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Datum LogoDatum changed its logo in 2020! Freshening up their look to match their product offering evolving since the very beginning in 1968 when Frank Potter was working out of his house making fingertip filing systems. That was one of the first products Datum started making. Then Datum started manufacturing 3480 tape racks for Wright Line and going crazy with Rotary Files. But as we moved into the year 2000, those products slowed down. Datum started looking for new products. Datum got into lockers and weapons cabinets and doing more and more things with our shelving product lines. And that brings us quickly up to where we are today.

Here is a picture of the Datum facility in 2021. Datum boasts almost 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Datum was about 120,000 square feet of space for manufacturing and added another 80,000 square feet to keep up with demand. It is an efficient modern machine shop. Most of the Datum product is made with CSC machines and steel punching machines. Overall, pretty customized manufacturing equipment. Not a whole lot of hard tooling like so many old school shelving manufacturers still use.

Over 50 Years of Innovation & Growth

Owned and operated by the Potter family since 1968, Datum Storage Solutions crafts state-of-the-art storage and furniture solutions to fit every need, design, and budget. Datum’s diverse products are engineered and constructed in York, PA with High-quality and environmentally friendly materials and processes.

Experience. Service. Commitment

For over 50 years, our team of in-house engineers and designers have crafted storage and furniture solutions for over 40,000 companies and organizations around the world.

Our customer service team and Datum-certified installers will work with you from Start-to-Finish to create a solution that not only fits your budget but conforms to your current and future space and storage needs.

Our diverse line of products are manufactured in York, PA with high-quality and environmentally friendly materials and processes, and every product is proudly backed by Datum’s exclusive Lifetime Warranty—the best in the industry.

For over 50 years, Datum has an incredible number of filing and shelving systems in the US and worldwide. As we charge full speed into 2021, Datum has the experience, the service capabilities, and the commitment that it takes to run a 200,000 sq. ft. facility to pump out the best products in the marketplace. On the conservative side, Datum supplies shelving and storage products to 40,000 companies all around the world. It’s incredible how many places that Datum products are being utilized to help companies become more organized and maximize storage and security. Installs are completed with certified installers around the country and the world. So, if you have a project and you need something installed from shelving to mobile shelving system or even more complex, Datum can help you out by sending installers to those locations for you.

Datum is very committed to the product line via proper installation. Datum has probably the USA’s, especially within this industry, best warranty. A lifetime warranty that cover all the parts that could possibly break.

Datum Product Lines

A quick overview of what Datum’s product lines are. Beyond the traditional filing solutions Datum has gotten into many industrial storage solutions and recently into various lockers.

Datum is very well known for high-density storage products. The weapon storage is something new for Datum. Datum offers a whole host of storage items including desking that is great for schools. And then, Datum also offers a line of dormitory furniture.

Filing & Shelving

Filing & Shelving



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High-Density Storage

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Weapon Storage

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Store & Charge

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Desks & Workstations

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Datum Stackable Shelving

The Datum stackable shelving line is something that brought Datum into the filing systems manufacturing business way back in the late 90s, Supreme was going out of business. Datum started to pick up the Supreme shelving sales team and started to manufacture the Supreme Thin Stack Shelving System. The think stack shelving system is a stackable tier that builds upon a base.

Stackable Shelving:

  • TinStak | Configurable, expandable storage shelving
  • VuStak | Open-self filing system
  • Stak-N-Lok | Lockable open-shelf filing system

Supreme ThinStak | Fixed Divider Stackable Shelving

ThinStak Stackable ShelvingThis particular picture has eight individual tiers riveted together. It’s flexible, and it’s low profile. You can add to them, subtract from them. Within the Supreme Think Stack Shelving products line Datum offers probably the most versatile set of products you can get. Some manufacturers do not even think about making anymore, including letter-size shelving, legal-size shelving, binder shelving, X-ray shelving, and shelving for all the different size items. But because there are still doctors requesting everything from medical record letter-size shelving, legal office requesting legal-size shelving, and X-Ray departments still requesting X-Ray shelving, Datum still makes them. Go to Datum’s paint line, and you will see letter-size shelving, legal-size shelving, and x-ray shelving going through the paint line in 2021.

