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Clip Shelving For Parts Storage – Transit Authority Shelving

Western Pacific has some of the best priced shelving available for commercial application that holds up to tough use. The Utah Transit Authority has lots and lots of it working every day to keep our public transportation system in Utah moving. But it is not just for Utah! Mass Transit is growing everywhere. With more work from home downtowns are revitalizing with young people living and working downtown. Well, not just young. Young and old alike. And with gas prices being high or higher everyone is getting more interested in mass transit for commuting.
This has been a boom in our business. Our full line of material handling products brings us to the table as experts on designing systems. With a full line of shelving, racking, cages, mezzanines, automated storage, wire storage, parts storage. Well you name it and we can design it to keep your facility modern and efficient for todays needs. Why wait? Call 800-326-4403 for free design and just to talk with an expert about what is available in todays fast moving product market for you!

Bus Rooftop Maintenance Scaffold Platform

Services Scaffold Bus Rooftop
Maintenance Scaffold Platforms

These are very popular in Transit Authorities to do repairs on Mass Transit Busses, and Mass Transit Train Cars.   

Parts Shelving for Utah Transit AuthorityParts Shelving for Utah Transit Authority

Shelving For UTA

Transit Authority Shelving For UTA

UTA Shelving InstallUTA – Transit Authority Shelving Install

Shelving From Material Handling USA

Transit Authority Shelving From Material Handling USA

What kinds of parts would the Utah Transit Authority store on shelving?

The Utah Transit Authority would likely store a variety of small parts and supplies on shelving, such as tires, hubs, brake systems, engines, suspension parts, replacement nuts and bolts, lubricants, exterior body components, and any other needed vehicle parts.

What kinds of vehicles does a transit authority operate? Transit Authority Shelving

The Utah Transit Authority typically operates buses, light rail, commuter rail, and other commuter transportation services. Every one needs parts in stock for routine maintenance and for repairs as required.

How many busses does Utah Transit Authority have? 

The Utah Transit Authority currently has approximately 800 buses in operation. That is a lot of bus parts that need to go on shelving.

How many light rail cars? Transit Authority Shelving

The Utah Transit Authority currently operates 72 light rail cars.

How many rail computer cars? Transit Authority Shelving

The Utah Transit Authority currently operates 21 commuter rail vehicles that carry passengers throughout the region.

How big is a brake on a light transit car and how much does it weigh? Transit Authority Shelving

The size and weight of brakes for light transit cars may vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the car. Generally, the brakes used on these cars are relatively heavy for storage on shelving, weighing between 40 and 50 pounds.

How many repair depots does UTA have? 

The Utah Transit Authority currently has 3 main repair depots located in Salt Lake City, Provo, and Ogden. Each one has a large selection of parts on shelving in repair bays and shelving for tools and other supplies required to keep all the vehicles on the rail in safe operating order.