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The opportunity to kind of refresh everybody’s mind about what it is that we do. And he also wanted to give you a little information on multilevel shelving systems because it’s not something you might be aware that we have expertise in doing. So we’re kind of going to give you a quick overview. I’m going to handle the intro and some who Hallowell is and what we do and some products. And then, boy, it’s going to take over for the shelving portion. We have reps all over the country and Bobby’s here. He handles the southeast. Boyd handles Florida and Alabama. Jim Shifman handles the Midwest. I handle the Northeast. So if any of you live anywhere outside those areas, you can go to our website and click on Contact on the top and it’ll tell you who your rep is for that specific region of the country. And that’s how if they don’t find you, you can find them that way. So with that, I think I’ll get started here. Halliwells been around since 1936, everything’s made in this country, our plants are in Florida. We suit, we serve several different agency law enforcement, public safety, a lot of industrial hospital isn’t listed on this chart, but we do a lot of hospital where we’re an industry leader in product quality and as well as a quick ship is our niche. We’ve got over 4000 quick ship products.

There’s not a lot of people who can say that anymore. Line used to do it. Tengku does a little bit of it, but we’re by far the largest quick ship locker shelving supplier in the country. Over a thousand screws and lockers, steel, plastic, wood, phenolic, stainless cabinets, over 800 cayuse. We have three different grades, our commercial grade, our industrial grade, and then our heavy duty welded grade shelving everything for your basic seven foot shelving to 40 foot high multilevel systems, regular industrial grey, open and close shelving, rivet bulk crack. We have all that workbenches standard workbench. So we’ve got a Fort Knox system, which is kind of a mix and match fancy system. As I said, we’ve got the industry’s largest QuickTrip program. You can see our growth in the number of locker frames shipped from twenty eighteen to twenty twenty. It just continues to grow every year. About seventy six percent of what we sell is assembled because nobody really wants to put these together and we charge fifteen bucks a frame to do it. You can’t do it yourself for that. So really the most of what we should do is assemble lockers. We’re financially stable, profitable, twenty four consecutive years, no bank debt, we we buy directly from the steel mills, which means we’re not buying from splitters like some of our competition does. So that gives us a little more leverage. And we’ve been doing that for twenty five years, mostly Nucor in South Carolina.

Manufacturing indices are main distribution distribution centers in Apopka, Florida, and then we have Ft. We have other distribution centers of that district feeds around the country, the main planners in Deerfield. We also do some manufacturing in Apopka. Everything’s made in Florida. OK, and you can see the advantage of our six distribution centers, you know, the spread around the country, so it reduces your freight costs, reduces transit time, minimizes carrier handling. And there’s our distribution network by size. We’ve got over five hundred and fifty two thousand square feet, so it’s and we’re still growing. We just add Munster, Ind., last year. So we’re still looking for more more avenues to improve our distribution. While we’re on distribution and quick ship, one thing I do need to mention, I’m sure you’re all aware of what’s going on with the steel industry. The supply is short, lead times are long, the cost is outrageous. And as a result, it is affecting our quick ship inventory. So you may run into some quick ship issues over the short term, but we are committed to getting that up to where it needs to be as soon as the steel situation allows us to do that. So we’re quoting realistically times our catalog as five days. That’s really not possible right now. It’s a couple of weeks, maybe three weeks, maybe four weeks. Depends on how much steel we can get our hands on and what we have for that specific product. But we will quote you a realistic lead time.

OK, dealer support, we all have large territories. We have a pricing department that does nothing but quotes. They’re usually good, not only Same-Day, but usually within a couple of hours you’ll get a quote back if you need us to go with you. Obviously, we will. When we’re allowed to, we’ll do shop drawings. We’ll give you a cut sheets. If you just need a product elevation, you don’t need a full blown shop. Drawings, those are free shop drawings are free. Over 5000 list over and over. Over five. OK, we do systems job design. That would be the multilevel type shelving projects that that boy is going to talk a little bit about. Like I said, most of our assembled locker, most of our lockers are assembled and we can also assemble production lockers as well. We transfer them from our back to our DC and then we package them like you see here there on skids to shrink wrap. There’s a cardboard top and bottom. And basically you just need to be unloaded and anchored. If they’ve got sloped tops, we’ll put those on close bases finished, then we’ll put those on in the factory as well. Assembled cabinets, we do our own custom palettes to minimize shipping costs. You don’t have a cabinet on an oversized pallet. We take a picture of every order we send out before it gets on the truck and after it’s on the truck, so if there’s any freight damage, we have something to back it up with.

