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Cashier Booth

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Portable Office Trailer

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Guardian Booths –

Guardian Booth is a manufacturer of prefabricated booths for guards, parking attendants, ticket vendors, and cashiers. In addition, Guardian Booth is a market leader in portable security enclosures and modular office enclosures. Security Guard Booths, Parking Attendant Booths, Portable Security Booths, Ticket Booths, Gas Station Attendant Booths, Cashier Booths, Modular Factory Offices, Portable Office Trailers, Modular Medical Clinics, Equipment Enclosures, Stadium Press Boxes.

Guardian Booth Options

Exterior Electrical Discounnect Switch

Ability to shut all the power to the unit from the outside.
Exterior electrical disconnect switch; standard is rated for 30 Amps, can be upgraded if needed.


Baseboard Heaters

Keeps the booth warm.
Built into the unit – no need for portable heater that gets dragged around and lost.
The price includes two baseboard heaters wired and installed along the two long sides of the booth. Includes a built-in thermostat next to the light switch.

Built In AC Unit

Keeps unit cool on the hottest of days.
No need for portable fan.
Nicely built into the unit.
The price includes a built-in brand new air conditioner with digital screen and remote from a brand name company with all the warranty

Tinted Window

Increases your privacy; guard can observe bypassers without being noticed.
Reduces heat inside the booth.
Blocks harmful UV rays
Option of mirror tint or 15% black tint.

Outside LED Spotlights

Illuminates the surroundings at night.
Makes the booth a noticeable point at night for easy accessibility.
15 Watt LED Spotlight wired and installed in the exterior corner of the booth; can be swiveled to point in any direction, and includes separate light switch.

Customer Exterior Color and Design


Maintains brand-new appearance.

Adds a glossy look.

Won’t scratch as easily as the bare aluminum.

Color will not fade away as easily.

Blue 3M 1080 Vinyl Protective Wrap around the exterior of the booth.


All the benefits of “Vinyl Protective Wrap” noted above, plus the ability to customize the exterior color.
Display your logo, business hours, ticket pricing, and any other important information on the exterior of the booth.
3M 1080 Vinyl Protective Wrap – choose from list of 100 colors.
Send us a PDF with your design to receive a quote.


More work space.
Keep your booth organized and know where everything is
Request a quote for an additional desk with drawer on any side of the booth.

Duplex Ethernet Port And Phone Line

Have the conduit and wiring installed so your IT department can set up data and phone lines in the booth.
Includes conduit and boxes for Duplex Ethernet Port and Phone Line.

Mounted Booth On Flatbed Trailer

Following are the details for the 5′ x 10′ flatbed trailer used for the 4×6
3500 lb idler axle
DOT lighting
15″ tires
2″ Ball Coupler
Stabilizer jack in each corner
4′ tall hand rail around rear of trailer to booth entrance
Step down from trailer to ground level
Great for large premises and temporary work sites.
Flatbed Trailer Unit with 4×6 booth is $10,495.95.
Flatbed Trailer Unit with 6×8 booth is $13,995.95; Other sizes quoted by request.

List of additional add-on features we have previously done by request:

Fixed glass window instead of sliding window.
Sliding door instead of swinging door.
Option of solid walls.
Add additional door on another side of the booth.
Fixed glass window with microphone speak-hole and transaction slot for ticket booth.
Solid wall with 500 numbered key hooks for valet parking booth.
Exterior counter for ticket booth customers to complete paperwork at the window.
Metal locker installed underneath desk or anywhere in the booth.
Restroom inside the booth.
Elevated platform for booth.
Exterior electric outlets.
And many more…