Pallet Rack for a Direct-To-You Shopping Warehouse

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Pallet Rack for a Direct-To-You Shopping Warehouse

The famous Gump Store in San Francisco needed Pallet Rack for Direct to you Shopping Warehouse in their Salt Lake City shipping warehouse

Famous since 1861 Gump has been a San Francisco shop of wonderful everything. As the Gump website says; “Now as an award winning catalog and website showcasing everything from exquisite jade and freshwater pearls to the best in cut crystal, tabletop design, and home décor. Shoppers around the world can experience the singular and memorable shopping experience that San Franciscans have known for more than 150 years. After all, there is just one Gump’s.” And all that neat inventory needs a place to be organized until it is picked from the Pallet Rack and shipped. 

Pallet Rack for a Direct-To-You Shopping Warehouse

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What is a Direct to you Shopping Warehouse?

Direct to You Shopping Warehouses are online stores that allow customers to shop for items from warehouses in their own area without having to physically go to a store. Customers can select items online and then pick them up at the warehouse closest to them. Items purchased online are usually offered at a discounted price and come with free shipping. Customers are able to save money by shopping this way, without sacrificing the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their own home.

Why do they need pallet rack?

Pallet racks are an efficient storage system that allows warehouse workers to store items safely and efficiently, while maximizing the use of available space. Warehouses use pallet racks to store items of different sizes and weights, and keep them in a neat and organized manner. Pallet racks help to improve the safety and productivity of warehouse operations, as they reduce the risk of clutter and maximize the amount of products stored in a limited area.

What does the Gump store in San Francisco sell?

The Gump Store in San Francisco sells souvenirs, gifts, jewelry, and trendy apparel inspired by the city and surrounding area. They also have a selection of unique art pieces, home décor items, vintage signs, and more.