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With all of these incredible advantages, a vertical storage industrial carousel is the best way to produce maximum storage capacity and efficiency while simultaneously reducing your business’ storage footprint.

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Vertical Storage Carousels bin storage

Our Vertical Storage Carousel Systems:

  • are ideal for storing and managing small parts or documents
  • conserve revenue generating floor space for other uses
  • allow efficient retrieval of small items and documents
  • eliminate the need for cumbersome racks and filing cabinet
  • are ideal for storing and managing large and heavy inventory
With the simple touch of a button, the requested stored items are quickly brought down to an ergonomically positioned waist-high work counter. 
The vertical carousel storage units feature integrated inventory management software for increased levels of productivity and inventory control.  
Our vertical storage carousels are equipped with a robust four-point suspension system with telescoping drawers that ride on triple bearings for greater reliability.

Wire Spool Carousels


Vertical Storage Carousels Paint Can Storage

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