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Tall Pallet Rack for Pest Control Products

Pallet Rack for Pest Control Inventory and it is tall! 800-326-4403

A large online retailer of products so you can do your own pest control needed space for more inventory in their Salt Lake City, Utah warehouse. They called for assistance in buying pallet rack. Tall ceilings in the warehouse and the equipment to get up there allowed them to use every inch of vertical space for storage!

Don’t forget to ask about those yellow bins!!!! Very handy!

Pallet Rack for Pest Control Company

Wire deck is a common decking system for Pallet Rack For A pest Control Company 

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A pest control company would store various insecticides and sprays on pallet racks to help maintain their inventory. These insecticides will help control pests like roaches, bed bugs, ants, mosquitos, or other unwanted pests. Additionally, a pest control company may store other types of equipment such as pesticide dusters, rodent traps, and protective clothing. Pallet racks would allow the company to store and organize these items in bulk and make them readily accessible.
Pallet Rack for Pest Control Inventory

Configurations for Pallet Rack for Pest Control Companies are varied as the diverse applications our customers have. 

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Pallet Rack Footplate for Pest Control Inventory

Using Foot Plates For Pallet Rack for Pest Control Companies

Foot Plates for Pallet Rack have four predrilled holes for anchoring. Only two need to be anchored correctly. But there can lots of stuff in concrete warehouse floors so there are two extra holes in the footplate in case a hole can  not be drilled in a hole or if something grabs a bolt while it is being tightened and it breaks off. We definitely know seismic code and pre engineering pallet rack so it can be permitted.