  • Most versatile stackable units in the industry
  • Various Base options
  • Low profile and ability to add or subtract tiers is what makes this line
  • desirable
  • Posting Shelves and Spacers
  • 24”, 30”, 36”, 42” and 48”w
  • Dividers welded in place
  • Leveling Glides
  • Can be used with TrakSlider or Mobile Trak

Still popular in these applications are slide-out posting shelves that retract under the shelving. Posting shelving works great with The Datum track slider shelving systems and with Datum mobile shelving systems. This shows all fixed dividers and fixed divers are welded in place. Very specific for file folders.

ThinStak | Plate Divider Stackable Shelving

Datum ThinStak Plate DividerWhen you get into something that’s a little bit odd in size or bigger, there are flexible dividers for tiers and shelf levels. That allows a sliding divider so that you can have maybe binders or law books or something along those lines fitting these shelving units to get the most efficient use of the space that’s available. Again, the Supreme Stackable line of shelving is also very good to work on the Datum track slider and mobile shelving systems.

  • Movable Divider allows for wider media to be stored
  • Plate divider moves as needed
  • Specialty Tiers available
  • Posting Shelves and Spacers
  • 24”, 30”, 36”, 42” and 48”w
  • Can be used in conjunction with Fixed Divider versions
  • Leveling Glides
  • Can be used with TrakSlider or Mobile Trak

VuStak Slant | Tier Open Shelf Filling System Stackable Shelving

Stackable Shelving VuStak Open shelf filling system

Within the Datum Stackable Shelving line, there is a product named VuStak. VuStak Shelving is designed to match up to view style tiers. It’s a slightly different configuration, a little bit different sizes, and they’re only available letter, legal and X-ray sizes.

Though Datum doesn’t offer this product in all of the specialty sizes, but can also do a slant tier. You will turn the tier at about 30 degree angle and it fans out the color-coding of the interior folders so you can get a better view of any folders that might be misfiled. 

  • VuStak available as either a Straight Tier or Slant Tier as shown
  • Letter Legal and X Ray sizes available
  • 2” Base Standard
  • Low Profile Top
  • Posting Shelves and Spacers
  • 24”, 36 and 48”w
  • Dividers welded in place
  • Leveling Glides
  • Can be used with TrakSlider or Mobile Trak

Stak-N-Lok | Cabinets Stackable, Lockable Storage

Eventually, people started asking for doors. With HIPPA in place, Datum started to provide security for these stackable units and came up with the Datum Stack and Lock Shelving System.

Stack and lock are individual tiers riveted together with a gang lock to allow one key, so all the doors lock at the same time with the same key. All these sections are individually built, but you can add and subtract from them as you need to, as the Thin Stack shelving has the door on the left

Stak-N-Lok | Cabinets Stackable, lockable storage

The 100 series unit is positioned at the top, and that can be from two shelf levels high to seven shelf levels. Then you have the Datum 200 series, where the lock gets into a more advantageous position. So it’s between the third and fourth-tier, and it also allows you a posting shelf if need be. Lastly, the 300 series brings you a unit that has a lock in a nice spot but doesn’t have the post shelf. So it’s a way to save a little bit of money, and you can use those in conjunction with each other so that maybe you don’t spend all that much money with so many posting shelves because you can alternate them.

The next product line we’re going to talk about is Datum four-post shelving!

Datum Four-Post Shelving | Versatile, Durable Storage Shelving

Four-Post Shelving | Versatile, Durable Storage ShelvingFour post shelving is a very versatile, durable, and typical style of shelving. It allows you to customize the shelving spacing shelving for whatever you, the customer, needs. Four post shelving utilizes starter sections and adders sections in single entry and double entry style shelving. By having a starter and adder sections, the haring of uprights make some savings in money. When there are double entry units, eliminating even more uprights and shelf supports, clients save a lot of money and purchase a much more efficient set of shelving.

