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Mobile Media is a Mobile Shelving manufacturer based out of New York. Mobile Media stocks several shelving lines and stocks just about any retail store stockroom accessories imaginable. MMs main customers are retailers, but now Mobile Media is a major player in providing Shelving and Mobile Shelving for vertical growing cannabis and all kinds of leafy greens, which is blooming and booming! A lot a lot of growers are using racks indoors to grow on, which is pretty cool. So we’ll get into that here. Mobile Media offers both Mechanical Assist Mobile Shelving with gears and Manual Mobile Shelving. Manual Mobile Shelving is very straightforward with a handle that you push and pull left-to-right. Shown in picture. 

Very common and easy to move in many retail applications. 

Or the Mobile Media Mechanical Mobile Shelving which has a bicycle style sprocket chain with hand crank drive. We do a shaft drive which runs all the way through the carriage as well as a front drive. This allows the rear of the shelving, carriage, to move at the same time as the from of the shelving, carriage. These are rated for three different loads or weights that can be placed on the shelving. 

Mobile Media’s Mechanical Assist Systems all move the shelving with only 5 pounds of force. What that means is that it is very for staff to move. Three options are available. 2,000, 4,000 and 8,000. The amount of effort it takes a user to move the carriage is all the same form the lightest weight option at 2,000 pounds to the heaviest option at 8,000 pounds. Like a bike, there’s a higher gear ratio for heavier loads. 


Mobile Media Powered Mobile Shelving

For todays Automated Shelving World Mobile Media offers Powered Mobile Shelving Systems

Mobile Media Mobile Stockroom Shelving

Mobile Media is Stocking Bulk Rack 

Bulk Rack is super popular for the Cannabis Grow Operations. It is it’s not as heavy duty as Pallet Rack, but Bulk Rack, sometimes called Wide Span Rack or Shelving,  is going to hold medium sized pallets or a ton of cannabis plants, if that’s what you’re doing.

In Stock are 16 foot high uprights and the selection of in stock stock step beams are eight foot, six feet and four feet long in white color. When customers are growing leafy greens, vegetables, or cannabis they want white rack to reflect the lighting properly for the plants. So it reflect back.



Mobile Media Mobile Shelving with White Bulk Rack

Mobile Media Furniture Storage Shelving

Mobile Media Mobile Shelving with Pallet Rack

Mobile Media – yeah! pallet Rack on Mobile Shelving. Maximize the Space in Your Warehouse Today!

Mobile Media Mobile Shelving for Archive Boxes on Pallet Rack

Mobile Media Mobile Shelving for Archive Boxes on Pallet Rack


Mobile Media Mobile Shelving with Pallet Rack

Mobile Media Mobile Shelving  for Pallet Rack

Obviously, that’s this heavy duty. Those beams are eight foot, six foot and four foot, as I said, and then upwards of 16 feet.
Mobile Media Mobile Shelving for Cannabis Grow

Mobile Media Mobile Shelving for Agricultural Growing Solutions

Mobile Media Mobile Shelving for Cannabis
Mobile Media Mobile Shelving for Leafy Vegetables

Mobile Media Stocks Lozier S Series

Mobile Media also Stocks Lozier Shelving S Series

because there are a lot of retailers that have a lot of Lozier Shelving in their stock rooms that are looking to Mobilize Lozier Shelving . Mobile Media builds mobile shelving system custom to perfectly fit the Lozier series  shelving and they stock some because lead times can be horrendous from Lozier right now.

Mobile Media Mobile Shelving Warrantee

What Sets Mobile Media Mobile Shelving Apart From their Competition?

Mobile Media has a larger wheel than what is typically found  in the retail mobile storage mobile.

This is the bread and butter right here, our warranty covers 10 years on parts and labor. Most will do 10 years on parts and a year on labor. I had to keep going back to pit, but it’s really up for them and for you, if you have a pitch system and it’s two years old and you need a handle replaced. Because of a manufacturer’s defect, they’re still going to charge you three hundred dollars to go out and send a tech out to repair that, if it’s a warranty issue, we cover that labor cost. And that’s for the full 10 years before I did sales, I was our service call coordinator. And it’s it’s amazing how many. Issues we would get from other systems we really have through trial and error and through history, built a system that’s meant to last. 

Mobile Media Stockroom Shelving

This is the lighter duty shelving  referred to earlier. This is what most retailers are going to use for their shoe storage and clothing storage. 

You tell us what’s going on the shelving purses, shirts, skirts, dress, pants, t shirts, belts, ties, suits, coats, shoes, socks, scarfs, blouses, gowns, underwear, panties, lingerie, well….. you name it, and we can let you know what shelving options might be really convenient for you!

We also do a continuous riding surface type of rail with the insert. 

Most companies are going to send out 10 foot long pieces of track and the insert is going to be in them and then they’re going to tap them together. Ours runs all the way through. That’s another we get to the warranty in a second, but that’s one of the reasons why our warranty is so, so good. There are times when you’re going to run into an issue where the tracks are pretty high. We do a lot of basements in New York City and there are times where we have to shim the system two or three inches. So one thing we provide is a wood deck in between and we’ll figure out how high we need to go.

