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How Parcel Delivery Lockers  Work To Pickup a Package

To pick up a package from a parcel delivery locker, follow these general steps:

Check your email or text message for a notification that your package has been delivered to the locker. The notification should include the locker location, your pickup code, and the hours of operation.

Visit the parcel delivery locker location during its operating hours.

Find the locker that matches the locker number provided in your notification.

Enter the pickup code that was provided in the notification into the touch screen or keypad located on the locker.

The locker should then automatically open, allowing you to retrieve your package.

Once you have your package, close the locker door securely.

If you have any issues or questions, contact the parcel delivery company’s customer service for assistance.


How Parcel Delivery Lockers Work For Delivery Company

Parcel delivery companies typically deliver packages to parcel delivery boxes in the following way:

1. The delivery person arrives at the designated parcel delivery box location and scans the barcode on the package using a handheld device.

2. They then enter a unique code or PIN provided by the recipient to open the parcel delivery box.
The delivery person places the package inside the designated compartment within the parcel delivery box and closes the door securely.
They then confirm the delivery by scanning the barcode again with their handheld device, which updates the package tracking information to indicate that the delivery was successful.

3. The recipient is notified by email or text message that their package has been delivered and can retrieve it from the parcel delivery box using their unique code or PIN.

4. In some cases, parcel delivery companies may also provide additional security features such as cameras or alarms to protect the contents of the parcel delivery box. Overall, parcel delivery boxes provide a convenient and secure way for recipients to receive packages, while also reducing the workload and costs for delivery companies.

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