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Bringing  you up to date on the latest 2023 trends in vertical carousels

Vertical carousels are a space-savvy and efficient storage solution for a wide range of items. They are increasingly being used in warehouses, manufacturing environments, and other commercial settings, due to the many benefits they offer. The latest trends in vertical carousels are focused on improving the efficiency, usability and accessibility of these storage systems.

The newest vertical carousels are optimized for a faster and smoother user experience.

This includes features such as touch screens, multiple carousel layers, and RFID card readers, which enable users to access their stored items quickly and easily. The carousels often come with programmable scanning and sorting options, allowing users to automate the process of looking through and retrieving stored items.

In addition to increasing efficiency, the latest vertical carousels are also designed to be safe and secure.

Many models feature safety guards and sensors, which can detect when someone is approaching the carousel and take steps to prevent accidents or unauthorized access. They also often incorporate the latest cyber security systems to protect the stored items from cyber-attacks or unauthorized access.

With all of these incredible advantages, a vertical storage industrial carousel is the best way to produce maximum storage capacity and efficiency while simultaneously reducing your business’ storage footprint.

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Vertical Storage Carousel Sizes

Vertical Tire Storage Carousel Benefits and Applications

Vertical Tire Storage Carousels offer several benefits and are used in a variety of applications. They are essentially automated vertical storage systems that can hold multiple tires, designed to improve space efficiency, productivity, safety, and accessibility.

Space Efficiency:

Vertical Tire Storage Carousels utilize vertical space, making them ideal for businesses with limited floor space. They can store a large number of tires in a relatively small footprint, maximizing the utilization of space.

Improve productivity with a Vertical Storage Carousel for Tires

The automation of these carousels reduces the time taken to locate and retrieve tires, leading to improved productivity. Employees don’t need to manually search through stacks of tires, as the machine can bring the required tire to an accessible level.


Storing tires on racks can be hazardous, with risks of tires falling or causing injuries during manual handling. Vertical Tire Storage Carousels eliminate these risks, as tires are stored and retrieved mechanically.

Inventory Control:

Many of these carousels can be integrated with inventory management systems, making it easier to track which tires are in stock and where they are located.


These systems improve accessibility by bringing the tires to the operator at a comfortable height, eliminating the need for ladders or climbing.

Condition Preservation:

Storing tires in carousels can help prevent them from becoming deformed or damaged, preserving their condition and prolonging their lifespan.

Applications of Vertical Tire Storage Carousels:

Automotive Industry:

Dealerships, garages, and car manufacturing plants often use these systems for storing new and used tires.

Tire Manufacturers and Distributors:

They use these systems for inventory management and efficient distribution of tires.

Transportation and Logistics Companies:

Companies that maintain a fleet of vehicles often use these systems for efficient storage and access to replacement tires.

Sports and Racing Industry:

Racing teams and sports car companies often have a variety of specific tire types. A vertical carousel allows easy and quick access to the correct tires.

Military and Aerospace Industry:

For maintenance of vehicles and aircraft, these industries also use such systems for effective tire storage.

Retail and Wholesale Businesses:

Businesses that sell tires to the public can use these carousels to maximize storage and showcase their products in an impressive and accessible way.

Vertical Storage Carousels bin storage

Our Vertical Storage Carousel Systems:

  • are ideal for storing and managing small parts or documents
  • conserve revenue generating floor space for other uses
  • allow efficient retrieval of small items and documents
  • eliminate the need for cumbersome racks and filing cabinet
  • are ideal for storing and managing large and heavy inventory
With the simple touch of a button, the requested stored items are quickly brought down to an ergonomically positioned waist-high work counter. 
The vertical carousel storage units feature integrated inventory management software for increased levels of productivity and inventory control.  
Our vertical storage carousels are equipped with a robust four-point suspension system with telescoping drawers that ride on triple bearings for greater reliability.

Wire Spool Carousels


Vertical Storage Carousels Paint Can Storage

Vertical storage carousels for paint can storage can be an efficient storage solution for businesses or individuals with a large number of paint cans to manage.

These systems take advantage of vertical space to maximize storage density, minimize floor footprint, and improve organization and accessibility.

Design and Function:

Vertical storage carousels consist of a series of shelves or bins attached to a vertically rotating track inside a stationary framework. The carousel spins vertically (like a ferris wheel) to bring the required shelf or bin to an access point at floor level. This means users can retrieve or store items without climbing ladders or moving heavy loads at height. It can be operated manually or motor-driven depending on the size and weight capacity.

