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Hallowell Shelving

Hallowell Shelving, a well-established storage solution, has been favored for many years as one of the leading shelving systems in the market. Its popularity is largely due to its durability, ease of assembly, and affordability. The Hallowell Shelving system showcases a unique, modular design that outpaces the versatility of traditional storage solutions. Each section comes pre-drilled and pre-cut, enabling fast and easy assembly. Moreover, you can customize components to form a wide array of configurations. With a variety of design and color finishes, Hallowell Shelving also allows you to create personalized storage solutions.

Constructed of thick gauge steel with concealed heavy-duty anchors, allowing it to hold up to 1,400 lbs per shelf.

The components of the Hallowell Shelving system are designed to lock into place, ensuring that the shelves remain level and secure. Each unit also includes corner protectors, which safeguard the shelving against potential damage and reduce noise if bumped or knocked into.

The versatility of Hallowell shelving makes it ideal for many different applications, such as schools, offices or even warehouses.

Each individual section of the Hallowell Shelving system comes in different heights, depths, and widths, enabling configuration in virtually any space. Additionally, its easy adjustability for varying height and shelf spacing requirements allows customization to meet diverse storage needs. This flexibility makes it simple to store a wide range of items, from heavy archive boxes to parts and tools.

It is also easy to clean and maintain. The surfaces are made from seamless steel, so spills and dust can be easily wiped away.

The highly resilient finish guarantees the durability and strength of Hallowell Shelving, even after many years of use.

Lastly, Hallowell is also very cost-effective.

Despite its professional-grade quality and durability, Hallowell Shelving typically comes with a competitive price tag, eliminating the need for a high upfront cost. Designed to be long-lasting, it shouldn’t require frequent replacement, saving you money in the long run.

In conclusion, Hallowell Shelving is an excellent choice for various storage needs. Its durable construction is easy to assemble, customize, and adjust, and it’s moderately priced. With its glossy finish and corner protectors, it can enhance the aesthetics of any space, making it appear appealing and tidy. Thus, Hallowell Shelving stands as an ideal storage solution for schools, offices, or warehouses.

Hallowell Rivetwell Boltless Shelving

Hallowell Rivetwell Boltless Shelving is an innovative modular shelving system offering secure, reliable storage. This easy-to-assemble system requires no nuts or bolts, making it perfectly suited for quick assembly in any space. Constructed from thick gauge steel with concealed heavy-duty anchors and a glossy finish, it boasts a sleek and modern look. The system also comes with corner protectors that shield the shelves from potential damage and reduce noise if bumped into.

Boltless Shelving provides endless possibilities for customizable and effective storage options, with the components of the system locking into place – ensuring a secure and level platform.

Offering a range of heights, depths, and widths, this system can be configured to fit almost any space. Furthermore, it’s easily adjustable to cater to different height and shelf spacing needs.

This versatile shelving system is also cost-effective and economical, with a cost that is usually competitively priced and requiring no high upfront cost.

The durability and strength of Rivetwell Boltless Shelving ensure it will serve as a functional and efficient storage solution for many years, and it’s also easy to clean and maintain.

In conclusion, Rivetwell Boltless Shelving stands as an ideal storage solution for schools, offices, warehouses, and other spaces. Its versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness make it a perfect choice for quickly organizing and decluttering any space.

Hallowell Bulk Rack Shelving

Hallowell Bulk Rack Shelving, a heavy-duty, durable, and attractive modular shelving solution, perfectly meets larger storage space needs. Available in an array of sizes and configurations, it can cater to any storage requirements. Constructed from thick gauge steel and coated with a rust-resistant powder finish, this shelving system offers an impressive load capacity of up to 500 pounds per shelf, making it ideal for both commercial and industrial use.

It offers superior customization options, allowing for easy assembly without nuts or bolts and also allowing for flexibility in shelf spaces and heights.

This system features industrial-grade corner protectors that safeguard both the shelves and surrounding walls, and also reduce noise upon impact. You can quickly and easily adjust the shelf levels, ensuring a secure and level platform.

The versatility, durability and strength of Hallowell Bulk Rack Shelving make it a great option for any warehouse, school, office or other space.

Hallowell Bulk Rack Shelving’s lightweight construction facilitates easy transportation and storage, and it’s also easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, it’s often competitively priced, eliminating the need for large upfront costs.

In conclusion, Hallowell Bulk Rack Shelving offers a secure and reliable storage solution for a variety of spaces and environments. With its customization options and cost-effectiveness, it emerges as the perfect choice for anyone seeking an organized and efficient storage solution without incurring high upfront costs.

Hallowell Hi-Tech Shelving

Hallowell Hi-Tech Shelving, a modular and flexible heavy-duty shelving system, is perfect for settings requiring reliable, resilient, and safe storage. Constructed from thick gauge steel with a rust-resistant, protective powder-coated finish, each shelf level can handle up to 500 pounds. This innovative shelving system permits fast and easy assembly without any nuts or bolts, and also offers customizable span and height configurations to adapt to any space.

The corner protectors are industrial grade and help protect the shelves and surrounding walls and reduce noise when the shelves are bumped into.

