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Vidir Hospital Bedlifts are generally found in hospitals and/or maintenance facilities for hospitals. The hospital bedlift market is huge and growing  exponentially because of Covid. US hospitals are putting a lot of beds on hand. Some states are regulating that hospitals need to have more beds on hand and there’s absolutely no where to go in the hospital to store hospital beds. Bed lifts are a fantastic solution for hospitals to store hospital beds when they are not in use and can be installed almost anywhere one bed can be stored. From the  basement of a hospital, a hallway of a hospital, and off campus maintenance and storage buildings for the hospital that’s strictly just to store beds, and maintenance facilities. Vidir has supplied bed lifts to store hospital beds in closets and tiny little rooms. Bedlifts save hospital money and time.

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Front Load Bed Lift
Front Load Bed Lift

Vidir Front Load Hospital Bedlifts

Vidir Side Load Hospital Bedlift
Vidir Side Load Hospital Bedlift

Vidir Side Load Hospital Bedlifts 

Vidir Side Load Hospital Bedlifts work great. Side load bedlifts are pretty popular in hallways and many lot of side loads have been installed in hallway’s and small spaces.

Vidir Hospital Bedlifts are available to go one, two, three, four, five hospital beds high. So, in the same footprint of one hospital bed, a hospital can store five hospital beds with the Vidir Hospital Bedlift. In hospitals it is not uncommon to find low ceiling clearance. Sometimes as low as eight feet, which is fine. Vidir sells three high bedlifts at eight feet. Three hospital beds stored in the footprint of one hospital bed! 

Low Ceilings in Hospitals to install Vidir Hospital Bedlifts

But in the cases where you have a taller ceiling height, like in this case, right here, you can go five beds high. That requires a machine 14’ 7” high, but you’ll get five beds high and that’s a home run. It’s not too much more expensive because it’s the same drive system as in the three high bedlift. You’re just going a little bit higher with steel. And the ROI looks amazing on those bedlifts. So if you have the ceiling height or if it’s in an off campus location or in a warehouse you can go high. There are customers in California that have warehouses off campus about 10 minutes away from the hopital, that have hundreds of beds stacked up in bed lifts. So there’s opportunity if you have ceiling high to really maximize this and store a ton of beds.

Save Space and protect your Hospital Beds with Vidir Hospital Bedlifts

The requirements are getting stricter every year,. Vidir Hospital Bedlifts save space, improves your organization, keep your beds from breaking, and keep the beds safe. Some of hospital beds are fifty thousand dollars a bed. Clearly it is a good deal to keep fifty thousand beds safe and out of the hallway. Eliminate kids crawling on them and letting your hospital beds bumping into each other, getting damaged. Improves accessibility, secure and protect your hospital beds with Vidir Hospital Bedlifts.

There are locking gates that go on the front of them if you have concerns about theft or people getting in there and playing with them, the gates on the front of the bedlift option allows you to lock them up.

The Vidir Hospital Bedlift can save Space in a Hospital

The value added from space saving alone is huge for Hospitals. Hospitals are always out of space, They’re always saying they need more room and they also need more beds. So bedlifts kind of kill two birds with one stone. You get more beds in less space with bedlifts.

I think we’ve already turned in probably a million dollars of beds half way through January 2021 for Badenov.

So we’ll see if we get caught. No, they turn quick. Used to be nothing moves fast in a hospital. The order process iwas slow. There’s a lot of red tape, but since covid it it’s different scenario. So they’re really they’re really pushing bed lifts hard to get them to get a mortar.

Keep your Hospital Beds On Site with Vidir Hospital Bedlifts

A lot of hospitals rent offsite storage for bed storage which is an expense, so a lot of hospitals out west will rent or buy a trailer. Hospitals get a tractor trailer and or trailer and pay to move beds in and out of offsite storage. Hospital then have the added expense to pay somebody to go pick up all the beds and bring them in. And they’ve got to pay the person to bring them from the hospital back to offsite, to maintain all the beds. Hospitals can lose beds that way and get damage that way. And that’s that we’re talking about. The cost of paying an employee to transfer beds around the hospital is immense.

You got a guy walking around full time trying to keep track of beds. Vidir bedlift are perfect solution for a Hospital to keep their beds in one place. Clean, out of harm’s way, locked up, and accounted for. 

