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EQUIPTO  8-18-22

This article provides a good overview of the breadth of Equipto’s product line.  

A lot of people know Equipto for V Grip Shelving, but but there’s a lot more to it than that. This article is written from the 10,000 foot level. Consolidated Source Systems Inc, CCI, is more commonly known as Equipto.  Equipto is actually the brand name and majority of the people know them as Equipto. So that’s the brand name. Equipto is a privately held small business manufacturer that’s been a leader in space and space solutions since 1907. They offer customized space and storage solutions to a wide range of industries that include distribution centers, warehouses, transit authorities, oil and gas facilities, health care, education, manufacturing and military. Installation services are provided by equipped and trained employees nationally and internationally. All products are manufactured in Chatham, PA. Products that they proud to stand behind and guarantee. 

Who is Equipto? 

After more than 100 years, Equipto continues to be a leader in space utilization. They offer the best we have. We offer a better product, outstanding customer service and an attitude that keeps clients coming back to us. The Equipto motto is that we want to make it as seamless as possible to do business with us. As Equipto continues to grow and extend its product lines, customers can expect the same innovation and quality that has made Equipto the industry leader in space utilization. 

So how does Equipto support the needs of their customers? 

Well, it’s pretty simple. Let’s look at the four keys to success sales. 

1. Our sales professionals travel on site, or can meet virtually to understand your facility and strategize the best options to fully maximize space and maximize productivity. Equipto values and takes pride in customer satisfaction and customer needs. 

2. Equipto employs an outstanding engineering team. All of Equipto’s designs are flexible and customizable with the intent to give customers the best storage solutions and ensure that we’ve captured their vision. Equipto has an in-house engineering team that can provide CAD drawings and elevations to show your details in depth. 

3. Equipto offers installation services. Factory trained and certified experts install all of our products to give our customers a more memorable and positive experience. 

4. US manufacturer, manufacturers all products and all products are made to order. Equipto proudly supports The Made in America Act and by American initiatives. Equipto uses 12 to 24 gauge steel. We laser cut our steel using state of the art machinery. Our brake press machines ensure precision bends in the steel and we hand grind all edges for a smooth finish. Again, we’re committed to delivering outstanding products to our customers. We also have an in-house paint process equipped a powder coat and hand inspects all of our products. This will produce a more durable coating than a conventional liquid coating without running or sagging. The powder coating process is more environmental and user friendly. We offer ten standard coverage colors to customize your needs at no additional charge. 

So we just we just talked about our four keys to success. Now let’s talk about Equipto’s four main products

Four keys to success for core products. Well, it sounds like you may have found a lucky four leaf clover in Equipto. So let’s break it down a little. 

1. Equipto v grip compression design sets us apart from others. We have, we offer open and closed styles with shelving adjustable in one and a half inch increments. Shelves available in 18 gauge and 20 gauge. Solid steel and wire capacity range from 500 to 170. We offer roll out shelves and drawers in 204 hundred capacity, 18 inch and or 24 inch deep, 36 inch wide or 48 inch wide and a durable enamel paint finish. There are numerous configurations we can offer. We can add doors, bean fronts, sliding dividers and roll out shelves. In addition to the standard floor anchors, we also offer seismic and anchors.

On the rollout shelves of the drawers where they roll out 100% or how far out do they roll? 

It’s about 90% actual rollout. So there’s a little bit left inside the case.

On one photo, you’ve got a door in front of the drawer. Does the door sit. Out an extra inch so that you can actually put a drawer behind it?
Yeah. So the doors that we that we put on the shelving is actually like a frame kit that attaches to the front of the shelving unit itself. So you can have any configuration behind that and the door will fit on there. It does add it does add to the depth of the shelf about two and a quarter inches overall. So if you’ve got a 24 inch deep unit 26 and a quarter with the door frame kit on it. Another nice example. You’ll notice the compatibility and the ability to add on at a later time. 

What Equipto is know for is modular cabinets. 

Equipto Modular Cabinets come in 22 to 60 inch wide, 29 inch to 59 inch high modular cabinets are offered in a pre-configured unit. Or you can custom configure door heights. Its high density and high weight capacity up to £400 per day for enhanced security for value. Valuable contents. No assembly required. Single frame. All welded construction draw units can be made mobile to allow storage. Tooling excess excess across production floors for mroz integrated forklift channels and front base cover is a standard. Steel bearing, draw slides and removable drawers. You can mix
and match your dividers.

