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Lockers in Many Shapes and Sizes 

Unibody lockers with over 1000 options for set up and all on Quick Ship.
Lockers come in Steel, Plastic, Wood, Phenolic and Stainless
Mix and match to create a hybrid look and feel

Standard Options and Features

  • Ventilated
  • Piano Hinge
  • Multiple Color Options
  • All Welded Construction
  • Customization
  • Slope Tops
  • Coat Rods, Hooks, Inner Shelves
  • Window Wardrobe or Box Style made of molded clear poly-carbonate doors
  • Keyed or Key-less Locks

Who uses Lockers

Lockers are a type of storage unit that is widely used across various sectors and industries globally. Lockers provide a secure, safe and organized storage solution for a range of personal belongings, equipment, and valuable items.

In schools and universities, lockers are commonly used by students to store their books, laptops, bags, and other personal items.

These lockers provide a secure place for students to store their belongings during the day, as well as a convenient location to access their items between classes.

Workplaces, lockers are also widely used by employees to store their work clothes, tools, and other equipment. They are especially beneficial in workplaces where employees are required to wear special garments, such as healthcare workers, lab technicians, or factory workers, among others.

Sports and fitness settings, lockers are essential for storing personal belongings, along with workout equipment such as towels, water bottles, and gym bags.

Athletic lockers are also designed to accommodate larger items such as helmets, pads, and other sports gear.

In addition to the above-mentioned sectors, they are commonly installed in public places such as airports, train stations, bus depots, and shopping malls.

These lockers provide a secure and convenient place for travelers to store their luggage, shopping bags, and other items while moving around in public places.

The hospitality industry is no exception and has been using them as a way to store valuables such as passports, jewelry, money, and other important documents in hotels, theme parks, and other tourist facilities.

Staff lockers are also used in these facilities, providing personnel with a secure and convenient storage area for their uniforms, personal belongings, and other work-related equipment.

Another industry that uses lockers is the healthcare sector.

In hospitals, clinics, and dental offices, lockers are used to store patients’ personal belongings, which provide peace of mind for patients and families knowing that their items are secure.

Lockers are also used in the industrial and warehouse settings to store tools, equipment, and machinery. These lockers are typically designed to be rugged and durable to withstand harsh environments, and some can even be equipped with extra security features to prevent unauthorized access.

In the military sector, lockers provide secure storage for weapons, uniforms, and equipment.

In addition, the military also uses storage lockers to store sensitive equipment, tools, and classified documents.

In the entertainment industry, lockers are used for a wide range of purposes such as storing costumes, accessories, and personal belongings of actors, singers, dancers, and other performers. Entertainment venues like theme parks, theaters, and stadiums also offer locker facilities to provide visitors with secure storage places for their personal belongings.

The use of lockers is widespread across various sectors and industries globally.

Whether it is for personal or professional use, lockers provide a convenient, secure, and organized storage solution for a range of items. From schools and universities to the healthcare sector, entertainment, and military, lockers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of personal belongings and other valuable items.