  • Custom sizes available
  • Starter and adder units
  • Fully adjustable shelves
  • Uprights with shelf positioning on 1 1/2″ centers
  • Custom heights available
  • Single and double entry
  • Expandable/reconfigurable
  • Optional hinged or tambour door for HIPAA compliance

Datum Four-Post Shelving | Accessories

Four-Post Shelving | Accessories

Datum offers a whole host of different accessories for shelving products. First off, Datum offers lockable hinged doors, which allows you to secure units. With people wanting other security elements, Datum sells multiple doors offerings, so you have different door configurations, and these doors can be done with or without locks. And the door set up where the doors flip up and into the shelving space, and that can be done with or without a lock as well.

Bin dividers allow you to segregate whatever components are being stored on the shelves, possibly for applications in backroom storage and athletic equipment storage.

Then there are easy rollers designed primarily for use with archives or heavy boxes or something like that, where they want to put those big, sometimes real ancient, books on top of a roller. This way, they can slide it in and out or easily roll it in and out rather than sliding on the shelf, which helps preserve those books’ lives for a long time.

Four-Post Shelving | Accessories

Datum’s Four-Post Shelving line has the posting shelf, which could be added to the underneath of Datum’s shelving Plexiglas bin fronts, which can be done in 2 inches four-inch high allow you to label what’s inside. Datum also offers ventilated shelves. With the ventilated shelves, you want to make sure that you have several shelf reinforcements underneath it because the shelf itself doesn’t have a lot of strength once you take on steel to make it ventilated.

Then you get your heavy-duty standard shelves if you want heavy-duty; Datum has shelves that can accommodate up to a thousand pounds on the shelf if need be. And then, next to that, you have your standard dividers, center stops, and backstops as well.

Datum’s four-post shelving line allows Datum to be the perfect solution in the backroom or athletic equipment storage, and you’ll see some more specialized componentry, GOMI rods. You can put both storages on there. We have a divider that can be put in place to separate whatever’s being stored.

athletic equipment storage

Here shows the use of that same type of tubing, but stored a little bit differently to store golf bags. They could also be used to store hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, anything. We can get even more specialized for sports storage products. Datum has a baseball storage bracket, a great storage product for baseball locker rooms and athletic equipment rooms specially designed for high school baseball equipment storage, college baseball, or even professional baseball equipment storage. Datum makes shelving and storage products, especially for these applications.

Datum Wide-Span Shelving

Wide-span ShelvingDatum has recently introduced wide-span shelving. Wide-span is a simple upright in the same configuration. Spacing on inch and a half centers for maximum flexibility and wide-span shelving are wider and deeper than regular four shelving. This allows a wide-span to provide a little more capacity in space than you can with the four-post.

Wide-span shelving can be fitted on mobile system systems and also obviously as freestanding units. Datum offers standard duty and some heavy-duty options within the Wide Span Shelving world. You can use steel shelves, wood shelves, and perforated shelves on Wide-Span Shelving.

  • Custom sizes available
  • Fully adjustable shelves
  • Uprights with shelf positioning on 1 1/2″ centers
  • Double rivet shelf supports
  • Shelf Reinforcements, provide extra strength for most any requirement
  • Compatible with MobileTrak® High-Density Storage Systems

New to the Datum product line, Wide-Span Shelving provides a storage solution for objects, such as large boxes, that do not fit traditional shelving.

Recently, Datum purchased a company called Adelphia. 

Adelphia is famous for producing high quality lateral file cabinets and vertical file cabinets The lateral file has the interlock built into it so when you open up one drawer, you can’t open up another drawer to prevent tipping. Datum has introduced a six level lateral file to the market. If you’re trying to get to that six level, it’s not that convenient. But if you have a government office that’s looking to do as much as they can to increase the capacity, going to a six level is really quite helpful for them. Lateral files rea pretty well designed for top tab folders or small parts or something along those lines. Lateral files are also really awesome to put on track slider systems. Believe it or not, we still regularly sell vertical file cabinets. They come with eother the label holder in the front and also a cleaner version which looks a little bit more like the face of a lateral file. That can desired when putting them into a nice, clean office.

EZ Files. 