Vertical Storage Carousel For Online Pickup Fulfillment

Vidir’s BOPOS Carousel (Buy Online Pickup On Site) is a technologically advanced, automated storage and retrieval system designed to streamline your burgeoning e-commerce operations for micro-fulfillment centers.

It offers a dynamic solution for warehouse automation processes, enhancing productivity and ensuring safety.

The system meticulously monitors and handles every package housed within the carousel, ensuring swift and uncomplicated collection.


The carousel seamlessly integrates with BOPIS operations, micro-fulfillment, e-commerce solutions, inventory management systems, and burgeoning locker exchange programs. It offers a comprehensive Last-Mile Delivery solution for your click and collect strategies. The use of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) technology allows the system to adapt and employ overhead space, offering a high-density locker system that ensures a smooth customer experience.

Our team offers custom-built or ready-made solutions, designed to minimize lost or misplaced inventory and prevent customer dissatisfaction while improving time management on both retail and warehouse floors.


Gaining a competitive edge in these fast-paced industries depends on your ability to swiftly and effectively adapt to changing consumer behaviors and demands. BOPOS Automated Pickup solutions offer a state-of-the-art addition to any large-scale order management process, delivering an exceptional customer experience. Vidir’s Automated Pickup (BOPOS) Solutions have been crafted to provide the unique selling point you need.


Customer Access – Customers simply approach the interface, scan their order barcode, and the carousel promptly rotates to the right location. A pick light indicates the locker where their order is stored, and the locker door unlocks, granting the customer access to their items.

Employee Access –

The customer approaches the Order Pickup counter, presents their order barcode, the employee inputs this into the interface and retrieves the customer’s items swiftly.

Vertical Storage Carousels for carts


Store carts effectively when empty or load them in advance with online orders. Vidir’s Cartlift is a valuable adjunct to the BOPOS Carousel, especially for retail locations that also offer large items for online order and in-store pickup. Storing these items for pickup can be a challenge due to space limitations. Often, carts clutter the sales floor while awaiting pickup, hindering customer flow and diminishing the shopping experience. Vidir’s Cartlift provides a straightforward, efficient solution to these issues.

Empty carts are placed on the lift deck, with a capacity for two carts per deck, and secured with a lock. With a single touch control, the deck can be elevated to allow room for two additional carts below. This process can be repeated as necessary, accommodating up to 10 carts in one Cartlift, while occupying a space just slightly larger than two carts.


Space Efficiency: Vertical carousels make use of the often-underutilized vertical space in a facility, thus freeing up floor space for other uses.
Easy Access: The ability to bring any shelf down to ground level makes accessing and retrieving paint cans easier and safer, especially for heavy or bulky items.
Safety and Security: Vertical carousels can be equipped with lockable doors to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, by storing paint cans within a contained system, there’s less risk of spills or other accidents.
Inventory Management: Some systems can be equipped with computerized inventory control systems, keeping track of the quantity and location of each paint can.

Size and Weight:

The dimensions and total weight of the paint cans to be stored will impact the size, design, and weight capacity of the vertical storage carousel.
Frequency of Access: If certain paint cans will be accessed more frequently, these should be strategically placed within the carousel for easier retrieval.


Installation of these systems may require special preparation or alterations to the existing space, including reinforced flooring or electrical connections for motorized units.


Vertical storage carousels can be found in various sectors such as retail paint stores, commercial painting companies, factories, and warehouses where paint is used or sold.

Remember that while vertical storage carousels can greatly improve the efficiency and safety of storing paint cans, they should be used in accordance with all relevant safety standards, especially considering the flammable nature of some types of paint. This includes ensuring that the storage area is well ventilated and that there is appropriate fire safety equipment nearby.

The latest vertical carousel systems also come with plenty of features that make them more communication friendly.

This includes wireless access and connectivity, as well as integration with enterprise software systems. This enables users to keep an updated overview of their stored items and even send automated notifications to alert them when items have been accessed or manipulated.

Finally, the latest vertical carousels are able to be used in a variety of storage scenarios.

They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to accommodate items of any shape or type. Additionally, they are often customizable, enabling users to make changes to the carousel to ensure an optimal size and fit for their stored items.

All in all, the latest vertical carousels offer a range of productivity and safety features that are designed to maximize efficiency and reduce the risk of injury or unauthorized access. With their increased capabilities and security, they are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of commercial and industrial settings.

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