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The Vidir Pan Carousel is a shelf carousel

 The Vidir Pan Carousel line is a little bit fancier than the Vidir Shelf Carousel. 

It comes automatically from the factory with light curtains, a work counter comes standard with the unit and an emergency drill drive in the system for back up to get things put of the machine in an emergency. Complete with full enclosure skins to keep dust out of the system. Yes, it’s got the fancy panels on it. Most of the time, inventory control is added to this unit. So you can keep track of your inventory. You can search by part number or product descriptions. Pan Carousels are a step up from the Vidir Wire Carousel. This is the automation that a lot of companies are trying to add and Vidir sell lots of these.

Vidir Pan Carousel

A Vidir Pan Carousel is an automated storage and retrieval system designed to provide efficient, flexible, and safe storage of items. The system consists of individual horizontal bins stacked in a configuration that allows access to all the bins simultaneously, eliminating the need to move other bins in order to retrieve an item. Each of the bins in the pan carousel are linked to a motor that can rotate the entire carousel, making it easy to locate the items within the carousel. The automation process reduces the amount of manual labor required to access the items, making it faster and more efficient than manually searching for items in the pan carousel. Additionally, the pan carousel is enclosed, eliminating the potential for lost items.

When selecting a Vidir Pan Carousel, it is important to consider numerous factors, such as the size of the carousel, the type of items to be stored, and the level of automation desired.

For example, a small or a medium-sized carousel is best suited for medium-sized items, such as small electronic components, while a large carousel is ideal for large items, such as palletized materials. Additionally, the number and size of bins can be configured to fit the user’s needs. In addition, there are several levels of automation available, such asprogrammable controllers, sensors, robotic pallet trucks, and automated guided vehicles, which can be used in conjunction with the Vidir Pan Carousel depending on the user’s needs.

Once the proper size, type, and level of automation have been chosen, the carousel is installed and connected to the system controls.

A safety interlock is also installed to ensure proper ventilation and to prevent movement of the carousel while maintenance or setup is in progress. After installation is complete, the carousel is ready for operation.

When operating the carousel, a pallet truck is used to transport the items to the designated slots in the carousel.

Once the items have been loaded, a push of a button can rotate the carousel to the desired location, making the items located in the corresponding bins accessible. The retrieval process can be further automated with the use of a robotic pallet truck, which can be programmed to locate the desired items and move them to the designated slots in the carousel. Furthermore, automated guided vehicles can also be used to retrieve items from the carousel, saving valuable time and improving safety in the work area.

The use of a Vidir Pan Carousel can dramatically improve production efficiency by providing easy and quick access to items, while also increasing safety by eliminating the potential for lost items.

This type of system is ideal for any manufacturing environment where manual storage and retrieval is inefficient, costly, or unsafe. Additionally, the ability to customize the carousel to the user’s specific needs makes it flexible, durable, and reliable.

There’s some rough specs to take a look at and a few options on different pan sizes and different unit sizes you can get.

Vidir supplies three phase power for almost all pan Carousels.

There’s a couple of things that make the pan carousel unit unique. As you can see in the picture there’s a light that comes factory standard with the Pan Carousel. We have the capability of putting a security lock and gate in here. You have the light curtains tucked in there factory standard. The power disconnect comes standard. This touch screen is added in as an option. But most customers do get that touch screen that is in there. This is this is the Cadillac of machines Vidir builds.

Vertical Storage Carousels

This is a unit just installed in one of Vidir’s own factories. It’s got a nice, clean look and it holds a lot of products. That one we’re looking at right there is a 10 foot carrier. We also do a 10 foot carrier which is 12 foot six overall. So add two and a half feet for overall outside dimensions on Vidir Pan Carousels. So there’s a 10 foot carrier. We do an eight foot carrier that’s 10 feet six inches overall. 

And then we do a six foot carrier that would be eight foot six inches overall and the height is always variable. The depth on them is going to be the same, but the height is definitely variable. Vidir starts offering them at about eight feet tall and go all the way to twenty seven feet tall. So if you can, if you can get a tall one in the facility, you can fit a ton, a ton of stuff at twenty seven feet. You can fit hundreds and thousands of boxes on these things and hundreds and hundreds of pieces.

We have customers put anything you can imagine in the pan carousels.

Plastic extrusion bar stock, ball bearings, you name it, down to little electrical components for a companies like Eaton. Eaton buys pan carousel machines for electrical components like fuses and switches. Pan carousels are also used for filing paper records and for evidence in sheriff’s offices. The cannabis and medical marijuana industry has been purchasing pan carousels for drying marijuana and for storing medical marijuana. 

We have customers that retrofit them and make them able to control humidity afterwards. The possibilities are endless. Anything stored in a normal shelf in a building is limited to six feet because of the reach of a person. Because companies can go up to the ceiling with pan carousels we can get you super dense storage.

A few options on Vidir Pan Carousels

You can see these carriers, shelves, are a little bit shorter. And that’s because we have a mid-level shelf. It’s called a mid-level divide. So those two standard carrier options would be 18 inches deep by 12 inches high. And then we have an 18 inches high by twenty four inches deep. Those are two standard carriers. We have a few other options, too, but that’s most often done. And then you have the option to divide a carrier, shelf, in half.

Pic with 2 level shelf

So you can see this carrier down here there’s two shelves, each one of those shelves is about eight inches tall. So that would be an eighteen inch height and then we divide the carrier. So those shelves fold in and out.

You can have a ton of different options and changing the heights. So basically with these, if you get us your ceiling height, and a rough idea what you are storing with the maximum dimensions of what you are storing, we can do the math for you and figure out what we can put in this machine, how dense the machine is going to be, how much room you are going to have for growth and how tall a machine you really do need. Maybe you need two units side by side, maybe you need three units. Maybe you can do one unit and allow for 15 percent growth. If you can just give us the rough, the nitty gritty description of your inventory and the ceiling height we can start pricing out options for you.

Pan carousels range in price anywhere between forty five to sixty five thousand dollars.

Sometimes seventy thousand depending how big you build them and the automation you require on them.

Are you running low on space, wasting time, searching for parts and products or have high value inventory that you need to protect?

You can take care of all of these problems with the Pan carrousel, another innovative storage solution from Vidir

The Pan Carousel is an automated storage and retrieval system that utilizes your vertical space with a nested shelving design that can maximize storage capacity by reducing your footprint, you’ll increase productivity, centralize inventory and reduce wasted time spent searching and retrieving items. Advanced carousel automation retrieves the product via the shortest possible path, further increasing your employees capacity. Versatile features such as interchangeable dividers, removable storage bins and intermediary shelves, you can customize the internal layout of your pan carousel to further maximize your space for current and expanding needs. 

Some product or supply is simply too valuable to be left out on unprotected shelves with the addition of an optional locking gate and password protection, you can manage your high cost inventory protecting product from outside factors, as well as reducing the risk of theft by utilizing a pen carousel. You’ll be able to protect your product with this rugged and secure storage and retrieval system. If you’re looking to maximize your space, organize your inventory and increase your protection within a limited footprint, Beta’s PEN carrousel is certain to provide the stability and performance to meet your storage needs.