On those doors, can you have the little cutout so people can put tools back in their exact spot? Do you have those types of inserts or no? Oh, yeah. Like the foam inserts for tool storage. Yeah. Tool or die. Yeah. We do those foam inserts, takes a little bit of a process to get all the exact dimensions and so on and do a layout for it. But absolutely, we provide them.

Here’s a nice example of multipurpose with our modular cabinets. You’ve got a wood top on the left there, workstation, and then we add adding some shelving on top of those modular cabinets. Some other examples. Nice example of the mobility features in the left, their casters and forklift channels. As I mentioned earlier, forklift channels are standard. Casters are optional. A workable surface top and lock in lockout features that we can offer with our modular cabinets. You may ask yourself, how do you how do I customize my cabinet? It’s pretty simple to build your own cabinet. Just follow the process. In our catalog, you select the size housing that you’re looking for. 

Next, you can select select the drawers you want to you want to. Went through a pretty easy process. It’s actually a points process. You add up the number of points that will equal out to the. The housing size. And then you can also select the type of dividers that you want to put in your modular cabinets. Watch platforms and mezzanine. Environmentally increase your storage and floor capacity. Floor space by using empty vertical regions of workspace shelving, support it and deck over options can be made available to save space and money. Existing existing grip can always be modified for future expansion of multi level applications and a wide variety of decking options. Perforated steel bar grating plywood decking, solid galvanized. We also offer drop gates in standard 44 inch, 68 inch and 88 inch. So there’s I mean, when we’re talking about platforms and mezzanine, you know, there’s there’s a host of questions that that are often asked. And this is where our
district sales managers can be instrumental and and give the give the customer a helping hand. What do you intend to achieve with your platform? More storage
equipment, access workspace, safer passage through active work areas. Some of the questions you may ask is what will be the weight of this item stored? Are there any ceiling height restrictions? Are there any clearance requirements? What are the building codes in your area? Are you in a seismic zone? What kind of access will you need?

What type of flooring do you have? As I mentioned, our sales team, our professional sales team is out there to help you. They have these questions and they’ll get you the answers to these questions. In reading some of your literature, I kind of got the impression that some of your modular platform there kind of a modular build. I was curious, does that speed up delivery like what’s typical delivery on your on your modular platforms? So I think it depends on the entire scope of the project. Kerry I’ll defer to Colin to to give us maybe like a ballpark time frame. So it’s dependent upon the size of the order, but typically in comparison to your point, we’re delivering like the crossover style platforms or smaller platforms, say ten by ten, 12 by 12, that kind of thing in, in 6 to 8 weeks, larger units, depending on what’s encumbered in them, we might go over the ten week process. At the current moment, we’re at about our busiest time of the year going into third and fourth quarter. And so our lead times tend to be around 8 to 10 and 8 to 10 weeks for larger orders. 

 So some nice examples of our mezzanine and platforms. We offer Gen two railing mounts that mounts to the top of the platform. We also offer a Gen four railing which mounts to the side of the platform we offer. We have a two rail or three rail options depending on your fund, your needs, and what the requirements are.

So one of the things that, you know, as as you as you look through the different categories of products in the in the slide deck, here is how they work together. So when you’re looking at this particular picture, this was put together by one of our distributors in Illinois, Iowa area. And there’s a lot of different products represented here. This is actually a combination of our freestanding platforms, which you’re seeing on the left with the landing and the stairs going up. Those are IBC compliant stairs, then utilizing our the bracket tree and our decking to create a deck over concept or a catwalk concept in front of pallet racking, that’s not actually a cooktop product. So that’s, that’s working together with the pallet racking that’s coming from another manufacturer using our deck over product and then our grip shelving on the opposite side, going all the way up to the ceiling and utilizing that for deck over space. You can see there’s an aisle towards the back. So really interesting use of space here using a multiple amount of our products and the ability to make them work well together. So whatever you can imagine, we always call it, we have a tool kit of parts and can build pretty much anything. So just some observations of this picture.

Equipto also offer stairways, crossovers and ladders. Elevated observation point over manufacturing lines. Safely cross conveyor and production lines without
interruption of flow connect multiple levels of our platforms or or your own application bolt in concept allows for transfer transferability within a workplace ocean. Ibc
compliant. I mean, we also offer pre-configured units. So briefly touched base with you this on on this earlier, Terry. Some of our mobile systems, I think we talked about the Prima earlier. This is our mobile system. Modular design facilitates easy assembly, allowing future reconfiguration and expansion. Mechanism assist controls, enable the operator to move10,000 with minimal effort. Expand storage potential with regions of limited horizontal footprint, regain up to 100% of extra square footage, grip and bulk rack compatible. Seismic compliant application available where required. 

