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Light Weight Pallet Rack

Light Weight Pallet Rack

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You name it Salt Lake Community College has a lot to store. Everything from building and grounds to building maintenance. From library to lab supplies to just plain inventory like, yes toilet paper! Vehicle maintenance – Tires – Carpet – Vinyl – and wood supplies. Screws, nails, doors, windows, glass and well, yes the kitchen sink!

Light Weight Pallet Rack

Light Weight Pallet Rack

Sometimes the requirements  are full on Pallet Rack but sometimes light to medium duty rack can save money and do the job just fine!

This light weight lower capacity pallet rack is welll…. well it is cool! It is really just regular pallet rack with that awesome look of sturdiness and beefy, manly, yeah lob it on i can hold it look. But toned down a bit in gauges of steel. While we do love our boltless shelving. It is one of our biggest sellers! But for so many situations this light weight pallet rack will preform the same task as boltless shelving and this light weight pallet rack just looks cooler. Don’t worry boltless shelving! There are so many applications you are better for. So, whatever you need for storage we got it all! 

Jaken Fastrak light weight pallet rack

Jaken Fastrak is a brand of lightweight pallet rack system that is designed to be easy to assemble and install while providing a durable and cost-effective solution for storage needs. The system is made from high-quality steel and has a boltless design that allows for easy assembly without the need for special tools or hardware. Jaken Fastrak is ideal for businesses that require a flexible and adjustable storage solution to accommodate changing inventory needs, and it is well-suited for small to medium-sized businesses, including retail stores, warehouses, and distribution centers. The lightweight design of the system makes it easy to move and reconfigure as needed to optimize storage efficiency.

Light weight pallet rack advantages

There are several advantages of using lightweight pallet rack systems, such as Jaken Fastrak, in a warehouse or distribution center:

1. Easy assembly and installation: Lightweight pallet rack systems are often designed with a boltless, snap-together design that requires no special tools or hardware for assembly, making it quick and easy to install.

2. Flexibility: Lightweight rack systems are often adjustable and can be reconfigured easily to accommodate changing inventory needs or storage requirements.

3. Portability: Lightweight pallet rack systems are easy to move, making them ideal for businesses that rent their warehouse space, or for temporary storage solutions.

4. Cost effective: Compared to heavier and more permanent pallet rack systems, lightweight racks tend to be more cost-effective, making them a good choice for smaller businesses or those on a tight budget.

5. Faster order fulfillment: By providing easier access to inventory, lightweight pallet rack systems can reduce order fulfillment times and improve warehouse productivity.

Overall, lightweight pallet rack systems offer a streamlined and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to improve warehouse organization and efficiency.