Lightweight and easy to transport, Hallowell Hi-Tech Shelving also simplifies cleaning and maintenance. Its customizable and cost-effective nature makes it an ideal solution for any warehouse, school, office, or other space. Owing to its superior strength, durability, and versatility, it’s the perfect choice for any storage needs.

An innovative and reliable solution to boost storage and organization capabilities in any workspace, Hallowell Hi-Tech Shelving features a modular design that makes assembly easy. Its superior customization and cost-effectiveness, combined with remarkable strength and durability, make it a go-to choice for heavy-duty use in any commercial or industrial setting.

Hallowell Dura-Tech Shelving

Hallowell Dura-Tech Shelving, a heavy-duty storage system, offers superior durability, strength, and customization for any workspace. This robust shelving system can support loads of up to 500 pounds per shelf level, while its easy-to-assemble design ensures fast and straightforward installation.

This customizable and cost-effective shelving is an ideal choice for warehouses, schools, offices, or other workspaces. Industrial-grade corner protectors shield the shelves and surrounding area from damage, and reduce noise when bumped. Constructed with thick gauge steel and finished with a protective powder-coat, the shelves resist rust and simplify cleaning and maintenance.

The innovative Hallowell Dura-Tech Shelving system is designed to be flexible as well as modular, making it perfect for any setting.

Hallowell Dura-Tech Shelving’s lightweight and portable design ensures easy transportation. Its customizable span and height configurations provide perfect form and function. The adjustable shelf height efficiently accommodates items of varying sizes, and its slots and holes enable the attachment of additional items such as bins and hangers. Moreover, its adjustable shelf levels can house large items like pallets and boxes.

As the perfect combination of strength, durability, and versatility, Hallowell Dura-Tech Shelving is the perfect solution for any storage needs.

Hallowell Dura-Tech Shelving, with its reliable construction, customizable and cost-effective nature, and easy assembly and transport, fits ideally into any workspace environment. So, take a step towards organization and maximize your space with Hallowell Dura-Tech Shelving.

Hallowell Bin Shelving

The ideal storage solution for any workspace, warehouse, or office, Bin Shelving, combines strength and versatility through its innovative design. It efficiently supports up to 800 pounds per shelf level with adjustable expandable shelving and assembles easily.

Its heavy-duty gauge steel construction and protective powder-coat finish ensure durability, allowing it to withstand harsh environments. Integrated handles enable easy transportation from one location to another. Accommodating items of any size is a breeze with its various shelf depths, widths, and heights. The included partitions and dividers further aid in keeping individual items organized and separate.

Hallowell Bin Shelving is designed with convenience in mind, featuring a wide range of accessories that are designed to meet the different storage needs of any workspace.

Hallowell Bin Shelving includes steel and plastic bins, hangers, and shelves that you can quickly and easily remove and replace as needed. External corner protectors minimize scratches and prevent damage to the shelving’s surrounding area. A comfortably high handle ensures ease of use, even when moving large and bulky items.

Hallowell Bin Shelving stands as the superior choice for durability and customization in your workspace. Its robust, versatile, and cost-effective design suits any storage scenario. Quick and easy to assemble, this shelving system features adjustable and expandable shelves for maximum flexibility. Its wide range of accessories and protective corner protectors keep your items organized and secure. Organize your workspace and expand your storage space with Hallowell Bin Shelving.

Hallowell H-Post High Capacity Shelving

Hallowell H-Post High Capacity Shelving, with its heavy-duty gauge steel construction and adjustable shelving posts, provides the perfect storage solution for any application. It can support up to 5,000 pounds, making it the go-to choice for organizing large and bulky items. Designed for convenience and versatility, this shelving system features a super tough powder-coat finish for ultimate protection and corrosion resistance.

You can configure the adjustable 5-short shelf supports in a variety of ways to cater to different storage needs. Integrated handles make it easy to move and transport from one place to another, while included dividers ensure items stay separate and organized. The shelving also stands out with its 4-way crossbar design which features extra-strong connections, delivering maximum strength and stability even at full capacity.

Ideal for any high-usage space, Hallowell H-Post High Capacity Shelving offers a combination of maximum capacity and customizable design. Organize your workspace and maximize your storage capacity with this shelving system.

Hallowell High Capacity Die Shelving

People looking for a robust and reliable storage system will find Hallowell High Capacity Die Shelving an ideal product. Its heavy-duty steel construction and adjustable posts withstand a load of up to 5,000 pounds, which makes it perfect for organizing large and bulky items. The shelving system boasts a powder-coat finish for maximum protection against rust and corrosion, and its 4-way crossbar design adds extra strength and stability for maximum durability.

You can adjust the shelf supports to your desired configuration, and thanks to the integrated handles, you can easily transport it from room to room. The included dividers will assist you in keeping items tidy and organized. Hallowell High Capacity Die Shelving proves to be a high-capacity storage and organization solution, whether you’re setting up a commercial storage room or need storage at home. Its sturdy design and customizable shelf supports allow you to maximize your storage in any setting. Organize your workspace and make the most of your storage space with Hallowell High Capacity Die Shelving.