For our standard mobile. We offer we offer a standard model mechanical assist that the version that you’re seeing in this picture where the variations of it are basically open, open end panel or sorry, full closed end panel at the end or an open controls with the with the mechanical wheel on it. The only power system we have is the primo which which we’ll get to a little bit later in the presentation. 

that top middle picture is one of our really tall, steep angle crossovers. That’s a pre-configured version. 

On your last slide where you were showing the racking shelving and decking. You’re doing the engineering on all that.


 Another nice example of some of our mobile

So our mobile more of our mobile systems. So as I mentioned earlier, four leaf clover. Things are still happening in force. So we have another four categories that we
kind of kind of group our our families into workbenches and work centers. High impact design. For areas of increased labor traffic and frequent usage in maintenance and tooling areas. Units made with security features for multiple MSOs to have personal work zones. Some designs allow for more mobile applications that give free range for MSOs to move work zones across production floors to save time and constant going back and forth from tool cribs to work areas. And you can customize your workstations for maintenance areas, labs, control rooms, electronic repair offices, executive rooms, and others. Picture in the left is a nice picture of our Omniverse Workbench Work Center. Another picture of of utilizing our workbenches and work centers. Stores start noticing the kiddos, noticing the works, the work surfaces on there. What different types of substrates do you have? It looks like you have laminate. Is that butcher block or is that just like a laminate? Yeah, the most popular for us is actually butcher block that those are actual butcher block, wood tops. We also we do offer some a lamb surface. We offer a eased surface.
And then we also offer like in really tough environments or harsh environments, we have steel and we have steel with just a fiberboard on the top. And who are you primarily selling the butcher block to? What type of end user is that going into? 

Primarily, one of the biggest users of our workbenches is military applications. Government applications.