These are rotating units that allow storage of files on both sides, so side A and side B could be configured for two different departments, or one side could be drawers, or one side could be shelves. E-Z Files allows you about 50 percent more capacity in the same amount of space as you would say a 36 inch wide lateral file. And that’s if you’re only staying at five levels high! If you go up to eight levels you obviously to get a tremendous amount more capacity than you would with a standard lateral file. What’s nice about E-Z Files is when the doors are closed, it’s a nice, clean look and it’s good for the front offices and a lot of people like that just for that purpose alone. There are many interior configurations. Many sizes of drawers and open shelving units that you’re seeing there.

Datum also offers a small multimedia drawer. 

Rotary files typically ship fully assembled, unless you tell us otherwise. Always make sure there’s some space behind a rotary file to allow oit to spin if it is against a wall. A six inch space is required. You cannot position Rotary Files right up against the wall.

Almost all of Datum’s products will work with the track slider shelving system. 

Basically what attracts customers to Track Sliders is the fact you start with a row of stationary shelving along the back wall and then you we lay down some tracks in front of it and we put carriages on them with shelving on there. And if I want to gain access to the shelving of the back, you slide one of those front rolling carriages out of the way and gain access to the back row. This is called a bi slider. One row in the back and one row of the front. If we to tri file, it’s one on the back and in two rows in the front. And we actually will go out to a quad slider, which is a great way to grow for customer that are growing or planning to grow, their business. You know, if their practice is growing or the company is growing, they may only need stationary today, but next year they may need to buy a bi slider and then eventually grow into a tri sider and maybe even one day into a quad slider unit.

If you’re right out of the chute looking and it turn out you need as much capacity as a quad slider would bring to the table, you might be better suited going up to a high density mobile shelving system. It would probably cost less and give you more space and efficiency.

If you look at this drawing, you’ll see red spaces at the back the left, and right side of the Mobile Shelving System. Remember, that when one of these systems is installed there’s typically over travel, which means the carriage will go past the end of the system a little bit. And if we don’t account for that, then you might have shelving units that actually bumped into the wall. Any designer worth their salt will design the Mobile Shelving with this in mind. It is standard planning procedure. NationWide Shelving will put that space in there for you and call it out in the dimension of the system. Track sliders are not only set up for office space, but they can be used in the warehouse space and in backrooms of a hospital, police station wherever you need space for stuff! They can use more space for all kinds of things. Well worth the investment to maintain organization and the benefits of production and great ideas that come from well-organized spaces. You just let us know the application and we will suggest what kind of shelving to put in and we can make it work. Datum does make great high density mobile systems. Datum considers themselves the Cadillac of our production line! Datum mobile shelving can really give a whole lot of capacity in a small amount of space or, condense the amount of space you need to store something.

This picture here shows on the left hand side some stationary shelving with a traditional three foot aisle between the rows. 

If you really want to increase the capacity, we can virtually double the capacity, as you see in a left right hand side of this Mobile Shelving Drawing with one aisle. 

Now, is that a legitimate way a system would be installed? Probably not. You probably want to have a couple more access aisles, but you can truly see how much capacity you can gain by using a Datum Mobile Track System. The way a mobile shelving can be used is condense the amount of space required to store the same amount of capacity. In this particular case, we only need about half the amount of space that the original stationary shelving called for. And what we do is we will plan our system accordingly based on the number of, well, whatever requirements are needed. Maybe you want to get a 20 percent increase, maybe you want to triple your capacity. Nationwide Shelving work that out based on the parameters we’re given as far as the room layout and the other requirements that are present to us.

Datum offers basically two styles of Mobile Track Slider Systems. The Datum Mobile Track 3 and the Datum Mobile Track 5. 

Mobile Track three is a regular duty system. It’s got three and a half inch high wheels allowing a slightly lower profile. Sometimes the lower profile will allow for one more level of shelving and more storage for a very small investment. It can handle 750 pounds per foot. Datum Mobile Track 5 is a beefier five inch wheel system and can handle a thousand pounds per linear foot of carriage.

The once that happens, the basically the configuration or the construction of the carriage, similar solid steel wheels are solid steel drive shafts. 

