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Pallet Rack ShelvingPallet Rack Shelving

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Because we offer  the best storage solutions for industrial applications and warehouses. Racking provides storage, durability, and reliability for pallets and skids containing materials and inventory stock. With the right decking, it can also safely accommodate and store loose items.

A material handling storage solution designed to store materials on pallets.  Also known as skids typically within a warehouse setting. There are many varieties. All have horizontal rows with multiple shelf levels. Different systems include drive-in, drive-thru, flow, and push-back.  And the standard day in and day out industrial racks you see in so many warehouses and even hardware store chains.

Pallet Rack

Is a form of storage that uses steel beams to hold pallets or large and heavy products. There are many kinds of industrial racking but this is the most common. It allows the maximum number of facings pallets and it’s cheaper. 

The bolt-together design provides a lower cost because the components can be easily replaced. Versus the traditional welded uprights which require replacement of the entire upright.

Industrial Racks are designed to be used with a forklift . Or other hydraulic or electrical lifts or for heavy-duty hand stacking. Warehouse rack is not just limited to pallets, it can store: furniture, carpets, boxes, and bulk.

Pallet Rack Systems

Material Handling USA offers a wide range of rack storage solutions designed to meet every application. Applications from Selective to High-Density Drive-In Storage Systems. Selective, Double Deep, Very Narrow Aisle Storage. Flow Rack Systems, Pushback Rack Systems, Drive-in Rack Systems, and Cantilever Rack.

Types Of Pallet Rack

Selective Rack

Selective Pallet Rack is the most conventional type of storage system for pallets. Rack bays are arranged such that every pallet position is directly accessible. These racks are commonly found in many industrial facilities. Placed you might find rack include warehouses, distribution centers, and big box stores. Selective Rack Systems typically consist of fully welded uprights, role form beams, rose spacers, pallet supports, and various other accessories.

Double Deep Rack

Double Deep Pallet Rack Systems offer more pallet storage than Selective Rack. The rack bays are arranged two deep and positioned back to back. eThis reduces the number of required aisles while using the same racking components. Double deep storage is typically used in warehouses and distribution centers where four pallets of similar goods are placed in the front and rear positions. This application reduces selectivity. A deep, reach lift truck is typically used to access the back pallet position because it is 2 racks deep.

Very Narrow Aisle Rack

Very narrow aisle storage is a unique application of selective rack. Aisles between rack bays are reduced to approximately five feet wide. This creates additional storage space. These systems are used for both full pallet and carton storage. In either case, special lift equipment such as turret trucks or order pickers is commonly used. Here, the rack is loaded with full pallets using a side loading lift truck. For carton storage and retrieval applications, a special man lift is used to handpick items. These systems greatly improved storage density while maintaining selectivity. And yes, with access to every pallet position.

Gravity Flow High-Density Rack

Gravity flow or high-density, first in first out. The rollers and brakes are used to feed pallets down an incline to a staging or picking operation. Systems are multiple levels high and multiple positions deep. Flow rack systems provide a practical storage option for applications involving a low number of SKUs and high inventory turns. They are useful when storing time-sensitive products.

Drive-In Pallet Rack

Drive-in rack systems are high density, last in first out storage solutions. These storage rack systems feature narrow pallet storage lanes running perpendicular to the aisles. Pallets are placed on continuous rails. Drive-in systems are an economical solution when the need for density is high and selectivity is low. As a result, they are most effective when storing many pallets of SKUs. Drive-In pallet storage racks are available in either roll form and structural space saver rails.

Pushback Pallet Rack

Pushback systems store pallets of the same product on a carts system, on rails in lanes, two to five positions deep. Pallets are loaded by pushing back previously placed pallets, setting the new pallet on the next cart position. Similarly, as a pallet is retrieved, the next pallet rolls forward to the aisle.

Push back high-density storage offers increased selectivity as every lane can be accessed from the aisle without affecting the lanes above or below.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack Systems feature arms extended from one or both sides of structural steel towers. This allows unobstructed frontal access to all items. These systems provide full use of the space side to side on each level. This allows you to store products or materials of varying lengths without interference. Cantilever Rack is ideal for long or awkward-shaped items like lumber pipe, bar stock, carpet, furniture, and more.

