You Covered With Your Favorite Brands. For Improved Use Of Space And Organization. Improve Pick Times,  and Reduce Damage to Products.

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We carry many brand of shelving to be sure we have the right shelving for sale near you.

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Borroughs >

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From Office Files to The premier brand of Mobile Shelving Material Handing USA has it all to help your business.

Office File Shelving
Mobile Shelving
Times Two Speed Files

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Datum High-Density Storage
Datum Filing Systems
Datum 4Post™ 
Datum Thinkstak®
Datum Wide-Span
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Western Pacific

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RiveTier Boltless
Pacific Steel
Deluxe Industrial

Hallowell Rivetwell Boltless ShelvingBoltless

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File Shelving

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SpaceFile SDS Mechanical Assist High Density Mobile Shelving

SpaceFile SDSe Electric High Density Mobile Shelving

SpaceFile SDSm Manual High Density Mobile Shelving

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MCL Mechanical Mobiles Shelving
MCL Light Duty Mobiles Shelving
MCL Manual Mobiles Shelving
MCL Office and File Shelving
MCL Riveted Shelving
MCL Steel Shelving
MCL Library Shelving

Lyons Open Steel Shelving
Lyons Industrial Closed Steel Shelving
Lyons Metal Shelving with Drawers
Lyons Industrial Steel Bin Shelving
Industrial Steel Counter Height Shelving
Lyons 2000 Series Shelving
Lyons 8000 Series Shelving

Health Care Shelving

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Boltless Shelving System

Static Shelving

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Republic Industrial Clip Shelving
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Versatile Shelving Systems
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Technibilt Wanzl

Technibilt Healthcare Shelving
Technibilt Wire Tech 100™
Technibilt Beer Cave Shelving
Technibilt Grocery Shelving
Technibilt YourTable™
Technibilt Shelving Systems(TSS) 
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Metalia Automotive Shelving
Metalia Mining Shelving
Metalia Agricultural Shelving
Metalia Parts Department Shelving
Metalia Military Shelving
Metalia Drawers for Shelving

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Grosfillex Plastic

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Snowmobile Parts Shelving >
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Manufacturing Shelving

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Healthcare Shelving

Pharmaceutical Shelving

Box File Shelving

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Rid u Rak

MJ Library Shelving

MJ Library

Case Style Library Shelving
Mobile Library Shelving
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Interlake Rack Shelving

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Western Pacific Shelving

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Western Pacific Accu-Wall Shelving System For Any Put-To-Light or Pick-To-Light Technology >

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Tri-Boro Shelving

Tri-Boro N&B Sturdi-Frame Open Shelving Unit >
Tri-Boro Boxer Shelving >
Tri-Boro Rivet Rack >
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School Shelving

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Legal Shelving

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Gallery Shelving

Nuts and Bolts Shelving

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Fulfillment Center Shelving

Banking Shelving

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Car Dealership Shelving

Trailer Shelving

Stainless Steel Wire Shelving Unit

Vertical Growing Shelving

Aviation Shelving

Motor Sports Shelving

Public Transportation Shelving

Watches Jewelry and Coin Shelving

Tool Manufacturing Shelving

Defense and Security Shelving

Mezzanine Shelving

Off Site Storage Shelving

Manufacturing Shelving

Mining Shelving

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E Commerce Shelving Solutions

Micro Fulfillment Shelving

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Wall Shelving

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Art Shelving

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Sometime around 1986
or so our founder was offered a job selling shelving =). Shelving? Yeah sounds crazy but there were few jobs at that time so….off we go! Well the “go” was pretty good and here we are 45 years later selling…..shelving! Yeah things have changed a bit but it is still the primary place our customers put there stuff! In the 80’s company picked a brand to sell and held to that one vendor so if the product didn’t fit the application well….

at Material Handling USA  we offer 100’s of brands. They cover every possible application. Day in and day out there is a new application. Our vendors continue to innovate products making better and more specific products to store our customers inventory. The early days were deeply rooted in shelving made of steel for paper file folders. Industrial products were clunky and not well thought out. The focus was in the front office when companies spent money on shelving.

Today’s world
includes 3pl’s warehouses and inventory storage solutions that few saw coming. Plastic products continue to improve. though steel is still the primary product purchased in the warehouse. Today the focus has moved to the warehouse. Help us to maximum storage and products improve pick times are the words we hear from customer’s today. And warehouses getting budgets approved to allow them to operated efficiently. Another common phrase is automated storage and robotic storage products.

Inland Ports
in cities such as Salt Lake City are showing up to relieve the pressure in our ports to allow product to flow. Containers are unloaded at the port and placed directly on trains and move on rail to an inland port to be unloaded onto truck or continue by rail and directed to the final destination

Dark Factories
are showing up. These are not eveil factories but today answer to the production required to keep up to deliver orders fast and perfect. Factories where steel or plastic goes in one end and shelving product comes out the other end. 24/7 with few staff and few lights or windows. 

Who knows

what’s coming in the future in this coming meta verse but a new kind of shelving will be developed to store something required to build it. We will be there for you with it. 

In the 1980’s
Shelving sale hot spots were medical records department of hospitals and clinics and large insurance companies. They bought truck loads of shelving to store paper file records. Some still do. And the sales to doctors who located all around the hospitals bough more truckloads. 

Welcome the digital paper revolution.

No more paper
No more files.

Well not exactly but but these days they don’t even need a mini van full of shelving let alone truck loads. But there is still some. Actual more than it sounds as sales are not what they once were for file shelving but we see a lot of orders still come through. And Smead File Folder Sales keep chugging along as well.

And then wham,

who moved my cheese. Hey maybe its behind that door. The door that says warehouse! Oh my gosh. This place is huge. And it needs lots and lots of shelving. Not just shelving but heavy pallet rack shelving. And bins! And wire shelves for the shelving.