Mobile Shelving for Medical Records:

 Mobile Shelving has always been the go-to and proven best way for Health Information Management Departments to store paper file medical records.

As Patient Medical Records became digital shelving requirements for the paper record declined and what paper was left went to record storage companies like Iron Mountain.

But….Wait… now Mobile Shelving for Medical Records is making a comeback in 2020 and 2021!  Why? Because the rising cost of retrieving records from off-site storage companies has crossed the threshold making the investment of mobile shelving on-site a wide investment.

Not only will mobile shelving for medical records cost less than the total cost of off-site storage but, yes, your records are right there for when you need them and in your control. 

Archived Medical Records are stored in archival boxes

Mobile Shelving for Medical Records

Uniform-sized boxes that look orderly and beautiful on Archive Box Shelving. 

Mobile Shelving for Medical Records

If the Medical Records are not boxed then standard file shelving would be even better.