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Do you need a modular building on top of a mezzanine?

Has your Air Force facility outgrown your current building and need to find a way to increase your storage capacity? Or need more office space for airmen? For some businesses, a move doesn’t make sense, so what alternatives are available? The first option is to look for alternative accommodations. In short, adding a building on top of a mezzanine may be the best solution.

Huge Modular Office

Why A Mezzanine?

Make use of the open overhead space at your facility and gain storage space. Air force bases want to store large and heavyweight equipment on top of the mezzanine, and they need a durable surface that could handle moving it around.

Why A Modular Building?

Building a modular building is an option, and we have a mezzanine that can handle supporting that floor type. The mezzanine was designed to handle a modular building and the additional live weight on top. The mezzanine provides more space and a private storage area for airmen. We can provide the best fit for many situations, such as a sloping building roof or L-shaped stairs.

Quality Know Around The Globe

Our quality custom mezzanine floor systems are known around the globe for unbeatable strength. World-class integrator of elevated floor systems and material handling products. Material Handling USA has plenty of mezzanine design experience and can customize them to meet any of your needs.

What We Do

Modular Building on top of Mezzanine for Air force base

We can handle any aspect of your integration project, whether it’s for military, air force, and commercial use. Including application and analysis to engineering and installation. We serve government clients such as complete distribution centers or mezzanines for airforce, army mezzanines, and other military mezzanines and elevated floor systems.

Mezzanines can be integrated with many material handling products such as security cages, vertical lifts & carousels, conveyors, modular buildings, high-density shelving systems, automated storage & retrieval systems (ASRS), various picking systems and racking. We will create a custom solution for practically any air force base.

Return On Investment for a Modular Building on top of a mezzanine For An air Force Base

You can literally double your floor space with just a few dollars per square foot. Mezzanines and modular buildings can allow us to create vertical material handling systems that vastly improve operational efficiency. They provide additional space above and can be built free of the existing structure.

Optional sound reduction to improve worker productivity and met complex building code requirements within a budget. A modular building on top of a mezzanine can add space within the air force base and a better view for sergeants to monitor activity.

About Mezzanines

A mezzanine is a raised platform you can customize in all shapes and sizes maximize the space of your building. For each client, we design custom made mezzanines personalized to their needs and specifications. Furthermore, a building system that would give some flexibility for future planning and something that could be easily expanded.

Modular Building on top of Mezzanine for Air force base

About Modular Buildings

We can create a quiet working environment in the middle of a busy air force base by adding a modular building with a mezzanine on top without losing valuable space. The mounted modular building on top of the mezzanine and outfitting it with lots of windows allows the sergeants to oversee the airmen’s productivity.  The modular buildings are fire and soundproof finishes with vinyl interior surfaces and painted steel exterior panels. The modular building meets all of the required safety, and sound reduction desired but still keep a stylish appearance.

About US!

Welcome to our well-coordinated, enthusiastic team! Our experts have current information and know precisely what’s needed to be done to keep the project moving towards completion. Our consistent, timely communication, and makes it easy to make decisions throughout the process.

“We built the mezzanine because it was the best way to give our airmen their personal space.”
– Air Force Base Sergeants

Modular Building on top of Mezzanine for Air force base

Modular Building on Top of a Mezzanine for Air Force Base

Modular building on top of a mezzanine has become an increasingly popular solution for businesses and government organizations that need to create more space without constructing a new building from scratch. This technology has now made its way to the Air Force Base where it is being used to build a new office space and training center.

A mezzanine is a raised platform or floor that is built within an existing building.

It is typically used to create additional storage or office space above a main floor level. A modular building is a structure that is constructed off-site in sections, and then assembled on-site. Both technologies offer several benefits when it comes to building a new office space or training center on an Air Force Base.

One of the most significant advantages of modular building on top of a mezzanine for an Air Force base is speed.

Since the modular building sections are built off-site, construction time is significantly reduced. This is advantageous for the Air Force Base, where the need for additional office space and training facilities is often urgent. The speed of construction also minimizes disruption of the Base’s activities, which would have been more significant with traditional on-site construction.

The modular building on top of a mezzanine can also be custom-designed to meet the Air Force Base’s specific needs.

This means that the building can be designed with the exact functionality and configuration needed, including various office and training room sizes, conference rooms and break areas. Also, the interior finishes and colors of the building’s walls, ceilings, and flooring can also be customized.

Another advantage of the modular building on top of a mezzanine for an Air force base is adaptability.

The building can be altered or added on to if the needs of the Air Force Base change over the years. This eliminates the need for a complete demolition and rebuild, and often reduces the costs associated with renovations or expansion. This is especially critical for the Air Force Base since office requirements can fluctuate depending on the activities of the Base.

Modular buildings on top of a mezzanine for an Air Force base are also eco-friendly.

Since they are built off-site, there is less waste generated during construction than traditional on-site construction. The building section can be engineered for superior energy-efficiency with cost-saving materials such as LED lighting or high-quality materials that help to insulate the structure.

The construction of a modular building on top of a mezzanine also promotes a safer working environment during the project’s duration.

Most of the construction occurs off-site, which means that there is minimal disruption or walking in the on-site activity areas. All sections are built in a factory controlled environment, and quality control monitoring ensures that the materials used are up to standard.

Overall, modular building on top of a mezzanine is a cost-effective, time-efficient, and flexible solution for creating additional office space and training centers on an Air Force Base or any other similar location.

It provides a custom design that precisely meets the user’s specifications, minimal disruption during construction, and an eco-friendly construction method. The modular structure is easily adaptable to changes in requirements, making the building solution an excellent investment for the Air Force Base and yielding long-term benefits.

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