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Warehouse Shelving Racks

Cambria in Salt Lake City purchased warehouse shelving racks installed

When it comes to quartz counter tops and vanities tops Cambria is the expert in product and design. as a distributor they need things in stock so they can make them and ship them on time. the warehouse is just another part of perfection called Cambia. New sturdy rack shelving is a perfect solution to heavy countertop related business inventory.

Wire Decking is a solid and clean way to support the inventory going on the rack. You can see an installer using a Hilti brand cement drill to properly anchor the rack for safety. It is an amazing piece of equipment for drilling easier, smoothly and accurately into cement. This allows to precise anchoring of the pallet rack uprights. 


Warehouse Shelving Rack for a liquor distributor. DABC in Salt Lake City Utah.

These units have flow shelves so the boxes of wine and liquor roll forward to make easier case picking for staff. This is a massive warehouse and runs like a clock. 

Delta Airlines Warehouse Shelving Racks for tugger repairs and maintenance.

In this case Delta had worn the old rack out. Yeah! An operation that runs its vehicles 7 days a week 24 hours a day can even wear out rack. Over time it get bumped and bumped and bumped and well there are just weak spots. Older rack was not always built to the best standards. And many manufacturers have come and gone. This rack had yellow beams. maybe Delts painted them some time back or maybe they came in yellow but now it is new rack in the traditional green upright and orange beams for support.


Warehouse Shelving Rack at GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare

What don’t these guys make? They buy a lot of warehouse shelving rack as well as many other storage products. List the list going to be long and include:
Boltless Shelving
ESD Shelving
Wire Shelving
Bin Shelving
Galvanized Shelving
and Stainless Steel Shelving

Warehouse Rack Shelving at Oakler Interiors

Warehouse Rack Shelving at Oakler Interiors

These guys are on the fast track of growth in Tremonton Utah. Going with the typical colors of green uprights and orange beams they are sprouting rack faster than an Idaho potato farmer has plants coming up in a good spring.