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Cleanroom Gowning Bench Solid

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Eagle Heavy Duty Solid Cleanroom Gowning Benches – EL Series
Options for Cleanroom Gowning Benches with Standard Undershelf
Eagle Perforated Top – Cleanroom Gowning Benches with Standard Undershelf
Eagle Solid Cleanroom Gowning Benches
Eagle Solid Top – Cleanroom Gowning Benches with Standard Undershelf
Eagle Wire Cleanroom Gowning Benches
Eagle Cleanroom Gowning Bench Perforated Top

Why a Eagle Cleanroom Gowning Bench With Perforated Top?

The perforated top on a gowning bench allows air to flow through the bench and create a laminar air flow, which helps to prevent the accumulation of particles on the bench. In a cleanroom environment, airborne particles can be a major source of contamination, and it is therefore important to minimize their presence. The perforations on the top of the gowning bench allow air to flow through the bench, reducing the potential for particles to accumulate on the surface. Additionally, the perforations help to prevent the buildup of static electricity, which can also lead to contamination.

Eagle Clean Room Gowning Bench, who uses them

Typically used by personnel in industries that require a cleanroom environment, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, electronics manufacturing, and aerospace. These benches are used for the purpose of donning and doffing cleanroom garments and accessories, such as protective suits, gloves, and masks, to prevent contamination in the cleanroom.