We also offer anti tip, these are built onto the track or under the carriage, and it’s an L shaped bracket that’s locked into the track. 

We do an overhead anti tip as well. But the Floor anti tip is a standard option. We also have a chain style brake that attaches on to the front of the carriage for a manual system. It’s positive for lock brakes. You step onto the one end, it engages in the train, and then you release it on the other end of this handle right here. To the scandal right here, this is a lose lose handle right here has another lock when you’re using a mechanical assist handle. 

Mobile Media Stockroom Shelving Accessories

We offer a ton of different shelving types, particleboard, solid steel wire, grid and perforated steel. 

Some clients need to store their purses on a solid steel shelf for whatever reason. So we kind of offer a little bit of everything so we have what you need. 

We’ve also done large catwalk and mezzanines for stockrooms like Victoria’s Secret in New Jersey. They had a massive warehouse that they didn’t want to do mobile, so we did a built in mezzanine deck that was actually built with our shelving beams. 

Mobile Media Mobile Shelving Security Fencing

These are getting into some of the different accessories and options that we provide, security fencing. 

We’ll wrap a whole system with this to secure it.

We also offer track sweeps in front of our system, which prevents debris from getting caught underneath. That’s the biggest issue in the mobile shelving industry when supplied with new construction. A week after the systems installed a call comes in and somehow there’s a screw underneath wedged underneath the wheel. So this prevents that from happening. We get a lot of those requests when we serviced older stores that had a competive product  that’s the most common request. 

Mobile Media Stockroom Shelving Accessories

 We do a ton of different lockers, storage cabinets. We do managers desks that we build out of our light duty shelving. As you see folding tables, hanging management standards, brackets, we try and be a one stop shop for for our customers because they’re going to pay seven different freight costs to get the different things they need. And we’d rather them just get it all from us and get it in one truck.

Mobile Media Mobile Shelving Customers

This is part our current customer Mobile Stockroom Shelving list. 

There’s a retail is starting to boom again here in 2021, so I’m sure we’re going to have more by the end of the year. But this just gives you a good idea of how much business we’re doing. Join us! Call Today 800-326-4403

Permitting Mobile Shelving

A lot of places in California and Vegas, pretty much Vegas and any on the West Coast is going to require permitting. And retailers specifically hate dealing with it. Architects hate dealing with it, hate dealing with it and dealing with it. So we do it the whole process start to finish whether it’s getting seismic made up and sent to an architect who’s willing to submit it with their or if it’s the first metal. Getting the count started, Smith, the city go through planned check and have a license contract to pull the permit. 

Installation of Mobile Shelving at Retail Stores

We can provide union and non-union crews all throughout the US. So when a customer comes and tells us they install, we can usually meet whatever they need. That’s actually all of North America, not just the US. And then service calls any type of repair you on our system. If the request comes in, our service call coordinator will receive the requests. Usually she’ll call the store, figure out exactly what the issue is, try and talk him through it. And if if we need a tech visit, then we’ll get someone out there

Mobile Media stocks many sizes of Boltless Shelving so the Mobile Shelving system can be delivered quickly.

Like the light duty shelving that you see in a Macy’s or a Van’s Shoe Stores.  Those support beams come in six inch increments all the way up to 60 inches. Uprights are stocked in 12 feet high and can be cut down depending on what the needs are for the bulk rack. Taller sizes can be ordered.

Mobile Media Mobile Shelving 

It really does meet and exceed the industry standard with the continuous running surface for the tracks, no one else does that! We level every system with an eighth of an inch. Mobile Media will bend we bend over backwards to get orders in and out the door, We know we have to offer value and this is one way that we do that. Right now in 2021 our pricing is incredible. We’ve been bidding a ton of ton of new business this year and we’re going to have our best year yet. We haven’t had the same steel charges that a lot of other suppliers are having, mainly because we get our shelving and racking from China. So we’ve already gone through the tariffs and things like that.

If you send us a cad, we’ll get the layout made out. 

Obviously we’ll talk to you first to figure out what the usage is as far as unit designations.  If you need a lot of hanging or folding stations we’ll figure that out with any lockers added in or an area for a desk or a safe. We have a design that works and cut to to put that all together for you. If you need a different options, will do it. That’s one way that we we offer value. And then there’s our warranty statement. There’s so there’s so many companies opening stores this year. It’s insane. A good a selling point is still to say, hey, this is warranty for 10 years parts and labor. No one else does that!

Design and quotes are turned around in twenty four hours!

We ship all throughout the US and North America. We just did a job in New Brunswick, New Brunswick, West Canada. So all over we’ve done some project in South America too, as well as Europe regularly. We have ten or twelve projects in Mexico. So if you have a project pretty much anywhere give us a call. For retail shelving accessories Mobile Media offers lockers, shelf dividers, hangar management systems, employee safes, desks, folding tables, receiving tables, slatwall,  pegboard and peg hooks.

Yeah, we get requests for just about all of that! Call us today at 800-326-4403.

We give retail stores one place to order the entire stockroom with one shipping and install cost. That’s a huge bonus for them and saves them a lot of money