The Vidir Hospital Bedlift can reduce Hospital Bed Damage

Vidir offers several options in the bedlift product line for the best storage of valuable hospital beds. option to have in our series, which is regulatory. Just put it right in the front. The series is for heavy duty hospital beds, bariatric beds, and other specialty hospital beds a facilty might have on hand that need stored. There are some custom beds out there. Vidir has two bed lifts for those specialty beds. These bedlifts are a little bit heavier weight capacity and the sizes of the actual carrier for the bed. It allows the speaker to give the series, which is the side load Vidir Bedlift.

And you also have the End Series Vidir Bedlift. The N series stands for Narrow and that’s for streachers, gurneys, and hospital equipment like that. So you name it for the bed. If you need a  special bed we have, we have a left manufactured standard manufacturing process ready to go for it.

How fast can you get Vidir Hospital Bedlifts

Lead times yet. As of January 2021 lead times are normally around 10 11 weeks on carrousel. It’s nine weeks on the bed lift normally but going into 2021, about 13 weeks, because they’re really hot right now. That should come back down to around nine weeks, though. as production is ramped up

Examples of medical facilities that could use Vidir Bedlifts for hospital bed storage in Utah are:

Alta View Hospital in Sandy Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 50 beds, American Fork Hospital in American Fork Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 90 beds, Ashley Regional Medical Center located in Vernal Utah owned by Life Point Hospitals with 39 beds, Bear River Valley Hospital in Tremonton Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 16 beds, Beaver Valley Hospital in Beaver Utah owned by the City of Beaver with 25 beds, Blue Mountain Hospital in Blanding Utah owned by Blue Mountain Hospital Inc. with 11 beds, Bingham City Community Hospital located in Brigham City owned by Mountain Star Health Care with 40 beds, Cache Valley Hospital in North Logan owned by Mountain Star Healthcare with 28 beds, Catleview Hospital in Price Utah owned by Life Point Hospitals with 39 beds Cedar City Hospital in Cedar City Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 48 beds, Central Valley Medical Centre in Nephi Utah in Juab County with 25 beds, Davis Hospital and Medical Center in Layton Utah owned by Steward Health Care System with 220 beds, Delta Community Medical Center in Delta Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 18 beds, Compass Health Rehabilitation Hospital in Sandy Utah owned by Encompasses with 84 beds, Fillmore Community Medical Centre in Fillmore Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 18 beds, Garfield Memorial Hospital in Panguitch Utah in Garfield owned by Garfield County and operated by Intermountain Health Care with 41 beds, Gunnison Valley Hospital in Gunnison Utah is an independent hospital with 24 beds, Heber Valley Medical Center in Heber Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 19 beds, Highland Ridge Hospital in Midvale Utah owned by Acadia Healthcare with 83 beds, Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City Utah owned by the University of Utah with 660 beds, Intermountain Medical Center in Murray Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 504 beds, Jordan Valley Medical Center in West Jordan owned by Steward Health Care Systems with 133 beds, Jordan Valley Medical Centre in West Valley Campus in West Valley City Utah owned by Steward Health Care Systems with an undetermined amount of beds, Kane County Human Resources SD Hospital AKA Kane County Hospital in Kanab Utah owned by Special Service District of the State of Utah with 25 beds, Lakeview Hospital in Bonneville Utah owned by Mountain Star Health Care with 89 beds, Cache Valley Hospital located in North Logan owned  by Mountain Star Health Care with 28 beds, Castleview Hospital in Price Utah owned by Life Point Hospitals with 39 Beds, Cedar City Hospital located in Cedar City Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 48 beds, Central Valley Medical Center in Nephi Utah owned by Juab County with 25 beds, Layton Hospital in Layton Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 43 beds, LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 262 beds, Lone Peak Hospital in Draper Utah owned by Mountain Star Health Care with 30 beds, Logan Regional Hospital in Logan Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 146 beds, McKay Dee Hospital Center in Ogden Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 310 beds, Moab Regional Hospital in Moab Utah is an independent hospital with 17 beds, Mountain Point Medical Center in Lehi Utah is owned by the Steward Health Care System with 40 beds, Mountain View Hospital in pace in Utah owned by Mountain Star Health Care with 124 beds, Mountain West Medical Center in Tooele Utah with 36 beds, Ogden Regional Medical Center in Ogden Utah owned by Mountain Star Health Care with 239 beds, Orem Community Hospital in Orem Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 22 beds, Park City Hospital in Park City Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 37 beds, Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 289 beds, Saint George Regional Hospital in Saint George Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 284 beds, Saint Mark’s Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah owned by Mountain Star Health Care with 263 beds, Salt Lake Behavioral Health Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah owned by the Universal Health Sister Services with 118 beds, Salt Lake Regional Medical Center in Salt Lake City Utah owned by the Steward Health Care System with 143 beds, Saint One Hospital in Monticello Utah is an independent hospital with 25 beds, Sandpete Valley Hospital in Mount Pleasant Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 18 beds, Severe Valley Hospital in Richfield Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 24 beds, Shriners Hospital for Children in Salt Lake City Utah owned by the Shriners Hospital for Children with 40 beds, The Spanish Fork Hospital in Spanish Fork Utah owned by Intermountain Health Care with 30 beds, The Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital, Tosh, TOSH in Murray Utah owned by Intermountain Healthcare with 40 beds, The Timpanagos Regional Hospital in Orem Utah owned by Mountain Star Health Care with 117 beds, Uinta Basin Medical Center in Roosevelt Utah is an independent hospital with 35 beds, University Neuro psychiatric Institute ,abbreviated UNI in Salt Lake City Utah owned by the University of Utah with 173 beds, The University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah owned by the University of Utah with 585 beds, Utah State Hospital in Provo Utah owned by the Utah Department of Human Resource of Human Services with 324 beds, Utah Valley Hospital  in Provo Utah owned by Intermountain Healthcare with 359 beds, Valley View Medical Center in Cedar City Utah owned by Intermountain Healthcare with 48 beds, and finally, The VA Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah owned by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs with 48 beds.