Or if you have questions about why you receive something in a certain condition, we can show you what it looked like when it left our distribution center. So that’s that’s something that’s good to have as well. And that’s on every order. I’m going to get a couple of different products for you, safe if you laughers are becoming more popular. It’s a it’s a locker with a high impact polycarbonate door. It’s not Plexiglas. It’s popular in industries where they want to know what the people are bringing in and taking out. So a lot of industrial application for that. Some hospitals for for drug and security concerns, cool storage and I.D. So that’s that’s becoming a popular product. Our most popular laugher is the premium wardrobe, which is stocked in five colors, but for the most most of the time I like to say marine, blue, gray and tan only because the other colors are limited in distribution and black is only available out of Texas, like gray is only available out of another DC. So they have all already have the blue, the gray and a tan. So to minimize shipping costs, you don’t push the black and the like gray unless somebody really wants that color. OK. Digital lockers, these are for these are electronic keypads that operate with four digit user defined code. Most of the time they’re used in temporary mode, which means you have multiple users during the course of the day.

So one person comes in, they’re locks up their stuff, they take it out, lock clears for the next person, and then they repeat the process so that we have multiple shifts. That’s popular hospitals, that’s popular. And we do have different styles of that. This is a projecting lock. But we can also we just have a new model, which is in its presentation. It fits right in this research cup. And it attaches just like a normal built in combo lock, and it works the same way with an up and down motion. So I think it looks a little cleaner. I’m selling more of those, but it’s the same process. Four digit code. These type of lockers, you can’t you can’t retrofit these for these locks, this door is designed to handle that lock. Simple can, whereas with the lock that fits in the handle, you don’t need to do any redesign. You can put it on an existing locker that has a research to handle. OK, stainless steel and phenolic, pricey stainless is the most expensive we sell to type applications are common, the phenolic are nice, they have a nice upscale wood type of green look to them. They’ll never rust. They’re antimicrobial. You can wash them down. They’re becoming really popular in hospitals and doctors and nurses locker rooms, but they want to really upgrade to look for the for their people. Again, pricey, but they’ll pay for the police lockers that the task force is specifically designed for police departments, compartments for various things, lock up security box, a bench drawer on the bottom.

When you close it, it doubles as a seat, multiple shelves. It’s designed for police use. And that’s a stock product. Well, stockbroker. We sell a ton of these to 50 military lockers for usually a cadet storage, we must have 2000 of these up at West Point. They stick them in cadets barracks and they sell all their stuff in them. These are big lockers. They’re 30, usually thirty six or forty two inches wide, twenty four inches deep and up to eighty four inches tall. It’s got a locking handle that you put a padlock through a lock. Right. That is a three point latch top, bottom and center lifetime warranty. Military police and fire departments, turnout gear locker. Several different styles with or without a security box, lock up, security box, usually red, we can do them from production and in different colors. But what I’m showing here is Stock Locker. Again, big laughers, usually twenty four, thirty six inches wide. And welded cabinets, that’s our top of the line cabinet for heavy duty industrial use, various types of safety. You see through you can get an electronic lock on it. Again, very heavy duty, a thousand pounds a shelf rating. And that’s yeah, that’s a tough that’s about 400 pounds empty these cabinets. So they’re tough lifetime warranty. OK, now we’re getting into the shopping, so, boy, it’s going to take over.

