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Particle Board ShelvingParticle Board

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We carry many brand of to be sure we have the right selection for sale.

Borroughs Logo

Borroughs >

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Borroughs Box Edge Industrial >
Borroughs Commercial Grade >
Borroughs Flexi-Bins >
Borroughs Wilsonstak® Library >
Borroughs Mobile Aisle-Saver® Systems
Borroughs Clips >

Vestil Shelving LogoVestil

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Vestil Stainless Steel >
Vestil Roll Out  >
Vestil Carton Flow >

Aurora Storage LogoAurora

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From Office Files to Heavy Duty. Material Handing USA has it all to help your business.

Office File Units, Mobile
Times Two Speed Files

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Datum High-Density Storage
Datum Filing Systems
Datum 4Post™ 
Datum Thinkstak®
Datum Wide-Span
Western Pacific Logo

Western Pacific

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RiveTier Boltless
Pacific Steel
Deluxe Industrial

Hallowell Rivetwell Boltless ShelvingBoltless

Accessories and Parts >
Boltless Shelving Connectors >
Boltless Shelving Angle Posts >

Mobile Shelving for Medical RecordsShelving Systems

Mobile Library >
MJ Library >
Estey Library >
IronWood Library >
Borroughs Wilson Stack Library >
Aurora Library  >
IronWood Library > 
Penco Logo


Penco Rivetrite® >
Penco  Erectomatic® >
Penco Wide Span >
Spacefile Logo


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SpaceFile SDS Mechanical Assist High Density Mobile 

SpaceFile SDSe Electric High Density Mobile
SpaceFile SDSm Manual High Density Mobile

Jaken Logo


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MCL Logo


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MCL Mechanical Mobile
MCL Light Duty
MCL Manual 
MCL Office and File
MCL Riveted
MCL Steel
MCL Library

Lyons Open Steel
Lyons Industrial Closed Steel
Lyons Metal with Drawers
Lyons Industrial Steel Bin
Industrial Steel Counter Height
Lyons 2000 Series
Lyons 8000 Series

Bin Shelving
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Metro Bin >
Akro Mills Bin >
Rotating Bin >

Retail Shelving
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Lozier >
Grocery Displays and Accessories >
Gondola >

Cantilever Shelving
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Garment ShelvingGarment

Parts Bin Shelving
Parts Bin

Quantum Logo


Quantum Ironman >
Quantum Wire >

Edsal Logo


Edsal Welded Box Open >
Edsal Modular Filing >
Edsal Heviload Plus >
Edsal High Capacity Boltless >
Edsal Heavy Duty Die Rack >
Edsal Heavy Duty Storage Rack >

Equipto Logo


Equipto Industrial >
Equipto Mobile Aisle >
Equipto Small Parts
Equipto V Grip >
Equipto Drawer>
Equipto Bolted >

Eagle Logo


Eagle Wire >
Eagle Master Trak® Overhead Track High-Density Storage System >

Winholt Equipment Logo


Winholt Stainless Steel >
Winholt Cooler >
Winholt Wall Mounted >
Winholt Sani-Adjustable >
Winholt Aluminum >

Durham Logo


Durham Heavy Duty >

Clean Room


Vented / Perforated Metal >
Vented / Perforated Plastic >
Little Giant Steel Perforated >

 Spill Containment Systems For Shelving and Rack

Amscor Shelving Logo

Amscor Library

Akro-Mils Shelving LogoAkro-Mils 

Akro-Mils Pick Racks >
Akro-Mils Wire >
Akro-Mils Metal >

Interlake Shelving LogoInterlake

Interlake Mecalux Heavy Duty Rivet Steel >

Interlake Galvanized

Interlake Bulk Rack

Interlake Mecalux Heavy Duty Boltless >

Lista Shelving Logo

Lista Sliding > 
Lista Heavy-Duty Pull-Out Systems >
Lista Drawer >

Little Giant Logo

Little Giant

Little Giant Heavy-Duty Adjustable Steel >
Little Giant Heavy-Duty Welded Steel Closed >
Little Giant Heavy-Duty Welded Steel Open >
Little Giant Welded Steel Adjustable >
Little Giant Heavy Duty Steel Perforated >


Ironwood LogoIronWood

IronWood Library Book >
Ironwood Mobile Library >

Clip Shelving


Tire Storage >

Tailpipe Storage > 



Republic Shelving Logo


Republic Industrial Clip
Treston Logo


Technibilt Wanzl Shelving Logo

Technibilt Wanzl

Technibilt Healthcare
Technibilt Wire Tech 100™
Technibilt Beer Cave
Technibilt Grocery
Technibilt YourTable™
Technibilt (TSS) 
Metalia Shelving Logo


Metalia Automotive
Metalia Mining
Metalia Agricultural
Metalia Parts Department
Metalia Military
Metalia Drawers

Grosfillex Logo

Grosfillex Plastic

Grossfillex Garage >
Grossfillex Utility >
Grossfillex Indoor For Decorative Use >


SPC Structural Plastics

DuraShelf Plastic >

Parts Room

Auto Parts >
Motorcycle Parts >
Snowmobile Parts >

ATV Parts >


Law Enforcement

Evidence  >
Police Record >



Box File

Camrack Shelving Logo


Ridg-u-Rak Shelving Logo

Rid u Rak

Hallowell Logo


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Material Handling USA offers the full line of Hallowell Products From Boltless and Rivet to Lockers

