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Office Shelving

Open or closed back, single or double entry, letter or legal, office shelving has the size, style, and accessories for storing everything. Look in universities, schools, law offices, and libraries nationwide, and you’ll find us. The unique inner wall construction of office shelving allows easy access to even tightly packed books at the end of a row.

Office Shelving and Mobile Shelving

Office Shelving

How does Mobile Shelving work?

Typical shelving has aisles between each unit, taking up precious space. The system is then mounted with guide wheels on the tracks. This allows the shelving to be closely packed, eliminating wasted aisle space.

Office Shelving
Office Shelving

Office and Filing Shelving

Office Shelving

Library Shelving

Growing Your Storage Without Shrinking Your Wallet

Do you have larger than life storage requirements? Are you running out of valuable floorspace but need to store items for long periods? Look no further…

Stand-Still & Mobile Shelving

Mobile Library Bookstack Shelving

Stand-Still Office Shelving

Static Stand-Still Shelving and Mobile shelving both play a large part in using the real estate you have to store more! By maximizing your vertical space and aisle space, you can create space out of thin air!

Seismic concerns, floor clearance, and the choice of loose or box storage all play a part in the decision to change your approach to storage management. We are here to help.

Stand Still Office Shelving

Past Projects

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Mobile Shelving to Store Inventory and Merchandise

High Density Shelving System for School District

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