You ready to go there, boy? Yeah, I got it here. How is everybody today? My name is Boyd Bryce and I’m the regional sales manager for Florida. I cover Florida, Alabama and Puerto Rico by default. I do a lot of the South America, Caribbean, areas like that. So what I’m going to talk about today is our systems, jobs and what we can do in our capabilities for a systems job. What a systems job is, is anything that is not Shelvey on the floor shelving in rows, the simple shelving that we would think about if we go superhigh, if we go multilevel, if we use different types of systems together, sometimes you’ll have a what we call a lean on system. It’s and excellent. What they’ll do is you’ll see sometimes an existing mezzanine and we’ll put some shelving up next to it. That’s when it becomes a systems job and it needs to be thought out. And it has certain parameters that we need to ask questions about and look at access and permits and things like that that we need to take into account these renderings. Here are more these renderings here are from a are that when we’re. Ah, from the booth that we did it, Prabhat, I think it was with covid, I lost, I lose lose count

Two years ago.

Two years ago. Yeah. So this this booth was set up and it shows, you know, the different capabilities that we have. It shows our ability to do a high base system, to do a multi level system and to do what we call a deck over system. So one more shot. This is kind of an overhead view. I like these. I think these are neat. They’re kind of flashy. So I was like to try to put them into a presentation, kind of even shows the other products we had around on the booths. So the first type of system that we that I want to talk about is a high base system. Next Linscott. And what you see here is a very narrow aisle, High Bay shelving unit that’s actually twenty seven feet high. And on the next slide that Scott’s going to flip to, you’re going to see how narrow that aisle is. The the lift truck that went down that aisle was a man up lift truck and it had wire guided. Typically you’ll have a wire guided system and then have as a back up, you’ll have a four inch heavy duty rail down the bottom to keep the the truck from crashing into your system. This is an excellent for people who need to go up because they can’t afford to go out. And we say that all the time. You buy your real estate by the square foot, but you get to use it by the cubic foot. So if you’ve got a twenty eight or a 30 foot ceiling and you don’t want to move, we can we can take your your product up.

We work with live truck dealers. We work with your live truck dealers as to what their system and capabilities are. And we can put a shelving system in storage system in place. This one we worked really hard with the end user and the local fire department. If you see the space between the back to back units, they the fire department required a flu back to back. He also required a flu every two sections. So it escalated quickly into a very expensive job because of the municipality they were in on. The next one is, is what we call a catwalk system. Sometimes you’ll hear it called a shelf supported catwalk system or a pick module. Pick modules are very specific in that they’re very tight and they’re used for high volume, high picks. Excuse where the upper level is maybe a little lower volume a little lower. Yes. So again, we’re going up and we’re not going out. We’re going up instead of having to go out. And it makes everybody a lot happier not having to take these bigger buildings, bring more people in. You can still do things by just running up a set of stairs, grabbing something that’s a low volume pick and bring it back down or sending it down to do a pick and send it down to chutes and conveyor to a packing area. So these things are really easy to do. Next slide, Scott. We use our standard shelving most of the time, we don’t need to go with a super heavy duty system, you can use standard shelving and we add in some cross aisle supports and then we deck the aisles and it becomes a second a second level.

So one of the things that that I like about this is that these cross I’ll let you hang lighting. They let you with this decking, the lighting’s coming through. But that you can hang lights, you can hang fire sprinklers at the municipality requires it and things like that. Next one, Scott. Pictures show this was actually a three level system that we did and it was massive, but again, it’s all using our standard shelving product. This is our high tech shelving and standard high tech shelves. So it lets you put a lot of product in a very tight space. And we know real estate is very expensive right now. So this is where you can become your customers best friend because you’re going to save him from having to move for two or three years or he can get in early. And you see them as a very fast growing company. You know, we can set the first level and if we set them in the right place three, four or five years down the road, we can come in and easily set the second and third level with minimal disruptions to their to their operations. So one more, Scott. OK, so this is a what we call it, a deck over system, a shelving supported storage deck. Some people use the word shelving, supported mezzanine mezzanines bring into a whole other level of permitting and municipal approval.

