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This could save someone’s life…literally…We believe there is a tremendous and growing opportunity to educate customers on pallet rack backing, the importance of safety in and around industrial storage rack as you’ll see in the following video. Material Handling USA provides Pallet Rack Backing, Guarding and Security systems, the strongest, safest, and most easily installed  guarding on the market. We also offer the only drop-in bracket for teardrop style uprights, the Grrripper, drastically reducing installation time as seen in the following video.

Carron Pallet Rack Safety Netting

Carron Pallet Rack Safety Netting

Properly measuring for pallet rack guard netting is important to ensure that you have the correct fit so it can be installed in such a way to protect your employees and prevent product falls. Tools needed any company required personal protective equipment and a measuring tape. Determine the height of coverage you need. Measure the entire length of the row.

Measure the length of a bay inside post to inside post. Verify the width of every bay in the row as beam lengths may vary in multiple bay configurations. Knowing the exact row layout is crucial in making sure the netting provides proper coverage for the rack. Measure the width of the uprights. Because rack netting typically covers multiple bays, the uprights must be accounted for in the length of the nets. Determine the type of installation. Will your pallets overhang the back of the rack by three or more inches? If no, you can use a flush mount installation where the nets are attached directly to the rack with supplied heavy duty tie wraps. If yes, you will need an offset installation framework that will allow the net to be mounted away from the back of your rack. Decide which netting style is appropriate for your application. Based on the heaviest item the mesh will be expected to retain. Smaller mesh options are available for individual product or small box retention is required. Nets are generally supplied in sections no longer than 40 to 50 feet to minimize unsupported spans and provide proper product retention. Karen staff is here to answer questions regarding netting, selection and sizing for proper fit and installation, whether you’re inexperienced or a seasoned pro.

Flush Mounted Installation of Carron Pallet Rack Guard Netting:

The typical installation used in cases where pallet overhang does not exceed three inches. Tools needed scissors and any company required personal protective equipment. Lay out the nets and supplied heavy duty tie wraps to be used in the installation. Ensure that all nets are present prior to beginning the installation. When installing a net always begin at the top of an outside rack upright position. The vertical edge of the net at the center of the upright face. Attach the rope border of the net to the rack with the provided tire ramps. Attach the opposite top corner to the other end of the span. Fully tighten each tie and clip off the tail about one inch from the clasp. Next, attach the bottom corners on both sides. Attach the center of the nets, top rope binding, then do the same at the bottom and sides of the net. Place another trap halfway between the midpoint and corner on each side. Continue having the distance until the net is attached to the rack every 12 inches along all four sides of the net. Repeat for each netting panel until the rack is covered in netting as designed.