Mobile Shelving for Medical Records

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Mobile Shelving For Medical Records

has always been the go-to and proven best way for Health Information Management Departments to store paper file medical records.

As Patient Medical Records became digital shelving requirements for the paper record declined and what paper was left went to record storage companies like Iron Mountain.

But….Wait… now Mobile Shelving is making a comeback in 2020, 2021 and still in 2023!  Why? Because the rising cost of retrieving records from off-site storage companies has crossed the threshold making the investment of mobile shelving on-site a wide investment.

Not only will mobile shelving  cost less than the total cost of off-site storage but, yes, your records are right there for when you need them and in your control. 

Archived Records are stored in archival boxes on Mobile Shelving For Medical Records

Mobile Shelving for Medical Records

Uniform-sized boxes that look orderly and beautiful on Archive Box Shelving. 

Mobile Shelving for Medical Records

If the Medical Records are not boxed then standard file shelving would be even better. 

10 Reasons Mobile Shelving For Medical Records is Popular

Here are 10 reasons why this type of shelving is popular for medical record storage:

1. Space Efficiency of Mobile Shelving For medical Records

Mobile shelving helps to optimize the space available for storage. By moving the shelving units on a track you can maximize the space used to store medical records while minimizing the total footprint needed.

2. Secure Storage

Mobile shelving offers secure and safe storage of confidential medical records. The shelving units can be affixed with locks to ensure the security of sensitive information.

3. Customizable

Mobile shelving provides flexibility and can be customized to fit specific needs. The shelving units can be tailored to fit document boxes of all sizes in order to effectively hold and protect large volumes of medical records.

4. Accessibility

Mobile shelving can be adjusted to give access to any part of the stored records. This helps to reduce time wasted searching for documents and streamlines the storage process.

5. Easy to Manage

With mobile shelving, records can be easily managed and organized. The shelving units can be shifted to different positions to gain access to the stored documents.

6. Increased Storage Capacity

Mobile shelving units can be stacked and extended from floor to ceiling in order to increase storage capacity. This is ideal for smaller medical practices with limited storage space.

7. Cost-Effective

Mobile shelving is an affordable and reliable storage solution for medical records. The shelving can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of traditional filing cabinets and bookcases.

8. Cut Down on Clutter

Mobile shelving helps to keep the space organized and clutter-free, eliminating the need to search through stacks of papers and documents.

9. Durable

With the right care, mobile shelving can last for several years and provide reliable storage for medical records

10. Easy to Clean

Mobile shelving units are usually manufactured from microcrobial material, which is an easy to clean and disinfect material. This helps to maintain a sanitary storage environment for medical records.