So I like to use the term shelving supported storage deck, you know, hey, we’re just throwing some stuff up there. You know, it’s just kind of the way to use that. It eliminates a lot of the regulatory problems. You can do these DECT these with bar rating or solid deck and depending on what your usage is up top. So it gives you again, I sometimes I’ll call this a dance floor to basically give you just a big storage deck while you’re pulling up underneath. So. Let’s go one more so this is I’m sorry, go back, Scott, I missed that. I just want to show up with this slide is kind of out of focus and all, but it just shows that we can work around obstructions if we have to. We did a lean on for this job with a vertical lift. So it’s a it’s not a personnel lift, but it is a pallet lift. You can put a pallet on at the bottom, send it up to the second level and it gets unloaded in that pallet drop area. We can do gates, we can on Gates, we can do pallet drop areas, we can do handrails. And obviously, stairs are not a problem. We we just run everything with an IDC code. So it’s usually not that big of a deal. All right, let’s go to thirty two. So this is this is I like this one. And the first one I talked about, it shows you the light moving through the system.

And and again, the fact that you can use those cross aisles to hang your hang task lighting, to hang sprinklers if they’re required or whatever, and still be up underneath where a person can still walk and work in the system without feeling too terribly claustrophobic. All right, so the 33. Ease of installation, this this shows you that when we send a system in, the system is going to be designed, you’re going to get full CAD system CAD drawings, you’re going to get your full. Design and installation, but we’re also going to send it in what we call a buildable mix, it’s going to allow you to take multiple truckloads of equipment and we’re not going to send you all the shells on day one. We’re going to send you enough to build from end to end so your assembly will go easier. We have things that we do. These were welded in panels and intermediate panels, and it made the installation of this job really easy. These guys put this system up very fast. And and you’re talking this is a three level system. So it’s essentially this is a system that went very fast. Again, minimal disruptions to your customers. And that’s what’s important for you guys. I know. So next stop. I put this slide into kind of show different products, you know, most of the pictures were our high tech shelving and that’s kind of what everybody is, the basics. We can make systems out of our Revett. Well, this is our Bulc rack. We can do multilevel so that we can we can do multiple systems that can, you know, however way you want to put it, to put them together.

We can we can mix those systems together, too, and the products together to make the systems. Again, different sides, different decking that we do. This happens to be B deck, so this will probably have put on the top of it is going to have some solid Resine deck. And so you have a smooth deck versus an open bar grating. So cartful roll a lot easier on something like that. All right, and I think that’s it. So what I want to tell you is, is I went through that pretty quick is is call us, put us to work, let us help you design a system. We have a set of questions about what they’re storing, what their they’re is. If they’ve got an audit of basic AutoCAD, you know, we can put a napkin sketch together to kind of give your customer the idea of what would work for them. And then we’re going to we’re going to jump right in and help you guys design a system that’s going to help your customers out the best. So call us. That’s our job. And. If you if you don’t know who to call, go to the website, which is Hellewell hyphen list dot com and will have on the contact page, just click on your state and it’s got all of us there. And I’m sure Terri has information online that we have a place online also, right, Terry?

Yeah. And you’re in our app and on our website. I mean, so anyone that pulls up Hallowell with ISDN gets their contacts listed there to so perfect. Yeah, I got I got a question, boy, when we have a high res system with you, do you supply the bar grading as well?

We can we can do it either way. Yeah. So, you know, we’ll work with you if you’ve got experience with the with doing systems work and you’ve got good relationships with with your grading supplier, we will work around that. It’s not a problem. If you want a turnkey operation, we can help you with everything short of installation. So yeah, we can, we can definitely do that. OK. So now we’re open, Scott and I decided, you know, we’re open and so you guys are ready to go home. Does anybody have any questions on anything? We went over anything we can help you with.

Yeah, it much into the list of questions to ask a customer when designing a system, can you provide us that list of questions so we can try to answer those upfront?

Absolutely. I’ll get that to Terry and have him put it into the into the into your system. Does that work?

Yep. Fantastic. OK.

Yeah, it’s really pretty simple, every system pretty much has the same question. So what are you scoring? What does it say? What’s your throughput? You know, although it’s pretty simple.

Are you guys addressing seismic concerns in areas that have seismic code?

Yes, always the front one. Yes.

Mike Mike, Mike Kelly’s a P and he used it for farms it out. If it has to be if it has to be stamped, you know, he knows people that’ll do that and we’ll include that in the price of the job.

Yeah. Because you’re not expecting your dealer to go and figure out the engineering on job site.

Absolutely not.