The end panels look basically the same from one system to the other. We can install mobile track systems fully grouted or adjustable. And when I say adjustable, basically what we’re doing is we’re putting some screws in in the floor or in the tracks and they will level pick out any variations in the level of the floor and you can go back in and make an adjustment that goes further. Settling or building Sutherlands or someone did a bad job installing it the first time around. We can go back and make adjustments with the Mobile Track five system. 

Since it is beefier, we are able to Provide seismic mobile shelving systems and we can also put our electric power mobile shelving systems together for that. 

So it’s an electric system, the maximum length of a Datum Mobile Track 5 system is about 50 feet long, where the maximum length of a Datum Mobile Track 3 system is typically around twenty feet long. Quite a big difference in the amount of capacity and size of the system that you can work with. Both of these systems can accommodate all of Datums or most existing shelving. And if we haven’t said it, if someone has existing shelving, we’re not shy about putting that on our system either. We just want to know some things about what it is so that we can plan accordingly, make sure our system is the right size for that.

Datum power operated mobile shelving systems offer a full set of safety features that come with the electric system.

Mostly people are concerned with: “ I want to be able to push one button and have all carriages move and open up.” And that’s going to provide you that. 

But it also comes with the safety features where somebody left something in the aisle or somebody is in the system. It’s not going to move when they’re when it’s there. So it is a little bit of a peace of mind you will have with the safety features of a Datum Electric Powered Mobile Shelving System. You can put lights on them, and we have some security items that can be used, so if one department, say accounting, wants to get in there, we offer a touchpad that they can segregate themselves and not let anybody else use that area. And there could be some general areas where anybody can use the system. The Datum mobile shelving is quite a nice system.

We’re getting into some specialties type of mobile systems at Datum as well.  

On the left side, you’ll see what we call art store, and that design is perfect for use in a museum or, some of these companies now have their own little museums. Datum Museum Shelving is perfect for these! And if you notice, this particular system has nesting tracks where we’re going to get those carriages as close as possible to each other and make the most efficient use of the spaces available. Datum makes the frames and you can hang hooks to hang your paintings or components on top of the hooks on the art shelving.

Then next to that, you’ll see Datum is getting more and more into the vertical farming market with mobile shelving for vertical farming and weed, for Marijuana and many other vegetables and micro greens. 

Datum has partnered with a company called Brighter Side, who has all the technology necessary to figure out how to best light and water a marijuana mobile shelving system for maximum harvest. We’re not the experts there. We’re the experts in bending the metal and making sure that the system can move back and forth efficiently. Brighter Side will basically give us the direction on how to build the mobile shelving to accommodate their water and lighting. Datum will provide the system, the tracks, shelving in most cases, and they’ll put in there all the water lighting and other things regarding nutrients and to make the system work to grow maximum density of plants.

In the mid 1990’s, Datum started manufacturing weapons cabinets and lockers, and these are awesome for police and military applications. 

What you’re see here are probably the biggest seller to his store cabinet. We have the highest capacity within this unit and its doors open so you have full access to everything that’s going on inside the unit. Everything is made with solid steel construction. Everything that we’ve talked about so far is painted with our textured powder coat finish. It’s really quite durable and prohibits fingerprints and any imperfections when we use the textured finish. This particular cabinet has a key lock and also can accommodate a padlock in some of the military applications. 

We also have a bi-ifold door. This unit allows the doors to fold up and into the cabinet. So it’s great when we’re putting them on a mobile system or if there’s a space that’s kind of cramped, they don’t have room to open up a door where it might be in front of another unit. Similar accessories are available. With this type of system, we can accommodate all of our weapons cabinets, almost any type of weapon that’s out there. If we know what the weapon is and we can find it on the internet and get some sizing, we can determine whether or not it’s going to fit nicely on our system or if we have to possibly design a new bracket for you within this world.

This cabinet does not have a key lock. 

