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Archive Shelving for Law Firms

Archive Shelving for Legal Records

As Legal records from old cases pile up Law Firms often purge out the inactive records and place them in an offsite storage facility using Archive Shelving for Legal Records. The office space for a law firm in generally class A space. very expensive so only active records should be kept onsite. Not only is the sq. ft. price high, who want a high salaried staff to be searching for an active case record through old files. Offsite storage center can also be expensive to retrieve old records should they be needed again so renting cheap off site storage space is a great solution for these archived legal records. Phone 800-326-4403 for a free layout of your archive space and see how inexpensive it can be to keep those old legal files.

Archive Shelving for Law Firms

Archive shelving for law firms is an effective solution for legal documents and records, ensuring that they are stored securely and in an orderly fashion, while providing easy access when needed.

Companies that use archive shelving to organize and store documents can experience significant cost savings, as well as improved record accuracy, access and security.

Archive Shelving for Law Firms

Archive shelving for law firms can be easily installed in a wide range of locations, including warehouses and government facilities.

The units have multiple shelf configurations, with the ability to add additional shelving as needed. Furthermore, some advance shelving systems are equipped with accessorised locks and alarm systems for increased security, as well as incorporating cable conduits for connecting peripherals and other shelving accessories.

When selecting archive shelving for legal records, it is important to consider the weight capacity.

Archive shelving must be able to support heavier records, so it is important to consult with a supplier to determine the appropriate weight rating before making a purchase. Additionally, companies should consider whether the shelving should be static or mobile – static shelving typically comes pre-assembled and is designed for permanent installation, while mobile archive shelving can be wheeled around to easily adjust shelves or reorganize documents.

Archive shelving for legal records is essential for businesses, organizations and government agencies that need to store, protect and access records that have long-term significance. Archive shelving is also important for companies who store data in an orderly and organized manner, or for those that require records to be kept in a specific location. Archive shelving offers a variety of features and benefits to ensure that legal documents and records remain secure.

Archive shelving units are often made of heavy-duty steel, making them durable and highly resistant to wear and tear, as well as providing protection against unauthorized access to the documents stored.

The shelving typically features adjustable shelving height to accommodate varying document heights and weights, and is usually powder-coated to make it more resistant to rust and other corrosion. Additionally, certain archive shelving units come with optional partition panels and dividers to organize documents by size, date or other criteria for easy retrieval.