How Does State of Utah Store Liquor

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Well, that’s a hard question to answer because it is many kinds of shelving and rack.

How Does State Of Utah Store Liquor

How Does the State of Utah Store Liquor?

Well on all kinds and types of shelving. All kind and types but in how in one giant distribution location.? Not even the biggest! It is carton flow rack.

The FlexTrak Bed Carton Flow system boasts several features, including the ability to install in existing or new rack applications. The drop-in design allows for easy installation on existing shelves without requiring specialized tools. The laneless design of the system is highly adaptable, and can accommodate products, totes, and cartons of varying dimensions without requiring lane reconfiguration. Additionally, carton flow hangers act as a front stop, and the full flow bed of rollers provides consistent and flexible support of carton flow. This system is particularly effective for high SKU turnover, e-commerce, seasonal products, and dynamic slotting.

Roller Conveyor for Liquor Cartons

These pictures of the State of Utah storage of liquor are so awesome!

This is a fantastic idea to install a simple roller conveyor down the middle of carton flow rack. Think about it. Place the heavy carton of liquor on the roller conveyor and slide it to a cart to transportation. a safe and easy way to flow the work. 

How many 3pl’s would benefit from this simple idea?

What kinds of shelving would warehouses use to store bulk liquor

Warehouses that store bulk liquor typically use heavy-duty steel shelving, pallet racking, or wire decking for efficient and safe storage. These types of shelving are designed to handle heavy loads and are durable enough to withstand the weight of the liquor bottles. Additionally, some warehouses may also use specialized liquor shelving systems that incorporate features like anti-slip surfaces or custom dividers to further optimize their storage capacity.

What kind of Shelving would liquor stores use to store retail liquor?

Liquor stores typically use different types of shelving compared to warehouses, as their primary focus is on retail sales rather than bulk storage. Some common types of shelving used by liquor stores to store retail liquor include:

1. Gondola Shelving: This is the most commonly used type of shelving in retail stores. It’s versatile, adjustable, and can easily accommodate different bottle sizes.

2. Wall Shelving: Wall shelving can be used to display premium or high-end liquors, as they create an organized, visually appealing display.

3. Display Shelving: Display shelving can be used to promote new or featured products. These shelves can be located at the end of aisles or in high traffic areas to attract customer attention.

4. Specialty Shelving: Specialty shelving, such as wooden crates, wire baskets or novelty units with LED lights, can create an added element of visual appeal and fresh perspective on shelf organization.

Overall, there are a variety of shelving options available for retail liquor stores, and the choice depends on the store’s layout, available space, budget and product selection.