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Material Handling USA IS proud to offer Borroughs shelving and their full line of storage products. Borroughs is a worldwide leader in designing shelving and storage systems. Advanced manufacturing capabilities is the only way today. Borroughs Shelving and Storage Products allow our customers to be trailblazers in their respective industries. Industries range from automotive, industrial, military distribution and retail fulfillment. The Burroughs product is more than just a sturdy structure of storage and shelving. It’s about customer productivity, efficient designs and legendary support.

One customer said, “So Borroughs works with us to ensure a buildable mix with how we plan to construct the shelving system. And they also were able to start shipping material very, very quickly within just a couple of weeks of issuing a purchase order, actually.”

There are many reasons why Borroughs has been around for 70 years. Quality products, creative planning are two reasons. But nothing is more important than good old fashioned customer service.

Borroughs has an infrastructure that will support the sophistication that many of our customers in one of these mega distribution center projects demand.

Material Handling USA and Borroughs can design and manufacture multi level systems to take advantage of cubic space.

If you have our help in the design of a mezzanine system for shelving or just your distribution center layout, you can actually immediately have a solution that we know we can do. We can do it well We can do it cost effectively and gain as much shelving storage space in that building as possible.

Distribution centers rely on team Material Handling USA to build or redesign solutions that directly affect the bottom line.

The same customer continues, “The installation process, when Borroughs came in 22 years ago, was just as smooth as could be, and we actually moved in here between Christmas and New Year’s. It took us one week, 40 semis, loads, and the shelves were up and ready to go. And it was actually a piece of cake.

When we sat down with Ricky and we explained our business and everything, He had some suggestions and you know, it really worked. One of the main things is flexible. You can adjust the shelving, bins and drawers for the different types of product you have in the different areas.”

Borroughs is highly experienced in launching distribution centers of any size and shape. They have the widest range of shelving and storage products available and the most experienced and talented team in the industry. On average, we open the doors of a new distribution center on a monthly basis.

We were looking at about a 100% productivity improvement based on our mobile equipment from our fastest mobile equipment to somebody on foot in the bins to just almost double. So it’s a big deal to us and the bigger chunk of our productivity that we can get out of the bins. The better off we will be.

Borroughs stands out as unique because of its tech support team and ability to work directly with engineers during planning and implementation phases. No one in the storage industry has more tech support experience. Borroughs Proprietary Configura software provides a 3D facility, walk through rendering, allowing you to see the plan system prior to manufacture and install. The Borroughs Box Edge Plus Shelving structure provides a strong but highly adjustable storage system. It gives you the flexibility to support a multi level catwalk system, a mezzanine or to design other high rise shelving configurations.

Catwalk beams support the aisles in between the shelving on levels two and three. On top of the catwalk beams, there’s a corrugated deck.

This is what will help support the aisle way that on the second level. Most of the distribution people will be basically taking their cart and walking back and forth picking their parts and pieces.

Team Borroughs / Material Handling USA design experience and shelving and storage systems combined with advanced design ensures the engineering expertise that will deliver maximum ROI for you.

The name of the game is getting as many boxes as possible into that storage facility. As much into that room as possible. It’s the the revenue generator. We’ve done it all. We’ve done a lot of all of it, too. So it’s not something that we’re intimidated by. We’re actually excited by it.

We have been involved in literally hundreds of distribution centers. These are highly engineered systems. Pick modules are integrated with conveyors, the fire protection, the lighting, and the people that work inside of them.