So no other products that we sell are storage cabinets. Various storage capacities for a wide range of applications from lightweight office use, hazardous fluid containment, heavy duty, factory machining, employee janitorial, wardrobe and work cell management. Single single frame set up units are common, yet some are available in teardown for easy transport and installation on site. The prima system. Terry, we mentioned this a little while ago. This is our our pallet rack industrial mobile file system. It’s designed for. Sorry. Designed for ultimate durability, reliability, and make the most of your space in a warehouse. Expertly engineered and manufactured and rigidly tested. Supported by our engineering team, not only our in-house engineering team, but also our manufacturing engineering team. Any questions on pallet rack? I would need to defer to Colin about this. I’m curious about what capacities you all offer in between uprights. Sure. So? So, you know, those of you who have access to similar systems, I, you know, admittedly have more more options. I’ll just tell you that. Right. Right up front. Our our prima system, we’ve we’ve been improving in terms of electronics accessibility to use of technology. So on the current system basically is is given a weight by carriage. So it’s 75 it’s £75,000 or excuse me, £15,000 per carriage section, up to five sections deep at the moment. So and those those sections are eight and ten feet long and they can be in 48 and 42 inch depth. So on a fully loaded carriage, five sections deep and get £150,000. The we have had some requests for longer runs or the ability to slave together. The the electronic heads which we have, they have the capability to do. And the one thing that’s important to note is you can see from the picture it is an embedded rail. Typically we’ll require some concrete work to to implement. We have not developed yet a lay down rail for top surface application. It is an embedded rail. The electronics offer, you know, programmability, you can do automatic shuffling, you’ve got an aisle safeties as well as sweep safeties. As you can see, there’s an LCD control panel at the front of each. This these particular units are are programmed to work off of key FOB cards or RFID cards for security you can program I’ll access there is a main hub as well where you can you can master program the whole system from a laptop or PC and you can you can set the, you know, the security feature, whether it be RFID, key fobs. You can have a keypad on there or you can they also have the ability to make it work with smartphones. So those are the basic capabilities. If anybody else has any more questions about Prima, I’m happy to answer them. Yeah, Colin, I’ve got a question. So you’re working with all all are any type of rack manufacturers as long as it’s strong. But you can work with Reg Iraq. Yeah. So so you can we don’t you know, we don’t make pallet rack. And so our goal is not to necessarily get into the pallet rack business. We just like selling the carriages that move the pallet rack. So if you work with Rich Rack or, or, or whoever your preferred pallet rack manufacturer, we just need to get together to make sure the feet are in the right spot to sit on the carriage properly. And we, we’ve, we’ve, we’ve used two so far. We’ve had two different pallet rack manufacturers out of the installations that we’ve done, but we’ve had other inquiries where we haven’t had any issues fitting them. And you’re able then to supply the stamped engineer drawings on these systems from equip. Yeah. So let me clarify an engineering. We do, we don’t do stamp drawings in house. We have we have a sales engineering team that will provide 2D cads. We also have inventor if there’s a need for models in that thing, that, that kind of thing. We also have a manufacturing engineering team that we work together with. If somebody needs something that’s not out of the box, say like let’s say we were looking at this and you said, Well, I need the carriages to be six foot. We work with our team to see what’s possible there, what we can, what we can accommodate in terms of special requests for customisation. We do work with the same teams that everybody else probably works with, primarily Seismic Inc if we actually need stamped drawings and corks, but they have all of our product details, so it’s a pretty simple process to get stamped Calyx and drawings from them. Okay. Thanks. So and not not last and least. But we also offer cards and you’ll see this small tool store, small tool storage and cards that are available. Again, I think it was mentioned earlier. Can we do? Some of the separate tooling inside our modular cabinets. Yes, we can do that through the foam inserts. Just have to have the details and the specifications on it. So just kind of bringing it on to bring it all together. Some nice pictures of using multiple, multiple equipped products. So we have our our deck over. We didn’t talk about that much in this presentation. Some of you may be interested in that. We do deck over and multi-level applications with our V grip shelving so our v grip and our bulk rack can both be converted either to deck over or full multi-level catwalk. And that left hand picture in the bottom there showing examples of bolt. That’s the blue racking. On the left is our bulk rack. On the right is our closed in panel close back V grip shelving and a multilevel setup and all the decking in between is all our product with a small freestanding platform in the front. So that’s a that’s a pretty typical configuration there in the center we have that’s an older version of stairs, but that’s one of our mobile aisles with again with our closed panel, close back panel V grip product on it. And then one of our platforms in the background there. And on the right, you’ve got a combination of our workbenches, our V grip with in the in the middle with our small part stores right in the center there, our standard width, full width, shelf drawers below it, £400 drawers that we talked about earlier. And then one of our examples of our V grip shelving with the full height door kit with the C through doors for inventory purposes or whatever reason, you might have to, you know, to be able to see the inventory inside the shelving itself. So as I mentioned, you know, you’ve got this tool kit of parts that can bring together, you know, solutions for customers to the to the challenges that they have. And that’s what we hope we represent with the breadth of it. So working with Karen and Terry, we’ve been able to supply. A number of printed literatures are catalog is online very user friendly. You can you can visit our our catalog at any time. You can also pull down some brochures from the website. In this, we’ll send out this presentation. All you have to do is click to download some of the brochures we’ve we’ve just printed, I think we’ve just done, I believe our eighth brochure specific to some of our products. We just came out with two that was kind of directed more towards the military aspect or the government aspect of our business that we can also share with you, which is, which was specific to the prima system and also. Colonized of. I asked you 90. Isu, 90 ISU 90 system. So we can absolutely share any of those brochures with you. If you don’t have access to them, we can definitely send them and we’ll work with Karen on any further additions to some of our marketing strategies. Yeah, this actually this presentation is in the Dropbox that we have for you. So if our members were to go to the ISDA Network’s website and sign in to their member portal, and if you go to look for the endorsed business partners, you’ll be able to find the link to the Dropbox and this presentation is in there. I would love to see more images and all of those those brochures that you mentioned who could get a hold of those? Absolutely. Yeah. What we can do is I’ll see what pretty sure I think we supplied you with. I believe that the first four or five and we’ve just just finished the two military ones. But what I’ll do is I’ll send you I believe there’s eight of them now. I’ll send all eight of them to you again. Karen Just make sure we’re covered. Karen We’re in the process of yeah, we’re in the process of rebranding a bunch of our brochures. Some of them were getting a little long in the tooth, if you will, and been working with their great marketing company that’s been helping us with that. And so we’ve been tackling product verticals as we go, and so we’ve got a good group of brand new ones, but we’re continuing on. There’s some restructuring that’s going to happen with our website, website as well that provide more tools for the distributors to use and access to information. So we’ll and we’ll keep announcing that as as that progresses, it’s going to be definitely a work in progress over the next several months, but you’ll continue to see improvements and more collateral material in everybody’s hands. Now, I’m looking at looking at one of the brochures that we have here on the ISDA website on the back end there and the drop box. Is there a way for us to co-brand the piece? Would you guys be open to that so that if we were to put a member logo and information alongside yours? Yeah. I mean, digitally. Sure. Yeah, absolutely. I could, I could see us doing that. That’s that’s a pretty simple process. Sure. Okay. Would we just work with you on that or just do it on our own? Either way is fine. I probably, probably would want to. I’d probably want to have some input on it. So if you want to work with me, that would be great. Keith and I will. And we’ll get our we’ll get our marketing team involved to just help us. They’re particular about the format, of course. We generally are. Yes. Question here. I noticed on. Your website when I was searching through things that you do quite a bit of government, military sales, maybe it’s a term I want to use. Can you tell us a little bit about what kind of programs you have going. That we can work on and specifically where you’ve done some of. That work? Certainly, Terry. So, you know, Crypto’s been attacking the the government vertical differently for the past ten years than most traditional manufacturers in that, you know, we we we steered away from GSA. We’ve been primarily using government contract vehicles that work through DLA and in some of you may be familiar with, you know, some of the prime contractors that are involved in some of those programs through DLA. We’re in the process right now of reestablishing a GSA contract. We’ve not had one for about six years. We’ve got a pretty fast track opportunity for one, though, so we will be announcing more of that to come. But we definitely want to be able to offer the distributors the ability to sell our products on GSA. For anybody who already works with ads or supply corps, they know our products well. If you have those avenues, they certainly know the products and you can work through those contract channels. Most of our most of our government work has been almost exclusively military, Terry. So we we we’ve not done a ton of work with administrative type government entities such as, say, FBI or Social Security or something like that. It’s almost all military and it’s spread across the country as well as internationally. We’ve worked with the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, the Army, Coast Guard, and that prima system picture that we have actually in this presentation is installed at a marine Corps base. And so we’re we’re we’re open to working with dealers. I think the biggest challenge that that anybody who is exclusively government or working with government on a consistent basis at the current moment is our lack of a GSA contract. Again, we’re we’re in the process of remedying that. But, you know, we’re open to other contract vehicles. 

