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Modular Building on top of Mezzanine for Air force baseBy building up rather than out, tall systems take advantage of the facilities overhead space, while allowing valuable floor space to be used for more profitable activities. A mezzanine are a great solution to storage problems.

We produce steel Raised Platform and stair systems to your specifications. We offer custom sizes, heights, spans, decking materials and landings. Heavy-duty and long-lasting, we are your single-source mezzanine system provider.

Give us a quick call to discuss what you are storing and your goals, and let us choose the best mezzanine for your warehouse and your budget. Phone today! You will be glad you did!

Build Up, Not Out

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Mezzanine Benefits

“You can increase your space by using your vertical space, instead of leasing/buying more space!”

  • Free Up Floor Space by Making Use of Vertical Space
  • Save Money Over Expanding the Property
  • More Economical
  • Employees Save Time with Storage in More Convenient Places
  • Fast Construction
  • Safe and Secure

We offer steel fabricates powder-coated structural steel mezzanine stair systems for your exact industrial needs, including custom sizes, heights, spans, decking materials, and landings. We are your one-stop for raised platforms.

Mezzanine Applications

  • Storage
  • Field Office
  • Security Office
  • Gate Houses
  • Towers
  • Electric Sub Station
  • Press Box


  • Heavy-duty columns & baseplates
  • Modular bolt-together systems
  • Heavy-duty prefabricated stairs and accessories
  • Sturdy handrail with 4” kickplate
  • 4-MIL powder coated steel components offer a greater level of strength against abusive, corrosive applications
  • Standard Decking Options

Mezzanines and Raised Platforms

Mezzanines and Raised Platforms allows you to make use of your vertical warehouse space currently being wasted. Adding a raised platform creates an extra floor level to double your available industrial space. Many warehouse mezzanine customers add more shelving storage, inventory, or add an office space. Typically, customers save more money by expanding up instead of out.

Raised Platfrom

A raised platform can have many variations depending on shapes, sizes, weight capacity, and more. Our Material Handling Specialists can design and customize a multi-level system to meet your specific warehouse Our specialists will do site visits, measure your space, drawings, 3D rendering, and quotes. This is all a FREE, no purchase necessary service that Material Handling Specialists provides with our industrial mezzanines.

Multi-Level Shelving Systems & Industrial Mezzanine

Create a multi-level mezzanine that will incorporate shelving to double your warehouse storage. Metal Shelving, Rivet Shelving, or just about any shelving works well with our mezzanines. Your Material Handling Specialists can help you select the perfect shelving and mezzanine combination for maximum storage results. Stairs and landings are available for all raised platforms.

Custom Designed Work Platforms

Our highly trained specialists will take the measurements of your space, and assure you get the most possible storage. Whether it is simple or complex, we have the solution for all raised platform and shelving projects, including sophisticated multi-level and modular applications.

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Warehouse Mezzanine

Mezzanine Observation Office

Observation Office

Industrial Storage

Industrial Mezzanine

Mezzanine Range Towers

Work Platforms

Decking Options

Flooring options for mezzanines include resin board supported by corrugated decking, bar grating, open steel planking, and checker plate steel. Other integrated component options include staircases, handrails, gates, conveyors, lighting, and sprinklers. There are several mezzanine types to choose from based on your industrial storage and material handling needs.

Standard Decking Options

  • Advantech– is a high-quality product superior to ordinary plywood and OSB options due to its enhanced strength and moisture resistance.
  • ResinDek– is high-density composite flooring, recommended for mezzanines requiring a solid floor subject to heavy loads from the use of pallet jacks, carts, or dollies.
  • Diamond Plate – Steel decking is our second most durable flooring.
  • Concrete Flooring – The most durable type of mezzanine flooring by far is concrete.
  • Press-locked Grating – This decking is a common choice in the waste management, mining, and foodservice industries

Raised Platform Options

A free-standing raised platform is also known as a structural mezzanine and maximizes warehouse floor space. This type of mezzanine provides easy assembly and allows for traffic flow under the platform. It is ideal for warehouse & industrial storage, operation staging areas, conveyors, or modular offices.

Rack Supported

A rack supported mezzanine, often known as a catwalk system, provides additional storage areas above or between pallet racks. This mezzanine type is ideal for pallets and industrial storage—loading and unloading multiple pallets simultaneously within the racking system. The shelving serves as the base supported mezzanine.

Structural raised platforms are an ideal option for expanding storage. A catwalk mezzanine is an economical way to expand existing space and a flexible option for reconfiguration. 

Mezzanine Video

Roll Formed Mezzanines

Panel Built roll-formed mezzanines are lightweight yet heavy-duty enough to support 150 psf loads. Constructed out of structural steel columns and roll-formed c-channel, these mezzanines come completely pre-fabricated and ready to assemble.

For warehouse applications where higher loads or greater exact spans are required, we can design a hybrid system that uses structural columns, beams and roll-formed channels to accommodate the unique needs. Call or email today to speak with a rep about your upcoming project!


  • Modular bolt-together system for effortless installation
  • Full-length columns in corners used for handrail (added stability)
  • A variety of decking materials available
  • Heavy-duty side-mounted handrail with 4” kickplate
  • Heavy-duty columns & baseplates
  • Heavy-duty closed-riser stair systems
  • Structural grade bolts and fasteners
  • 4-MIL powder-coated steel standard components provide a level of durability against abusive and corrosive applications.
  • Galvanized steel available
Raised Platform

Work Platforms with Slide Gate & Stairs

Platform with Slide Gate & Stairs

This industrial mezzanine is a past customer that has a 12′ x 26′ steel mezzanine platform for a food manufacturer. The platform sits into a corner at their facility, requiring precise measurements and manufacturing to ensure the perfect fit.  To accomplish this, the warehouse mezzanine includes a small cantilever to butt up against the back of the building and notching around existing piping running up the wall. 

The  includes a stair system and railing powder-coated in performance yellow. This consists of a Panel Built sliding gate to allow the safe transfer of materials on and off the raised platforms.