Hallowell Clips >
Hallowell MedSafe Antimicrobial Hi-Tech >
Hallowell Double Rivet Boltless >
Hallowell Rivetwell Record Storage >
Hallowell Fort Knox Rivetwell >
Hallowell Rivetwell Tire Storage >
Hallowell Rivetwell Tailpipe Storage >
Hallowell Parts Bin >

MJ Library Shelving

MJ Library

Case Style Library
Mobile Library
Library Carts

Vulcan Industries LogoVulcan

Vulcan Gondola >

Court Record

Legal Size


Hirsh Industries Logo

Hirsh Industries

Hirsh Industries® Iron Horse Heavy Duty Storage Rack >

Interlake Logo

Interlake Rack

Shop 3 Categories >

Interlake Standard Pallet Rack >
Interlake Cantilever Pallet Rack >

Western Pacific Logo

Western Pacific Shelving

Western Pacific RiveTier® – Western Pacific Boltless Steel >
Western Pacific Deluxe: Heavy Duty Industrial >
Industrial Storage and Steel Systems >
Western Pacific Accu-Wall System For Any Put-To-Light or Pick-To-Light Technology >

Tri Boro Logo

Tri-Boro Shelving

Tri-Boro N&B Sturdi-Frame Open Shelving Unit >
Tri-Boro Boxer >
Tri-Boro Rivet Rack >
Tri-Boro Steel Open >
Tri-Boro Steel Closed >

Triton Shelving

Triton Wall Mount Wire >
Triton Wall Mount Unit with 3 Epoxy Coated Steel >
Triton Garage >
Triton Utility Room >

Global Shelving

Global Industrial Steel >
Global Wire >


Hospital Supply



University College


Cantilever Library

Prairie View Industries LogoPrairie View Industries

Food Service


Locker Room







Distribution Center



Wire Spool

Auction House


Art Gallery

Van Kits

Nuts and Bolts

Tri-Boro Nut and Bolt >

Small Parts

Fulfillment Center



Corner Wire

Stainless Steel Wire

Law Library

Car Dealership


Stainless Steel Wire Units

Vertical Growing

X Ray

Aviation Shelving

Motor Sports Shelving

Public Transportation Shelving

Watches Jewelry and Coin Shelving

Epoxy Coated Wire Shelving

Chrome Wire Shelving

Tool Manufacturing

Defense and Security

Tool Crib

Shelving for Mezzanines

Off Site Storage





E Commerce Solutions

Micro Fulfillment


Metro Food Service >
Lozier >



Bin Truck

Government GSA

Why Shelving

Shelving is a great way to organize and declutter any space in your home or office. Whether you’re looking for a storage solution to make the most of a small space, or an attractive way to display books, trinkets and collectibles, shelving is a great option! There are a wide variety of styles and sizes available, so you can find something to fit any room or need. With shelving, you can get creative and customize the look of your space, displaying your favorite items in a way that complements your personal style. Plus, it’s easy to assemble and can bear a decent amount of weight. Shelving is a great way to create beautiful and functional storage spaces.

Boltless Shelving is a popular option to instantly add more storage to any space.

This type of shelving is easy to install and can quickly expand your storage space. It offers maximum customization options so that it can fit any area and can hold a wide variety of items. Plus, it’s incredibly durable and can hold up to two hundred pounds per shelf.

Wire shelving is great for organizing any area or room that needs extra storage.

Wire shelves are extremely versatile, as they are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, making them ideal for both large and small spaces. Wire shelving is also very affordable and can be mounted on a wall or from the ceiling to save even more space.

Metro Shelving is a top-of-the-line shelving option with a contemporary look and a wide range of customizable options.

This type of shelving is perfect for businesses or office settings because it is extremely durable, doesn’t take up too much space, and is aesthetically pleasing. Metro shelving is also easy to assemble and can be used in many ways.

No matter what your needs, shelving is a great way to organize any space and make it more attractive and functional.

There are a variety of styles and sizes available, so you’re sure to find something perfect for your home or office. Take the time to explore your options and find the perfect shelving solution for you!

1. Easy Installation: Boltless shelving is simple to assemble and can be quickly expanded to fit any space.
2. Customization: With a variety of sizes and styles, wire shelving is easily customizable for any storage solution.
3. Durability: Metro shelving is designed to stand up to heavy duty use in any office or business setting.
4. Versatility: Wire shelving is capable of taking on a variety of different shapes and sizes and can be mounted to a wall or ceiling.
5. Space Saving: Shelving that is hung from the ceiling creates extra space while adding a unique touch to any room.
6. Aesthetic: Metro shelving offers a modern look that can help give any space an attractive appearance.
7. Weight Capacity: Boltless shelving can easily handle up to two hundred pounds per shelf, making it a great option for any storaging needs.
8. Flexibility: Shelving can be used for both organizing and displaying items, making it a highly versatile option for any room.
9. Customizable: With customizable shelving, you can create a unique look that matches your personal style.
10. Convenience: With easy assembly and a variety of sizes and styles, shelving is a great storage solution that can easily fit into any area.

Shelving in a business setting can help to solve a variety of problems.

It can provide extra storage space for products, documents, and equipment, and can also be used to display and organize products. Shelving can also help to maximize limited space, allowing you to add more storage without taking up too much physical space. Additionally, shelving can help to improve the aesthetics of a business space, giving it a modern, organized look. Finally, shelving can help to keep products and documents organized and easily accessible, helping to increase productivity.