We’ve Nafdac has us listed as a product that’s acceptable on the West Coast for design implementation into a lot of different Navy and Marine Corps arenas. 

So if that’s another area that you work in, have BPAs or anything along those lines equipped. A product is is approved by Nafdac and the design entities there and Keith mentioned a product that we’ve been having some success with as well that is a pretty military focused application. And that was the he mentioned the ISO 90 storage. And and so we’ve developed and we can definitely share some pictures of this with with anybody who’s interested. It’s our it’s a platform system with a what they basically mechanical conveyor rollerball conveyor system attached to the top to give the ability to move around ISO 90 or Tricon style containers on top so that units that want to get them up off the ground, get them stored out of the way but need them to be inside, can put them up on those platforms. But rather than having to, you know, pull these too down with the forklift so I can get to that one, they’re able to shuffle them around on top of the platform and move the one they want to the front, you know, basically pick gate and pick off that, pick off that ISO 90 or Tricon or whichever medium. You know, they’re all just a little bit differences between the between the different services. But mobile is also really popular with the military. I would say our top products are our platforms, our mobile and then our grip when it comes to the military customers. 

Well, I always like shelving in red. Yeah, I think that’s something, you know, our colors, a lot of a lot of customers like the fact not only do we do, you know, different colors like the red and the blues and so on. But you can also miss a match, right? So we’ll have customers that are order say you want a modular drawer cabinet with coated drawer colors. So you want all the, you know, the all of the the gas in the blue drawers and all the electrical and the red drawers and, you know, whatever color combination it is, you can do that on the order. We can make the we can make the drawers different colors, all for the same standard price. It’s not a custom configured unit at that point. So those those ten colors that we have, if you want to mix and match and make the side, you know, the side panels on the shelving black and the shelves blue, you can do that. You want to make the back panels white and everything else red. You can do that so you can mix and match colors for the payable items within our products. The fact that they’re modular helps with that. Same goes with the with the platforms. The only thing we won’t typically do that on or without special approval or up charges is stairs, because typically you want those to be safety yellow. So we avoid sending those out in the field without them being yellow.