Vidir Hospital Bedlift Models

Here’s the Vidir Bedlift model numbers, heights and the options available for a Bedlift.

You can get me and you can sing any of the any of the lists and different models so you can get The regular bed lift for front load is available in a three, four or five high, and you can get the X load. The X one is for the bariatric, the heavy duty one that comes in at two, three or four high. The side load comes in a three or four high and comes to three three five. So you want two options and that this number you see down here, a 30 to 40, that’s 40.

Vidir offers a crib lift. This is a very specialized product for crib storage. Primarily found in Children’s Hospitals. t’s a specialty product. Mostly for hospitals that have a big wing for children like a pediatric hospital. Examples of medical facilities that could use crib lifts in Salt Lake City for example are: Children’s Hospital , xhjdf,djfbnd,ckdhd.    Etc etc

Power Requirements for The Vidir Hospital Bedlift

Power is outdated. We can do it on cell phones, but we need to 20 single phase. We just upgraded that and the release of this year. So they’re going to ask, can I go in 110? It can knock on once and it has to go on to twenty. It pulls less amps. It’s just a better system overall for us and for the customer.

So they’re all to twenty will single phase. We could run them on three if they asked for only twenty singles.

Will one phase power again in this one. Ten here is not valid anymore.

The lifting speed is11 seconds per position.

History of The Vidir Hospital Bedlift

The end requirements, see how narrow they are, just allows you if you got gurney’s or sometimes even operating tables I’ve seen go in these narrow units, I’ve seen people pull wheelchairs in the narrow units. So that’s just a different spec for the same design.

Here’s some options and definitely want to hit on our eye color. Change your options to play around with color not done as much in hospitals. The white grays the preferred, but like I said, The Miami Dolphins and they paint them to an Miami Dolphin orange so that that option is available for these antimicrobial paint, basically for a clean room wife’s increased protection against 99 percent of all the common germs so they can be wiped down really easily. Basically, it’s a special powder special mix to the powder we take care of. That is about a thousand dollar option. But if it’s going in a clean room or surgery center, a lot of times those are the that’s asked for that option.

Other applications for  The Vidir Hospital Bedlift

That’s for vertical security gate, as we talked about that earlier, to roll up to the front of the front of the unit that locks it all up, keeps open, safe and platform inserts. If you get a quote from me, it’ll automatically have platform inserts included. We do it to save weight on the units when we send them out. And so if a customer buys the unit, it comes with out the inserts. I’m not crazy that we do it that way. We add the inserts in later on a case by case basis. But what it does is it is like a car lift. The center would be open as they drive on to the left and the right tires the center of the open for a mechanic to get under there. Sort of the same idea for a bed lift. But try not to worry about that when I quoted.

I will include those platforms in there for you. Here’s the pictures side by side. There is the low ceiling height. So they have three high three per position and they’re all lined up there. This is probably a basement in the hospital, Warren offsite facility. So you see they got they got a pretty good system here. These are two side loads. Looks at the four high side loads. So they have a nice space, good ceiling, high to play with there, and they can get a lot more units on there.

