Boltless Shelving with Wire Decks

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Boltless Shelving with Wire Decks

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Boltless Shelving with wire decks

Boltless Shelving with wire decks are so Easily Adjustable!

Yeah! Just a rubber mallet is required! Tap one of the shelf supports from underneath till the supporting rivets come loose and move it up or down to the exact shelf spacing your inventory requires. This also allows for great flexibility as inventory changes. 

Boltless Shelving with Wire Deck

Boltless Shelving with wire deck are easy to Reconfigure!

Boltless Shelving Upright Connectors also do many things for a great boltless shelving installation.

Installed Boltless Shelving upright connectors insure perfect spacing between shelving units.

Boltless Shelving upright connectors also add stability – As units are connected the stability and safety increases.

Boltless Shelving upright connectors are easy to remove so the individual units can very easily be reconfigured as your warehouse requirements change. Since each unit is “individual’ once you remove the upright connector you can very easily move the assembled unit to a new location and reconfiguration before re installing the connectors to make the install look perfect! 

Boltless Shelving with Wire Decks

Boltless Shelving can be used in many different applications.

For example, it can be used in warehouses to store boxes of items or for organizing inventory.

It is also ideal for use in retail stores for extra storage space and for organizing clothing racks and display items.

Boltless shelving can also be used in garages for tool storage and organization. In addition, it can be used in basements and crawl spaces to create more storage and organization opportunities.

Finally, it can be used in offices and laboratories for filing cabinets and organizational shelving.

Wire decking allows for things to get air and be easy to see. Also is so easy to keep clean. 



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Who uses boltless shelving with wire decks and why are wire decks good on boltless shelving

Boltless shelving is commonly used in various settings like warehouses, retail stores, distribution centers, offices, and even homes. It is widely favored due to its versatility, ease of assembly, and adaptability to various storage needs.

The reasons why wire decking is preferred for boltless shelving include:

Firstly, Increased Safety:

Wire decks add an extra layer of safety to your shelving. They can also help prevent items from falling through the racks, which can lead to damage or injury. It also ensures that lighter items do not tip over or slide off the shelf.

Better Visibility:

The grid pattern of the wire decking allows for increased visibility of the stored items, making inventory management easier.

Load Distribution:

Wire decks can also evenly distribute the load over the shelf, reducing the pressure on any one point and increasing the overall load-bearing capacity of the shelves.

Improved Ventilation:

The mesh design of wire decks allows for better air circulation, which can be particularly beneficial in certain storage environments, such as food storage or pharmaceuticals, where avoiding moisture buildup is important.

Fire Safety:

In case of a fire, the open design of the wire decks also allows the sprinkler water to pass through the shelves more effectively, reaching fires that may have started at lower levels.


Wire decking can be easily added or removed as per the storage needs, making the boltless shelving even more flexible.

Finally, Durability:

Wire decks are also typically made from heavy-duty materials, which means they can withstand a good amount of weight and resist damage from impacts or heavy use over time.

The above reasons explain why boltless shelving combined with wire decking can be an optimal choice for many storage solutions. However, specific usage will depend on the particular needs of the user.