Mobile Shelving for Pharmaceutical Supplies

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Mobile Shelving for Pharmaceutical Supplies

Mobile Shelving for Pharmaceutical Supplies

When Cobre Valley Med Center had to look at improved ways to store pharmaceutical supplies they contacted Material Handling USA’s sister company NationWide Shelving to help design a system to best utilize the space and allow for good inventory control. We Have Mobile Shelving for Pharmaceutical Supply Storage For Sale! We have designed 100’s and 100’s of shelving systems for pharmaceutical supplies and just about anything else you can store on shelving. Since 1997!

Gone are the days when we could come to a medical center and check in and roam around talking to friends about how we can help solve storage problems and improve operations in how much they can keep onsite and improve organization. Material Handling USA can help keep facilities clean, organized, and eliminate pilferage and keep the drugs in the hands of the right people.

Now we meet more customers here, on the internet. It is not a site anymore, it is our store. You can shop here or get personal help just like you can in a brick and motor  store.

Please test out our search bar for just about anything you might need in a medical center! We got it all!

Mobile Shelving for Pharmaceutical Supplies

High Security Lockers for Pharmaceutical Supplies on Mobile Shelving for Pharmaceutical Supplies Storage that require locking security

Yes, we offer high security lockers for pharmaceutical supplies that can be installed on mobile shelving. We can also provide customized locks and security features to give you extra peace of mind. Please contact us to discuss the best options for your needs.

What Pharmaceutical Supplies require locking security?

Examples of pharmaceutical supplies that require locking security may include controlled substances, samples, lab equipment and medication. Any items that are valuable or could pose a risk if not kept secure should be kept in a secure locker.

What pharmaceutical medicines and supplies are large in size?

Some examples of large pharmaceutical medicines and supplies include respirator masks, syringes, boxes of bandages, IV supplies and large jugs of liquid medications.

Mobile Shelving for Pharmaceutical Supplies

Advantages of Mobile Shelving for Pharmaceutical Supplies

Mobile shelving is an ideal storage solution for pharmaceutical supplies and medications as it allows for maximum storage and easy access with minimal space. With its flexibility, mobile shelving systems are also ideal for organizing and storing even bulky and oddly-shaped pharmaceutical items, as the shelving sections roll away for improved visibility and easier access.

Mobile shelving can also provide improved security for pharmaceutical supplies and medications by incorporating locking mechanisms for cabinets and drawers. With these types of systems, each cabinet and drawer can also have different lock settings, restricting access to medical staff only, ensuring medications are securely and accurately stored.

The ability to tightly control access to stored items is also facilitated by mobile shelving. It enables staff to restrict access to certain areas, departments and/or individual cabinets, allowing greater flexibility in terms of security and control.

The ability to quickly maximize space is another benefit of using mobile shelving systems. With the ability to store a variety of large and small products on the same shelves, while still providing a solid, secure base to store heavier items on, mobile shelving is perfect for when space is at a premium.

Mobile Shelving for Pharmaceutical Supplies

This is the famous Aurora Storage Mobile Shelving Twin Ramp. This flooring system for mobile shelving allows the system to be easily relocated. Since it goes over existing flooring carpet, tile, vinyl cement or wood you don’t have to go searching for more flooring if you move it. It will also install directly over the next floor you already have in place.

Mobile shelving also provides improved hygiene and decreased dust levels, ensuring only the desired items are stored. With its minimized standing area, mobile shelving systems can prevent the build-up of dust and debris in sensitive areas, reducing the risk of bacterial and chemical debris contaminating stored pharmaceutical items.

Finally, mobile shelving systems can be easily and quickly relocated with minimal disruption—important for storing and moving difficult and delicate items like medications. All in all, mobile shelving systems provide a secure, flexible and cost-effective storage solution for pharmaceutical supplies and medications.

Mobile Shelving for Pharmaceutical Supplies Storage

Rubber bumpers on the carriages make sure the carriages come together softly and smoothly so your inventory stays pristine! Mobile Shelving for Pharmaceutical Supplies

Mobile Shelving for Pharmaceutical Supplies Storage

So many ways to configure this shelving allow it to move with you as sizes changed with your pharmaceutical supplies change.

Mobile Shelving for Pharmaceutical Supplies Storage

Allows every square inch to be useful storage space

Mobile Shelving for Pharmaceutical Supplies Storage

Shelf levels are easily adjusted to fit your precise needs. And when your needs change, the shelves can be readjusted to meet your renewed requirements. 

Always allow for big shelf spacing for large and heavy items you will find in pharmaceutical supply storage rooms.

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