Ok, so that’s

That is definitely part of what we do in our system. You know, is, as my old man used to say, it’s not the time or money can’t fix, but we’ve got to get in and and make those. If the customer is requesting or requiring stamp drawings, which are different than just design drawings, which are different than just what I would provide, which is just a salesman’s napkin sketch drawing. So as we get to those levels, we could do that. Yeah. So it just takes time and try to get in early. I mean, that’s I mean, don’t tell anybody anything. They don’t know. If you get in early on those design ideas, we can really drive, you know, your design can really help them. And then it’s going to help secure your the job for you guys.

Hey, Boyd, on that one slide you showed of the of the multi-tier shelving, it looked like you had a back to back shelving with the wire mesh or netting between tiers. So you supplying that to

In on that one. Actually the end user is just the one that’s actually right behind me. I use it as my background. Yeah, that was.

Is that the one you’re talking about. I know I just saw the separator mesh and I thought, is that are you putting that in your package or do you know the more stuff we don’t have to go looking for, sometimes the better it is, right? Oh, absolutely.


Yeah, we can provide anything. Yeah, absolutely. Sure. The stairs, the handrail bar grating.

Yeah. So that was the source. Yeah. We have people that do that. Absolutely. Anyway, have any questions about the lockers, about our cabinets or anything else we can help you with? And if they if they can come unmuted or well, then you tell me that himself. So. I think we’re good.

Yeah, well, John looks like he has questions, he just doesn’t know how to phrase them. Yeah, I’m OK. Well, with the. With pricing of the steel, you know, it’s gone crazy with everybody saying it when you guys price it out, how long you hold on that pricing for?

Well, that’s funny, because we would have told you two different answers or a different answer three months ago. Right? Right now, I believe, Scott, two weeks.

It’s typically we’re we’re quoting good for 30 days. And it could change after that. And in the market, it’s so crazy right now. So we’re you know, fortunately, our owner, J.R., has a good relationship with the steel mills. He buys directly from them instead of a guy who buys, like by and buys it from a slitter, you know, they’re buying it directly from the mills. That’s where their lead times are coming. For which

Are you? Are you working on any Texas lockers right now? That’s pretty hot out there where you can walk up to it with your cell phone with a cold in it and hit the pump, put the number in a door, just pops open. Are you working on anything like that?

Terry, I will tell you that that the answer is is I don’t think so unless they’re doing something above us. But the what we found we went to the apartment association show a few years ago, and that’s a big deal with them. As far as this Amazon locker type deal, you know, where they were having a lot of partial problems and there was multiple other manufacturers there that were selling that type of a system. Basically, what we could put together with that digital lock, that is a touchable lock, but it is a touch lock for five thousand dollars. They were put in it was eighty in ninety thousand dollars. And it’s basically what you’re buying. There is software. So the short answer is probably no, we’re not. Could we if we had to. Yes. Would it cost a lot of money? Yeah, it’s just not it’s the new buzz. But but not that we’re not you know, we understand it. We understand the reasons for it, but it’s just very expensive.

Yeah. And that knew that new like I showed the why we didn’t have a picture of the lock in the presentation, but you can retrofit any lock with a recessed handle with it as long as that locker will accept a master built in combo lock. Will work that matches up to the same holes in a recessed handle that works the same way with an up and down motion that pops lock bar. So it’s nice retrofit. You don’t need to do anything to the door. You can just put a lock in and four digit electronic lock. So I really like that option. Know for the digital. Yeah. And whereas if somebody had a recessed handle in the past, you couldn’t retrofit it with our digital clock, you’d have to you have to totally reengineer the door which question are going to do? And it’s just a simple cam lock which rotates behind the frame. So this one doesn’t have that limitation. So I think it’s a good product, but it’s priced about the same.

Any other questions, anyone?

No, no, I guess we’re all right. We know everything now.

Yeah, listen, I did record

This right, so we can put it on to our year. Yeah, we’ll post it there for everybody wants to go back if they’ve got to want to look at it again. So, yeah, we’ll pick it up.

Call us. Let us we’d love to come and help you. We’d love to talk to you about whatever we need. It’s our job to make your life easy, you know? So let us know.