It’s only a padlock option for this particular size style cabinet. Lastly, in this open rack unit, you can see that it’s got high capacity set up and it’s very similar in the way the spacing in everything is with our hinged door unit. But obviously there’s no doors. So you have to have this in a space that’s got a secure room with a good solid security door. We can also install a security cage around the unit in lue of a secure room with door. But some places like police stations don’t want to worry about the cabinets. They want to have a secure room, and this works perfectly for them. We just recently did a job where these were put onto a mobile system and was quite nice for a National Guard outfit, these two items here are commonly found in police stations. Datum sells a .ot of weapons cabinets to law enforcement. 

And if they’re interested in this unit of the left, which is a pistol locker, they can have an individual little compartment that’s secured either with a key or hasp or even with a little out of they can secure the pistols either at a courthouse or within a police station. 

That’s awesome for that. And then on the right hand side, you have what we call an Armory Bench. Most often if someone’s got a big armory or a lot of weapons to take care of, they would like to have one of these because it allows them to keep them stored and off the desk. But they still have plenty of room to work and they can be done with as this one show with a stainless steel top. They can be with a butcher block style top or just a standard laminated top, really. Again, if somebody is interested in that, they probably have a lot of weapons. That might be the next question will be how are you storing your weapons? Can we possibly help you out with that?

Over the past couple of years, Datum has been developing a number of lockers. 

What Datum is doing is creating a more specialized opportunity application for lockers, you know, create a special locker for one to two hundred units. What you’re seeing here is a locker Datum is selling quite often to police stations and are extremely price competitive in this market. You have 18” bottom unit and like  a seventy two inch high unit on top of that. And it’s great for storing your boots and everything underneath. It’s ventilated so that they can keep airflow in the air and then they can have a little storage box up top if they’re going you want to store their weapons or phone or whatever things that they don’t want to let anybody else get access to. Mostly sold in the world of law enforcement and military, but we’ve had opportunities where we’re doing them into the schools.

It’s more of a back room maybe for athletics. 

And we’re actually doing some more stats on locker configurations that of resemble the ones that you see from intense go, but they are very different in that they’re actually very different. We also have a little padlock on that little round table turns and you can gauge that with a padlock. We do not have a combination lock on it. We do not have a key lock option. This is the way we lock these units up. Within the military world, the TA 50 locker is something that you’ll see quite often, and what they do is the soldiers will put their gear in there and when they’re ready to go on assignment, they go in. 

They can grab everything they need out of that and put it and go back and take off. We’ve actually had people use utilizing these with fire departments and other first responders. In the case of the fire department, we probably just have the doors removed so it’s an open unit. When the first responders are called upon, they can run and get their boots and jackets and everything they need very quickly without having to fumble for a lock. Datum has a full line of lockers and security devices for computer products.

This picture shows a tablet or laptop depot that allows us to store small iPads, tablets or laptops. 

And there’s a power strip where they can plug in their units. So they’re keeping them secure, but they’re able to charge them and it’s great. So the next morning, when you need them, they’re all fully charged. They could be those units can be mounted away or they can actually be put on wheels and made into a cart. And speaking of carts, the unit right next to it, that’s a prime cart, has thirty two laptops in the air. They charge in a smart way where they’re cycling through and it’s the most efficient, the one who needs the most charging gets charged first, and then the ruling on the right is called a text. 

And these things have really opened up opportunities. 

Put them in library’s spaces where people want to maybe store some personal items or laptops and they can secure them and then they can go do what they’re doing and come back and it’s still there. That’s great for courthouses. Young people are trying to get in to the courthouse and they are not allowed to bring their phone or laptop in with them. They can put them in here and they can store them. They could be set up with or without a power source so depending on the situation, they can actually charge their units if need be. We have an opportunity right now where we’re working with a major, major computer supplier and they’re putting two of these in each one of their IT stations. So every place where they have banks and banks of servers, they’re putting two of these units in. The techs will keep their laptops in there. Any time you go in and do some work, they come in there and they are pulling out a fully charged laptop and working on their system. It’s very new opportunity for us. It could be tremendous! Datum leading the way again,!!!!!!

When we purchased the Adelphia Company, they brought on with us some furniture.