Here’s what I was talking about in the hallway. These units are inside of a hallway.

Sizes of The Vidir Hospital Bedlift

So there’s you can almost always find space for these units. In this case, the hallway, the side code allows you to have a lot less depth, push them in sideways and they could still score so that three, six, nine, 12, 15 beds just in this position where it would only have five beds laying there. So it allows you to maximize that nicely. Plus these with these gates on there, someone’s walking into the hallway. They don’t even really know what’s in that what’s in that contraption. They don’t realize they’re beds. It’s a little bit more aesthetically pleasing. Them have beds pushed all over the hallway. Here’s another one.

 This is either basement or an off campus facility here. So this is an off campus facility sold. So this is a warehouse and it’s actually on campus, but in a different building in the hospital. And they say all the beds stay here. They go to this facility, they get maintained in this building and then stored and charged. And then as they’re called for, they get pulled out. So you can see they’re dead.

X series

R series

N Series

S Series

Technical Information on The Vidir Hospital Bedlift

It is not uncommon for hospitals to build a building specifically to maintain beds and store beds with our product in mind.  This is a perfect scenario. If a hospital is looking for bed storage and has a storage, or off site building, that’s an absolute perfect place to install bedlifts. The number one injury in hospitals is surprising, but is is falls. Don’t let a patient bed stored in a hallway with out a bedlift cause your hospital a fine or injury to staff or patient. 

Installation takes two days per bed.

 Vidir does offer seismic packages with specific seismic bracing for West cost Seismic requirements. It is a seismic package, one in size and package two for doing seismic. We automatically add both. It’s about one hundred and fifty dollars for the bracing. Vidir adds it to each to each unit just so Ashcroft approved. 

Avoid code violations in your hospital because of beds in hallways

Keeping the corridors clear of obstructions is important for several reasons:  (1) fire rescue, (2) employee health and safety, and (3) compliance with the Joint Commission and CMS. The joint commission goes into great detail about the safety of keeping hallways clear of obstructions. So a bedlift is a good choice to keep the Joint commission off a Hospital Admins back and just plain better patient care.

Sales and Installation can start with the facilities manager, maintenance manager or the head of maintenance in the hospital, because a lot of times the staff that care the most about these beds getting damaged, staying clean and staying safe are the staff who have to maintain them. Sure administration is very interested in the same goals but sometimes they are so overwhelmed by the day to day urgent needs they can over look this until staff brings them a solution. So they’re usually the guys getting a director’s attention at a hospital saying, I need this system to keep the beds clean, safe and organized.

That guy is usually responsible for fixing them. So he usually sees the problem before anybody else in the hospital. But a lot of times the director of the hospital will reach out to a lot of these units are sold by word of mouth. So if you can get a few in the field as people come through the hospital, as other hospitals come to that hospital, other wings of the area they sell themselves. . Every year they buy six or seven more bed less and a different wing of the hospital so that that one hospital keeps ordering beds. 

Installing The Vidir Hospital Bedlift

The buying cycle, I say in hospitals the year I used to say it’s twelve months. By the time you submit a call to these guys, it takes some 12 months to write you an order and buy the actual units with covid that’s been set up a ton. They’re trying to move on this pretty quick. So I wouldn’t say four months anymore. But the follow up on the hospital stuff, you’ve got to stay with it so long.  rarely sell just a few units. Normally the orders are five to seven units and just sold fourteen.

But if you can even talk hospital administration to get a few in there like one or two in a hallway somewhere, you’re off to the races and I guarantee you they allow you to get more.

The motors are up top, the drive shaft up top, the engineering is pretty simple, the stacking platform design. And that’s what allows you to keep the unit all the way down and still be able to put a bed in there. 

Installation of a bedlift is about two days, two days per copilots. For delivery we need to know about door sizes. we can get it anywhere but it is packaged a little bit differently if it needs to go through a man door.

The Vidir Bed Lift product was actually made to store ATVs and snowmobiles. That’s how it was first designed. So you keep in mind there’s a wide variety of things you can stick in there, not just beds, but the bed market.

The Vertical Lift concept fits for other applications. For instance, the Miami Dolphins football team uses a Vidir Vertical Lift for equipment storage. So instead of putting beds in there, they actually storing football equipment and football equipment trunks in Vidir Vertical Lifts. It’s pretty interesting idea. That would be great for all professional foot teams from the Chicago bears to the San Diego Chargers