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With all of these incredible advantages, a vertical storage industrial carousel is the best way to produce maximum storage capacity and efficiency while simultaneously reducing your business’ storage footprint.

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Vertical Storage Carousels bin storage

Our Vertical Storage Carousel Systems:

  • are ideal for storing and managing small parts or documents
  • conserve revenue generating floor space for other uses
  • allow efficient retrieval of small items and documents
  • eliminate the need for cumbersome racks and filing cabinet
  • are ideal for storing and managing large and heavy inventory
With the simple touch of a button, the requested stored items are quickly brought down to an ergonomically positioned waist-high work counter. 
The vertical carousel storage units feature integrated inventory management software for increased levels of productivity and inventory control.  
Our vertical storage carousels are equipped with a robust four-point suspension system with telescoping drawers that ride on triple bearings for greater reliability.

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Vertical Storage Carousels Paint Can Storage

Bringing  you up to date on the latest 2023 trends in vertical carousels

Vertical carousels are a space-savvy and efficient storage solution for a wide range of items. They are increasingly being used in warehouses, manufacturing environments, and other commercial settings, due to the many benefits they offer. The latest trends in vertical carousels are focused on improving the efficiency, usability and accessibility of these storage systems.

The newest vertical carousels are optimized for a faster and smoother user experience.

This includes features such as touch screens, multiple carousel layers, and RFID card readers, which enable users to access their stored items quickly and easily. The carousels often come with programmable scanning and sorting options, allowing users to automate the process of looking through and retrieving stored items.

In addition to increasing efficiency, the latest vertical carousels are also designed to be safe and secure.

Many models feature safety guards and sensors, which can detect when someone is approaching the carousel and take steps to prevent accidents or unauthorized access. They also often incorporate the latest cyber security systems to protect the stored items from cyber-attacks or unauthorized access.

The latest vertical carousel systems also come with plenty of features that make them more communication friendly.

This includes wireless access and connectivity, as well as integration with enterprise software systems. This enables users to keep an updated overview of their stored items and even send automated notifications to alert them when items have been accessed or manipulated.

Finally, the latest vertical carousels are able to be used in a variety of storage scenarios.

They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to accommodate items of any shape or type. Additionally, they are often customizable, enabling users to make changes to the carousel to ensure an optimal size and fit for their stored items.

All in all, the latest vertical carousels offer a range of productivity and safety features that are designed to maximize efficiency and reduce the risk of injury or unauthorized access. With their increased capabilities and security, they are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of commercial and industrial settings.

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