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We Are Your Best  Source For Tenant Lockers

Growing populations in urban areas have to lead to a boom in the usage of tenant lockers. Tenant Lockers provide a secure place for apartment and condo tenants to store what they would rather not keep in their personal apartment or condo units. Tenant Lockers also keep a thing like bikes off outside porches increasing property value and nice for the neighborhood. 

Your Source For Tenant Lockers From Space Guard

Easy To Build

With prefabricated components and minimal hardware, BeastWire storage lockers erect in a fraction

of the time of alternative designs. No cutting or drilling is required to assemble our standard units.

Built To Last

Behold the strength of fully framed and welded panel construction. Leave the self-tap screws to lesser products. The “Beast” uses all carriage bolt connections to assure secure units that don’t break apart over time.

Source For Tenant Lockers


Allows for easy reconfiguration of units or entire layouts.


BeastWire lockers can be fitted to meet a variety of requirements, including multiple heights, extended width and depths, bases, shelves, and mesh and steel infill options.


Backed by our unrivaled 10-year warranty.

Call one 800 326-4403 and take advantage of our free design and layout services.

Your Source For Tenant Lockers From Wire Crafters

Wire Crafter’s developed Tenant Storage Lockers to provide flexibility, safety, and security. The lockers come in single and double-tier designs. The single-tier Walk-In lockers are perfect for storing tenant’s season belongings.

The double-tier lockers are designed to do the same but are a better fit for buildings that have limited storage space since they can double the number of tenant lockers in the footprint for a large number of residents.

The all-steel welded mesh construction provides strength and security, and the lockers are configurable to fit in any space. The standard storage locker includes the front door panel and inside walls, but they can be customized with ceiling and back panels, shelves, and floor panels.

The doors are pre-hung, the hinges are already welded in place, and it takes just four bolts to connect a wall panel to a door panel. The lockers are easy to install and provide a low total cost of ownership.

Call one 800 326-4403 and take advantage of our free design and layout services.

Wire Crafters Tenant Lockers Sizes
Tenant Storage Lockers
Security Cage
Bicycle Tenant Storage Lockers
Space Guard Tenant Lockers
Space Guard Tenant Lockers
Space Guard Tenant Lockers

10 Reasons You Need A Good source For Tenant Lockers

1. Increased security for tenant belongings
2. Better accessibility for stored items
3. More efficient use of space
4. Improved tenant experience
5. Reduced package and mail delivery delays
6. Increased tenant accountability
7. Reduced liability for landlord
8. More organized living areas
9. Reduced damage or theft
10. Increased privacy for tenants

Total solutions often include:

These are attracting tenants. 

Heated | Cooled. Give the delivery drivers a designated place to deliver food.

Package Delivery Lockers

Give drivers and tenants a central and safe place to deliver and pick up packages.

Mailbox Shelters

Mailbox Shelters

Available in both standard & fully customizable options. Mailbox shelters with full side walls, electrical outlets, lighting, and more available!

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