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Pitch-Rail pushback pallet rack is a simple an effective pushback pallet system designed for 2 to 6 pallet deep storage. Heavy-duty tracks slope on an angle like conventional pushback cart systems. Because you let gravity does the work.

Pitch-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack railPallets up to 3000# each Typical incline based on 48’’ deep pallets: Pallets less than 1000# : 1/2’’ per linear foot Pallets 1000# + : 3/8’’ per linear foot

Pitch-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack railThe track is recessed behind front beam Overall system height = 1’’ front pallet stop + incline measurement.

Pitch-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack Pallet Stopper

Pallets loaded inside a lane are held by a 1’’ front pallet stop.

Pitch-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack pallet stopper

To unload, the driver simply lifts front pallet higher than pallet stop. As the driver backs-up, pallets in back automatically advance based on the effect of gravity because of the angled rails.

Pitch-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack slanted pallet rack

Each track has a rear safety pallet stop installed to prevent risk of accidently overloading the lane.

A yellow z-hook is placed on the back beam in the same way as on front of the system. because this keeps pallets from moving too far.

Pitch-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack Benefits

  • Firstly this allows for lower cost than most push-back systems
  • Secondly it is long-lasting, reliable. This means minimal follow-up costs (if any)
  • Can be installed on racking from any known manufacturer
  • Lower profile than conventional pushback cart systems 
  • Does not require a back-stop beam because of the rail stops.
  • Pallets move together so nothing can block or derail.
  • Ok for wood / plastic pallets any size including non-standard dimensions
  • Pallets in a lane can have varying weights & size
  • Optional center track for heavy loads or poor-quality pallets
  • Ok for front pallet case picking (empty pallet removed using lift-truck)
  • Can be installed in cooler / freezer environments
  • Quick install – only 4 tek-screws per track
Pitch-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack 4 tek-screws

Pitch-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack lane has only two tracks bottom pallet boards

If the storage lane has only two tracks the bottom pallet boards must be at least 3.25’’ wide. This is because rollers have 3’’ center-to-center spacing.

Pitch-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack nylon polyester rollers

Yeah! Rust-proof, heavy-duty 2’’ nylon polyester rollers.

Pitch-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack 3 tracks per lane

Use 3 tracks per lane for heavy loads, weak pallets, or pallets with narrow bottom boards.

Pitch-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack installed on any type of beam

Can be installed on any type of beam: roll-form (box or step) or structural beams.

Standard track lengths: (based on 48’’ deep pallet with no product overhang)

2 deep: 99’’ + width of front and back beam

3 deep: 147’’

4 deep: 198’’

5 deep: 246’’

6 deep: 297’’

Example: 3 deep lane with 2’’ box beams = 147’’ + 2’’ front beam + 2 ‘’ back beam = 151’’ overall track length.

3 deep rack design: front upright 54’’ + opening 49’’ + rear upright 48’’ = 151’’

Benefits of Ordering A Test Lane For Your Pitch-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack:

  • Firstly, because you can see the system in action from up-close.
  • Secondly, you can validate pallets are compatible with the system.
  • Required track pitch will be confirmed so pallets advance to the front when unloading
  • Validate if center track is required or not because you don’t want to order center tracks if you don’t need them.
  • Allows lift-operators opportunity to practice loading / unloading
  • Quick install
  • The lane is easy to dismantle & ship elsewhere if required.
Pitch-Rail Pushback Pallet Rack test lane

Pitch-Rail Pushback Pallet Rackfully assembled

Lanes 2, 3 and 4 deep shipped fully assembled – 5 and 6 deep partially assembled

Benefits of Pitch-Rail Push Back Pallet Rack

Pitch Rail Push Back Pallet Rack is a unique type of pallet racking system that provides numerous benefits to businesses. Here are some of the benefits of using Pitch Rail Push Back pallet rack:

1. Increased Storage Density with Pitch-Rail Push Back Pallet Rack:

Pitch Rail Push Back pallet rack allows businesses to store multiple pallets deep, providing more storage space per square foot than traditional pallet racking systems. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses with limited warehouse space.

2. Time-Saving using Pitch-Rail Push Back Pallet Rack:

With Pitch Rail Push Back pallet rack, the use of forklifts is minimized, accelerating the loading and unloading of pallets. This increases productivity and saves time.

3. Reduced Labor Costs using Pitch Rail Push Back Pallet Rack:

Reducing handling time with Pitch Rail Push Back pallet rack results in reduced labor costs. The unique design of the system means business needs fewer forklift operators to move products, freeing up employees for other critical tasks.

4. Improved Safety with Pitch Rail Push Back Pallet Rack:

The pitch rail design promotes safety through its smooth movement of pallets, reducing the chance of damage to the products, and increasing worker safety. This rack system reduces the need for manual pallet handling, reducing the incidence of injury or mishap.

5. Pitch Rail Push Back Pallet Rack offers FIFO Inventory Management:

Pitch Rail Push Back pallet rack operates on the First-In First-Out (FIFO) basis, which means businesses can rotate stock chronologically to ensure that the oldest stock gets picked first. In turn, this reduces the incidence of inventory expiry or obsolescence.

6. The Versatility of Pitch Rail Push Back Pallet Rack:

The Pitch Rail Push Back pallet rack is versatile as it allows businesses to store different types of pallets in a single system. It enables the system’s customization to suit specific requirements and flexibility to accommodate various pallet sizes that may vary in height, width, and depth.

7. Minimal Maintenance with Pitch Rail Push Back Pallet Rack:

Pitch Rail Push Back pallet rack is designed to require minimal maintenance, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to reduce maintenance expenses.

In conclusion, Pitch Rail Push Back pallet racking system offers several benefits that enhance productivity, safety, and efficiency while also reducing labor and storage costs.

Its unique design and the ability to store multiple pallets deep make it a versatile and space-saving storage solution for a variety of businesses in different industries.Pitch Rail Push Back Pallet Rack