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Let’s take a minute kind of refresh everybody’s mind about what it is that Hallowell Does. And give you a little information on Hallowell Multilevel Shelving Systems because it’s not something you might be aware that Hallowell has such a high level of expertise in doing. So we’re kind of going to give you a quick overview. 

Hallowell’s been around since 1936. Hallowell products are all made in the USA country with plants in Florida.
They serve every types of business including Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Industrial, Hospital and are an industry leader in product quality and quick ship products. Hallowell has over 4000 quick ship products.

Hallowell is by far the largest quick ship locker shelving supplier in the country with over a thousand skews.

Lockers, steel, plastic, wood, phenolic, and stainless cabinets. Hallowell offers three different grades, commercial grade, industrial grade, and then heavy duty welded grade shelving.  Everything from your basic seven foot shelving to 40 foot high multilevel systems. Regular industrial grey, open and closed shelving, and Rivet Bulk Rack.
Hallowell offers many standard workbenches. A Fort Knox system, which is kind of a mix and match secure system. 

Hallowell’s  growth in the number of locker frames shipped from 2018 to 2020 was tremendous and it just continues to grow every year.

About 76% of what Hallowell sells is assembled because nobody really wants to put these together and Hallowell’s charge per frame to do it is so low. You can’t do it yourself for what Hallowell charges so the most of what Hallowell does is assembled lockers.

Hallowell buys directly from the steel mills, which means they are not buying from splitters like some of their competition has to do. That gives Hallowell more leverage. 

Hallowell has the advantage of six Distribution Centers  spread around the country, so it reduces your freight costs, reduces transit time, and minimizes carrier handling.

We can do shop drawings and provide cut sheets. If you just need a product elevation,

Most of our Hallowell Lockers are shipped assembled.

Basically you just need to be unload them and anchor them. If they’ve got sloped tops Hallowell will put those on in the factory.

A couple of different products are becoming more popular. It’s a it’s a locker with a high impact polycarbonate door. It’s not Plexiglas. It’s popular in industries where they want to know what the people are bringing in and taking out. So a lot of industrial application for that. Some hospitals for drug and security concerns, cool storage and I.D.

Hallowell’s most popular locker is the premium wardrobe, which is stocked in five colors. 

Hallowell Digital Lockers

These are for these are electronic keypads that operate with four digit user defined code. Most of the time they’re used in temporary mode, which means you have multiple users during the course of the day.

So one person comes in, they lock up their stuff, they take it out, the lock clears for the next person, and then they repeat the process. That’s popular in hospitals.

Hallowell Stainless Steel and Phenolic Lockers

The phenolic are nice, they have a nice upscale wood grain look to them. They’ll never rust. They’re antimicrobial. You can wash them down. They’re becoming really popular in hospitals and doctors and nurses locker rooms, they want to really upgrade to look for the for their people.

Police Lockers that the task force is specifically designed for police departments,

compartments for various things, lock up security box, a bench drawer on the bottom. When you close it, it doubles as a seat and it has multiple shelves. It’s designed for police use. And that’s a stock product. Hallowell provides 1,000’s of TA 50 military lockers. There must be 2,000 Hallowell TA 50 Lockers at West Point. 

They stick them in cadets barracks and they storel all their stuff in them. These are big lockers. They’re 36 or 42 inches wide, 24 inches deep and up to 84 inches tall. They have a locking handle that you put a padlock through and lock. That is a three point latch top, bottom and center with a lifetime warranty. Military police and fire departments, use Hallowell Gear Lockers. Several different styles with or without a security box, lock up, security box, usually red.

Hallowell Welded Cabinets
That’s the top of the line cabinet for heavy duty industrial use. You  can get an electronic lock on it. Again, very heavy duty, a thousand pounds a shelf rating. So they’re tough with a lifetime warranty. 

Hallowell has High Bay multi level system with a deck over system. These are neat. They’re kind of flashy.

The first type of system that we want to talk about is a High Bay system. 

Some have a very narrow aisle, High Bay Shelving Unit up to twenty seven feet high or higher. For really narrow aisles you can a  man up lift truck that is wire guided. Typically you’ll have a wire guided system and then have as a back up a four inch heavy duty rail down the bottom to keep the the truck from crashing into your system. This is an excellent for people who need to go up because they can’t afford to go out. And we say that all the time. You buy your real estate by the square foot, but you get to use it by the cubic foot. So if you’ve got a twenty eight or a 30 foot ceiling and you don’t want to move, we can we can take your your product up.

Sometimes the Fire Marshall will required a flu every two sections. 

Hallowell Catwalk Systems

Sometimes you’ll hear them called a shelf supported catwalk system or a pick module. Pick modules are very specific in that they’re very tight and they’re used for high volume, high picks. Again, we’re going up and we’re not going out. We’re going up instead of having to go out. And it makes everybody a lot happier not having to take these bigger buildings, bring more people in. 

You can still do things by just running up a set of stairs, grabbing something that’s a low volume pick and bring it back down or sending it down to do a pick and send it down to chutes and conveyor to a packing area. So these things are really easy to do. Hallowell uses their standard shelving most of the time, They don’t need to go with a super heavy duty system, you can use standard shelving and add in some cross aisle supports and then deck the aisles and it becomes a second a second level.

You can hang lights and hang fire sprinklers at the municipality requires it and things like that. 

Hallowell can also do a three level system all using standard shelving product allowing a lot of product in a very tight space. And we know real estate is very expensive right now.

Hallowell can set the first level shelving and if set in the right place three, four or five years down the road, you can easily set the second and third shelving  levels with minimal disruptions to your to their operations. 

Hallowell A Deck Over Shelving System

a shelving supported storage deck. Some people use the word shelving, supported mezzanine mezzanines bring into a whole other level of permitting and municipal approval.

Available with bar grating or solid deck depending on what your usage is up top. So it gives you just a big storage deck while you’re pulling product up underneath.

We can work around obstructions if we have to or add a vertical pallet lift. You can put a pallet on at the bottom, send it up to the second level and it gets unloaded in that pallet drop area. We can do gates, we can do pallet drop areas, we can do handrails. And obviously, stairs are not a problem. We we just run everything with an IDC code. 

You can use  cross aisles to hang your hang task lighting, to hang sprinklers if they’re required or whatever, and still be up underneath where a person can still walk and work in the system without feeling claustrophobic. 

When we send a system in, the system is going to be pre designed. You are going to get full CAD system CAD drawings.

You are going to get your full design and installation, but we’re also going to send it in what we call a buildable mix. It’s going to allow you to take multiple truckloads of equipment and we’re not going to send you all the shelves on day one. We’re going to send you enough to build from end to end so your assembly will go easier. We are things that we do. We send welded in panels and intermediate panels. This makes  the installation really easy.  

We can we can mix systems together, too, and the products together to make the systems. Different sides, different decking. You can have a smooth deck versus an open bar grating. So carts roll a lot easier on something like that. 

Every system pretty much has the same question. So what are you storing? What’s your throughput? Seismic concerns in areas that have seismic code?

You can retrofit any lock with a recessed handle with it as long as that locker will accept a master built in combo lock. Will work that matches up to the same holes in a recessed handle that works the same way with an up and down motion that pops lock bar. So it’s nice retrofit. You don’t need to do anything to the door. You can just put a lock in and four digit electronic lock.