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Adjustable Wire Shelving

Wire Shelving mostly, or maybe all, is  built by a 4 round post system. Shelves have round brackets at each corner that the posts slide thru. There are two most common sleeves that go in the post to let the shelf site where you want it. 

  1. Sleeves that clip over the post giving it a little more thickness for the shelf brackets to slide over and get tight as they are pushed down.
  2. The second one is basically the same but a lever has been added to make it much easier to adjust the shelf without taking quite so much apart.

Other Wire Shelf Post Sleeves for specific industries:

  1. Sleeves for ESD
  2. Aluminum Sleeves w Zinc Rings – Metro Brand
  3. Aluminum sleeves with Stainless Steel Rings – Metro Brand

Wire Shelving Split SleevesThese are the most common sleeves used for most brands of wire shelving to make them so adjustable.

Metro Adjustable Shelf LeverThis is an even easier way to adjust wire shelving made by Metro. If the height you need between shelves changes for product or inventory these will save you time!

Must be used with these sleeves:


The Sleeves That make Wire Shelving So Adjustable

Metro’s super easy adjustment lever to be used with special plastic sleeve – Call 800-326-4403

Metro ESD Sleeves – Call 800-326-4403

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