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Shipping Boxes

Shipping Boxes

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Shipping Supplies

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Corrugated Mailers

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Shipping Supplies

UPS Recommends 200# Boxes over ETC boxes for shipping except for really lightweight shipments. The UPS strength guideline is: 
Max weight in a 32 ETC box 30#;  Max weight in a 200# single wall box is 40#; Max weight in a 275 single wall box is 65 pounds; Ma weight in a 275 double wall box is 80#; Max weight in a 500 pound double wall box is 140#

Bubble Wrap is commonly purchased with Shipping Boxes. Other cushioning fill options include:

Air Pillow Packaging



Paper Cushioning

Packaging Cushing and Void Fill Options




Kraft Paper Wrap

Paper Cushioning

Instapak Quick®


Air Pillows