Regular-Duty vs. Heavy Duty Pallet Rack

Regular duty uprights are constructed of 16-gauge steel and provide 16,100 lbs. capacity per upright. The heavy-duty uprights feature a 23,300 lbs. capacity from 14-gauge steel. Regular and heavy-duty capacities are based upon a maximum shelf spacing of 36”. Our regular-duty and heavy-duty warehouse shelving now feature 3” x 3” columns and 5” x 8” seismic base plates.

Quick and Easy to Customize or Reconfigure

This teardrop, clip together warehouse racking makes customization and expansions quick and easy. Other types of warehouse racking require you to replace the entire upright. Our design keeps things simple and less costly. We can do this by letting you customize each part. The beams feature safety clips that are simple to install; just simply lift the clip and pull the beam up. This allows for easy replacement in case of damage because you can replace just that one part. Pallet racking is designed to be used with forklifts, scissor lifts, or hand stacking.

Return on Investment: More Storage, Less Expensive

Industrial Pallet racking can expand storage capacity, giving you the ability to store more in less space. With its inexpensive cost, you can save money and free up valuable space for other revenue functions. Many of our warehouse rack shelving systems will pay for themselves in lease savings alone!

Upright Frames

Pallet Rack Upright Frames
  • RMI Approved
  • 2″ Vertical Adjustability for Beam Placement
  • Tear Drop Style Racking
  • Welded Baseplate Design with Rounded Corners
  • Bolted Frame Design with Tube and Channel Horizontal at 42″ Centers
  • Manufactured Using 55,000 PSI Strength Steel
  • Backers Available Upon Request
  • 3 x 3 and 4 x 3 Columns Available
Pallet Rack Upright Frame Size Chart 3" x 3
Pallet Rack Upright Frame Size Chart 4" x 3

Prices Change Frequently- Call For A Quote Today! 800-326-4403

Step Beams

Pallet Rack Step Beam
  • 1-5/8″ Beam Step Height Pallet Rack
  • Universal Tear Dop Connectors (Compatible with most brands)
  • Custom Powder Coat Colors Available
  • Welded Push/Pull Safety Clip
  • RMI Approved
Step Beam Size Chart 16 Gauge 3 Pin
Step Beam Size Chart 16 Gauge 4 Pin
Step Beam Size Chart 14 Gauge 3 Pin
Step Beam Size Chart 14 Gauge 4 Pin
Step Beam Size Chart 13 Gauge 4 Pin

Prices Change Frequently- Call For A Quote Today! 800-326-4403

Pallet Rack with guard backing
Pallet Rack Teardrop

Accidents Happen. Add Pallet Rack Guard Rail

Let Material Handling USA help you create a safe work environment. Our manufactures stock large quantities of industrial pallet rack guard rail that are available for quick ship. Get a quote today!

Pallet Rack Guard Rail
Pallet Rack Guard Rail
Pallet Rack Guard Rail Bolt To floor

Pallet Rack Must Have Accessories

Pallet Rack Decking

Hand Stacking

Wire deck and particle board decking instantly adds shelf levels for hand stacking and loose product.

Simple but heavy-duty!

Shop and Read More About Pallet Rack Wire Decking >

Pallet Rack Wire Decking
Pallet Rack Upright Guards

Column Guards


Avoid rack collapsing due do collisions from forklifts.

The most overlooked item in the industry, don’t let that be you!

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Wire Mesh Guarding

Safety & Security

Wire mesh partitions will keep your staff safe from falling pallets and add protection against theft. 

Save money and be safe!

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wire mesh guarding
pallet rack safety netting

Protects & Safety

Durable barrier to contain loose boxes, parallelized goods and stacked materials.

Protects people and reduces product damage.

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Keep an organized inventory; pick orders and SKUs faster. 

Increase productivity and overall profits.

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Material Handling Storage Solutions

Pallet Rack Vendors

In conclusion, you can see Material Handling USA is ALL about pallet rack. Not just the rack but also pallet rack accessories. Helping you to lay it out. Helping you with seismic information. And helping you with permitting because it is important to get the whole thing right. Start to finish, we have it all!