And while I said early on, we did make those cluster financial products. That was our really only entry into furniture until now. The Adelphia line got us into schools. It got us into offices, training facilities. And we have within this line some more traditional style tables and desks. But what we’re selling the most of is what you’re seeing here. This is all mobile to left the mobile student desk. You have a mobile podium desk in the front, which is great for the teacher. Put the laptop on, maybe be able to stand in front of the class and hold a lecture. And then you have your mobile teacher desk on the side, which gives you a single pencil and then to basically a nice little round table. It’s really a nice look to it will be doing quite a bit of that from Pennsylvania all the way up to Massachusetts and into Maine. Adelphia was pretty centralized to the Philadelphia area so we’re still getting repeat business from those particular avenues and it is growing nationwide with nationwide shelving.

Datum also makes dorm room furniture. 

You see on the right hand side, we have a whole host of different sized bookcases. These are all steel, bookcases, nothing wood.

The mail room furniture does have laminate tops and it is a melamine. 

So up top. So there is a mixture of metal and steel. I mean, wouldn’t steal on that particular line. And then on the left hand side Herman Miller there we have what we call the five thousand series desk. This was a spin-off of our at our but out of the Herman Miller 5000 series desk, Herman Miller was selling that quite a bit into the Pennsylvania State Police. Then Herman Miller Decided they were not going to make that desk anymore. Datum makes them now and it’s taken off real well.  It’s a modular desk as backpedals that could be taken off removed to allow access to power or communication reports. Very nice, solid furniture that’s basically taking over the stance of our regular traditional shell desking from the Adelphia line. If you need this Herman Miller 5000 series desk, we have to talk to you about them.

Datum makes a tremendous number of different specialty products. 

This gives you a brief look at it. Your rights are simple desks that can be mounted to the wall, can open, fall down, providing you with a blank surface. We sell a lot of them into doctors’ offices in the exam rooms. They want to get as many people into their facility as possible so they don’t even have a desk or anything in there anymore. So these fall down desks will write a perfect scenario. The one that you’re looking at there is what we call drugstore versions. One has two keys on it so it can be used in say a school opportunity, where students have to keep their medication and you don’t have one person have access to possibly some black market opportunities. So two people are needed to be able to open that up and gain access to it.

Then Datum offers mobile podiums and a couple of different podium options. 

But the one thing you see here, there’s a variation of that that’s at airports all across the country. As you’re walking in and going through security, you may see some podiums there. The FAA is buying those next.

And you see one of our student desks with some of Plexiglas shields we call workspace shield. Datum has provided close to a million dollars of desks with shields in 2020 alone to help slowing pandemic. If your schools are leery or haven’t done anything with providing any kind of barriers between students and teachers, you may want to call us at 800-326-4403. Recently the city of Philadelphia bought thirty two hundred shields for elections. The Board of Elections called with about three weeks before the Election Day itself. “We need shields”  and Datum was able to post that great opportunity for a big, big sale.

When you have your Datum File Carts

We brought our dormitory furniture and this we don’t make the beds, but we can supply beds for you. But we have nightstands. Wardrobe’s on the right hand side. You’ll see there’s a chest of drawers. You can see within this program, Datum installs a counterweight built into the back of it so they will tip over. We have, you know, several feet under the bed. So it’s a great way of making use of that space.

This is a planning sheet. 

This piece of paper is the lifeblood for us. And in many cases, the more information you fill out allows us to getting you a proposal that’s accurate and hopefully avoid a number of revisions as a result. We’re going to ask some basic things what size of shelving, what do you want to achieve? As you start to learn about our systems, you’ll answer whether you want a mobile Track 5 or mobile track 3. Parameters you want to panels, the laminate, melamine. We send it over to our designers and they can then turn around and send you back, a proposal that gets you exactly what you are looking for in a shelving system. It’s constantly being tweaked as we think of new ways to make it better. We will do that. So this is the most recent version of one that was available to us in early 2021.

Datum and Material Handling USA have a number of GSA contracts and state contracts. We do have TIPS. It’s a delivered contract. Even if you go to a police station or school, they could possibly get on there if they even if they cannot use GSA.